#Happy420: BJ The Chicago Kid feat. Tiara Thomas – “I Be High”

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BJ The Chicago Kid & Tiara Thomas connect in celebration of every smoker’s favorite holiday, 4/20! The smooth, mid-tempo entitled “I Be High” finds both vocalists discussing the joys of smoking and making love.
“I Be High” follows a series of recent releases from BJTCK including his tribute to Usher‘s Confessions (BJTCK: A Tribute To The Anniversary Of Usher’s Confessions) and his ode to cuffing season entitled The Lost Files: Cuffing Season. The singer/songwriter most recently performed during Coachella weekend and is putting the finishing touches on the follow-up to his multi-Grammy nominated debut album, In My Mind. 

[The Word] Kush rolled, glass full…I prefer the better things! – Rihanna


Rih is just puffing out in the open like this?

We givin’ it UP like THAT?

This past weekend, Pop Sensation, Rihanna took her talents to Hawaii for yet another vacation. I’m jealousm but she’s working and deserves it! She was spotted chillin and relaxing while smoking what appears to be …


I love Rih Rih, but this comes as no surprise to me…

-Stay Fly!