On The Gram: Love And Hip Hop New York Sparks The Internet To Go Off With Memes


Its official, when it comes to Ratchet TV Monday’s, the internet has no chill. Back at it again, from the new cast members to all the familiar faces, tonight’s episode sent the Gram on a meme frenzy! Here’s 15 of the most funniest posts we found after tonight’s show. Check it out after the jump.


[Video] Love & Hip Hop: Episode 3, Sneak Peek

Uhh Ohh.

Looks like tonight’s episode of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop may be lights OUT for newcomer, and Sir-Talk-Alot, Yandy.

Rap Sensation, Somaya Reece will actually receive some good news about her amazing rap career and Emily B debut’s her new video for her remake of Justin Timberlake‘s ‘Cry me A River’.

Check it out …

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And you know you get the best re-caps here on SFPL

Recap Episode 1

Recap Episode 2

-Stay Fly!

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