Summer 16 At The Movies: 11 FLY Movies To Checkout This Summer

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The Summer movie season is officially here!

FLY Trailers: Wolverine Makes An Appearance In X-Men:Apocalypse!


I’ve never felt power like this before!

That’s right Charles you haven’t and you are in for one hell of a battle the likes of which you haven’t seen.


Xavier and his young group of gifted teens have to take on “the first mutant” Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) and his Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse in X-Men:Apocalypse.


In the very revealing final trailer for the upcoming superhero film we get to see The X-Men and their villainous counterparts in even more action. The trailer focuses on Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) becoming an unlikely leader of the bunch after the young team’s telepathic leader Professor X (James McAvoy) is captured by Apocalypse.


It’s up to her now to get them into fighting form because the fate of the human race depends on them. Now yes we have seen many trailers for this film, BUT what sets this one apart from the rest is certain details have been revealed. Quicksilver (Evan Peters) reveals that his father his Magneto Magnet (Michael Fassbender), Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McpHee) and Mystique’s first embrace and the biggest reveal  though…

Wolvering X Men Apocalypse

That’s right a Wolverine sighting! A X-Men movie isn’t complete if there isn’t at least some form of Hugh Jackman’s popular portrayal of Marvel’s most iconic character in the film. With all that said feast your eyes on the final trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse below:

X-Men:Apocalypse is in theaters in May 27th!


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The latest installment from Marvel’s X-Men universe is set to hit theaters May 27th. Today, fans got a brand new trailer and man oh man are the X-Men in for one epic battle.

X-Men: Apocalypse explains the origins of mutants with the introduction of the first mutant, Apocalypse. Apocalypse was worshipped as a God, and over the centuries amassed the powers of other mutants attaining immortality. He wakes after thousands of years only to find a world unlike the one he left. Apocalypse sets out to establish a new world order, with him as leader and recruits a team of powerful mutants to help accomplish this task. Determined to cleanse the earth and destroy mankind, they face opposition from the X-Men led by Raven and Professor X. Can they successfully lead a team of inexperienced X-Men and save Earth from complete obliteration, as they face their fiercest nemesis to date? We’ll have to wait until the May to see how it all unfolds, but until then check out the latest trailer below.


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The Apocalypse is coming!


Well a 5,000 year old mutant who goes by that name is. Entertainment Weekly gives fans a detailed first look at the upcoming film X-Men: Apocalypse and its main villain and the our favorite mutants in exclusive photos.