Fetty Wap Gets Up Close with Tiffany Evans In “On Sight” [New Video]

The princess of R&B Tiffany Evans has just releases her visual with rap superstar Fetty Wap. The song portrays a flirty song about Evans wanting a guy to make that first move when he sees her in person. She puts the spotlight on him and sees what he does to seize the moment! It’s a perfect showcase for the new Tiffany. It’s a performance video directed by Evans and creative directed by Renzo Henderson that highlights her fun and dance-driven persona. ZooGang makes a quick appearance, including Remy Boy Monty.

Tiffany spoke about how the shoot went down:

The video was initially shot in New York that was supposed to have a street romance storyline. Fetty’s scheduling did not permit for him to shoot with the team in New York.

The New York video was scratched three weeks later Fetty randomly came into town (Atlanta) for a show and his team hit me up and asked me if I still wanted to shoot his scene for the video. That same day we had to plan a whole new video shoot to match what we were doing with Fetty which is why the footage from New York was scratched. All of it was last minute but we got it.

By the time we were ready to shoot it was 1 a.m. and we were still at Fetty’s house. He drove one hour away from his home in his own car to the location just to shoot his scene for me. When we arrived to the location, I had to fix my makeup, hair and wardrobe and him and his team waited in the lounge playing pool like it was nothing. Very sweet guy and humble. Definitely something I will not forget. Fetty and I also got a chance to talk about our kids on set during break.

Following the visual, Evans will release her long-awaited EP entitled, All Me. The collaboration with Fetty is pretty effortless in swag, not too much going on to make you catch the vibe.

Peep the video above.

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