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The Daily Word: So…. Kanye Has His Own Bible?


North’s face is exactly how we felt when we heard that there is in fact a Kanye West Bible. West now officially has his own holy bible, where fans can worship ‘Yeezus.’

In this “bible,” the word God is replaced with his name.

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We Like: Tread Lightly Upon Art & Creativity! Interview With Artist Jordan’s Dad


Much like Yeezus, SFPL is picking up the trend to fight for Creativity. What you put out into the world, a person’s artistry can arguably be viewed as the key to the soul. Once it catches on, as fast as a wildfire, there you have it! A respected artist! Captivating thoughts and expressing them to the public is actually more common then once before. Nevertheless still just as hard, and often feared. Whether the blame be to social media or not, because of the mass overload and high demand for control, it’s agreed here that talent quickly gets overlooked. We are more than excited to shed light on the few we find and deem to be Certified Fly!
Last week we caught up with Donnell McFadden Brooks or more commonly known as Jordan’s Dad. Intrigued most by the 90’s era, his dope designs caught our attention not only with what it was he drew, but more from his canvas of choice. Check out the interview and find out what we mean after the jump.
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[The Daily Word] Yeezus, J. Cole & Kelly Rowland Deliver Strong Debuts On The Billboard Charts …

Kanye West Heads Out In The Big Apple

Well It was a great week for music as some of our favorites all picked June 18th to drop their albums. Kanye West headed to the top of the pack with J. Cole and Kelly Rowland following closely behind him.