[Fly-LIGHTs] Frank Ocean, KIMYE & Jennifer Hudson …


Singer/Writer/Producer, Frank Ocean was spotted arriving for his appearance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” on Monday. He was on hand to promote his debut album Channel Orange which released earlier this week on Itunes exclusively. Clad in a Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes two tone button down shirt, denim jeans, and a pair of Air Jordan retro 1 royal blue-black high-top sneakers, Frank always takes the simple route.


Meanwhile, Kimye were spotted leaving Kanye’s Los Angeles home rockin’ their signature black and white aesthetic.

 *sips tea*

Mr. West rocked a white sweater, black pants, and a pair of Nike Air Jordan Retro 1 black/royal blue sneakers, while Kimmie wore a off-white top, black leather pants, a pair of Christian Louboutin  Spike Black Patent Leather pumps and a Hermes bag.

And will you look at this catastrophe!

Jennifer Hudson performed on stage at The Petrillo Music Shell in Chicago looking more like a back up dancer than the headliner.

I’d describe her outfit, but I ain’t got time for THAT!

-Stay Fly!


[Fashion ReCAP] Kanye West Unveils 2012 Womenswear Collection…

Last October, Kanye West took a giant leap into fashion by debuting his first ever womenswear line, and now he’sd unveiled his second collection at the Paris Fashion Week.

And it’s amazing!


The Kanye West collection seeks inspiration from so many of the concepts established previously and presents them in a more refined manner. You can tell that Yeezy has studied his past collection, as well as sought and learned more in terms of fabrics and textures, therefore producing a much more refined line.

I love it.

The leathers, furs, earth tones and thigh high boots are exceptionally put together. Step into the collection below.









Great Job Kanye!

-Stay Fly!




[Fly GIRL of the Day] Kim Kardashian in Giuseppe Zanotti x Kanye West Sandals

Reality star and style maven, Kim Kardashian, arrived in Paris in true fashionista style for Kanye West’s Fall/Winter 2012 ready-to-wear show. An excited Kardashian  tweeted her footwear for the night with a caption reading,

I j’adore my shoes tonight!“.

She was able to get her hands on a pair of the hottest shoes in the game (this week anyway), The Giuseppe Zanotti x Kanye West sandals  from his first RTW collection.

We think Kim looks #FLY

It’s a little flashier then what we are used to with Kim, but a little spice can be good, and in this case it’s PERFECT!

Making Kim our Fly Girl Of The Day!

-Stay Fly!

The Daily Word

[The WORD] Lumidee is NOT signed to YMCMB/ Bobbi Kristina Talks To Oprah/Kanye’s Shoes Are Hard On Your Feet …

These kids can be so cruel!

Looks like a brilliant case of cyber bullying has taken place! Old school reggaeton artist Lumidee has been HACKED!

Don’t remember Lumidee? Uhhh Ohhh …

No ReallyUhhh Ohhhh


Yes, Her!

Lumi’s twitter was hacked and the hacker’s tweeted ” I Just Signed a deal with #YMCMB 😀“. Of course with their recent signing of the multi talented songstress/actress/humanitarian/ Christina Milian we thought to ourselves ‘Anything is possible with Jesus driving the car!’.

But alas, it wasn’t true.

Oh How I wanted a collaboration with Lumidee and Milian … *sighs* guess I’ll just have to wait for Celebrity Rehab.

Who would DO such a thing? *Checks Nina Sky‘s twitter page*


Oprah gives viewers a sneak preview of her sit-down interview with Whitney Houston’s family; O interviews Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina; her brother, Gary Houston; and her sister-in-law, Patricia Houston.

Is it not to soon?

Ooohhh, I didn’t mean that Mother O …

The special episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter” airs on Oprah’s OWN Network next Sunday at 9/8c.

Bobbi Kristina shares personal memories of her mom and how she would like the iconic superstar to be remembered.

Ok, fine.

Looks as if Kanye West‘s pricey shoes do a number on your feet.

Model, Jourdan Dunn tweeted during a fitting for the show to gripe about the painful pumps: “Dont get me wrong, the shoes are sexy as f**k,” she stated, “but you can’t walk in them.”

Walk Like a MAN!

Jourdan, you might not want to accept any awards anytime soon.

-Stay Fly!


[In FASHION] Kanye West X Giuseppe Zanotti Collaboration Hits The Streets …

Last week, the shoes Kanye West designed for his fashion week debut in paris last year, hit the shelves. Yeezy’s latest fashion venture is his first pairs of women’s heels, and is the first released in a partnership with Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti.

The creation is two pairs of high heel sandals, selling exclusively through French retailer Colette for a staggering $5,800!

Could you see yourself in these pricey heels?

Let us know!

-Stay Fly!


Entertainment Fashion

[Trend SPOTTING] Kanye West & Chris Brown in Chunky Gold Chains …

Looks as if an old trend is creeping it’s way back in slowly …

Both The Best Dressed Man in the World, Kanye West (According to us) and The Worst Dressed Man in the World, Chris Brown (According to GQ) were spotted in chunky gold neckwear recently …

Kanye West, was spotted at Paris Fashion Week, sat on the front row at the Mark Fast Show during the 2012 London in a pair of his highly sought after Air Yeezy 2’s.  He rocked multiple gold  chains as his accessory of the evening, not the first time we’ve seen Kanye do this, but duly noted none the less.

Chris Brown was spotted leaving his Miami Beach hotel wearing a gold plated Versace Medusa rope chain necklace  and a pair of Air Jordan Retro 4 sneakers which just dropped this past Saturday (No, no one was hurt this time).


Over the weekend, Chris was spotted in a striped tee, khaki’s and the same chain.

We smell a trend… Are you in?

-Stay Fly!


[The Word] Kanye West Returns to Paris Fashion Week

You thought the critics shut Kanye West down?


Kanye West will return to Paris Fashion Week this season with his eponymous collection, his spokesman at the Karla Otto agency said. The singer-turned-designer will show at 9.30 p.m. on March 6 on the sidelines of the official calendar established by the Chambre Syndicale, French fashion’s governing body, but the venue has yet to be confirmed. West’s debut last season drew a star-studded front row, but garnered mixed reviews. [Source]


The thing that we all know for sure about Mr. West is that once he puts his mind to do something, IT’s GOING TO GET DONE! So kudos to his second collection, which we are sure will run circles around the first collection.

What doesn’t kill him only makes him Stronger …


-Stay Fly!



[Fly-LIGHTS] Tika Sumpter, Kanye West & Amber Rose ….

Here we go!

Fly Girl, Tika Sumpter was spotted on the red carpet of Red Tails in NYC last night! The milk chocolate beauty arrived in a colorful Nicole Miller dress and platform pumps.

Simple and Chic, we see you.


Amber Rose and her talents are on the promotional trail after dropping her debut single “Fame” featuring her boyfriend, rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Rocking an Alexander McQueen bouclé-tweed jacket, leather pants and leather lace-up boots, Amber almost reminded me of what I once loved about her.

Silence & Style.

Bring that old thing back.

And Kanye West was spotted out shopping at Balmain with friends in Paris. Clad in all black, including a black Balmain hoodie, white t-shirt, Balmain denim jeans, and his Nike Air Yeezy 2’s.

Need we ask who is his current favorite designer is?

-Stay Fly!


[The Word] Amber Rose is desperate for PRESS …

The countdown to Amber Rose‘s relevancy must clearly be effecting her. She must have waken up and realized … I’M ALMOST IRRELEVANT! 

I tried to tell her…

In an exclusive interview with Star magazine, Amber Rose, revealed that the reason she and Kanye West split was because of Reality Superstar Kim Kardashian.


Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together,” Amber exclusively told Star. “She’s a homewrecker!” According to Amber, she was dating Kanye when he and Kim first hooked up — and Kim was dating NFL star Reggie Bush.

Ohh Ok..

They were both cheating,” Amber, 28, said. “They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other.

Here’s My Question …

Why is you sayin’ somethin Now Doe?

What’s your point Amber? Why mention this now? You held your tongue for two years and NOW all of a sudden it’s bothering you to the point where your taking it to the press?

Now, when your light is dim and your career is almost non existent, you wanna pull the victim card on a relationship that ended TWO years ago?

Now You KNOW …

Amber, If your as happy with Wiz as you say you are then this shouldn’t even be an issue.

That’s what I’m .. *Chokes on tears* SAYING …

 Well, you’ll get no sympathy here, because honestly I think …

And I think it’s extremely tasteless that you would even handle it this way.

The thing that really pisses me off is, let’s say this is “true” (Air Quotation Marks), Shouldn’t she be mad at … ummmm KANYE! I simply hate when women blame the “other” woman for infidelity issues with their men. So Kim made Kanye cheat? Kim put a spell on him? Kim tied him down? Kim sent him racy photos that made him drop everything and cheat.

FOH Amber!

If he cheated, then he did so because he wanted to, period.


I hope Kim doesn’t take the time to answer you, but since she has a million dollar brand that might be damaged by your accusations, she probably will. Doesn’t matter though, she’ll still make millions after this debacle is over. Amber, we know exactly what you need…

Bye Amber.

P.S. Let’s Keep in Mind that the source is STAR MAGAZINE, a Notorious Tabloid Magazine. So this may all be false … I’d still feel the same way though LOL! -Rae

-Stay Fly!


[Trend Spotting] Say It With Denim…

Your favorite celebs have been spotted out and about in this season’s hottest trend, denim. Denim has never really left the building, it’s actually a fashion staple. No wardrobe is complete without a great pair of denim jeans and a denim jacket. You can now add the denim button-up to that list as more stars are showing up in them, like Hip Hop Mogul Jay-Z who rocked a denim shirt, jeans and the Nike Air Yeezy 2‘s to the Net’s game last night.

Alicia Keys was recently spotted out and about in denim jeans and a matching jacket. Now we never condone matching denim …

Nope, never is.

Chris Breezy ran the streets of LA this weekend in a denim jacket with sheepskin interior, denim jeans and those Air Jordan Concords.

And Kanye West took his talents to the LA Lakers Christmas Day Game versus the Chicago Bulls in a denim shirt, black jeans and those Air Yeezy 2’s.

Can we get a pair tho?

In case you needed a little inspiration we’ve include some guidelines, since jeans are always plentiful in the closet of any Fly Person, it’s the top you need a little assistance with. Look for light washes with as much detailing as possible, it brings out the entire jacket or shirt.

Here are a few…


-Stay Fly!