The New Web Series ‘ROMP’ Is A Must-Watch, Authentic Stories From The Progressive Black Male Perspective

Nail-Biter Productions launches new Web Series title ‘ROMP’. The new venture of entertainment veterans to tackle the complex stories of three black male millennials striving in Los Angeles.

Nail-Biter Productions is a Los Angeles based production company focused on bringing unique black male-oriented stories to the small screen announces the release of its’ new web series(dramedy)titled: ‘ROMP’. The series follows the lives of three best friends: a photographer, a music executive, and an investment banker, as they spar with each other and life while juggling their affairs of the heart. This extraordinary series explores the many dimensions of friendships amongst millennials.

Set in Los Angeles where anything goes, the three friends discover that the playground is a paradoxically sandbox threatening to derail their solid friendships. The first episode: Jaded, reveals that these men too often keep secrets from each other that breach their trust. Things go south quickly
for the trio.

Launched on the company’s YouTube Channel, this original series features fresh talent: Derrick King, Marcus Thomas, Nahesi Crawford, Alisha Henson, Mariah Walsh, Eric Payton, Kyle Jones, Royal G., DJ Richie Skye, and Toy Connor. Nail-Biter Productions was established by Casinova Henderson, Executive Producer, and Derrick Thompson, the creator/writer of ROMP, to tell authentic stories from the progressive black male perspective.

Check out the latest episodes below:

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Combat Jack Talks Growing Up in Brooklyn, His Love for NYC, and More on EP 3 of ‘Clever In The City’

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“Is New York City in love me?” These days Combat Jack finds himself pondering this very question.

As the former Editor in Chief of The Source and now as the host of The Combat Jack Show and Founding partner of the Loudspeakers Podcast Network, Jack has become an industry honcho through the pursuit of his creative endeavors.

In “The Art of Combat,” episode 3 of the Dinner Land Network’s budding series Clever In The City; he sits down with Cleverly Chloé to discuss his upbringing, whether he believes you can find a balance between love and creativity, which Sex and the City character he relates to most, his love for the Big Apple, and more.

On Creativity vs Love:

“I think both because if you’re creating then there is love. If you’re fortunate enough to be in that pocket in New York City [because] New York City doesn’t stimulate creativity and love as much as it did before. It stimulates capitalism.”

On which Sex and the City character he would date: 

“Carrie because Carrie was I think out of all of them in the cast she was the most down to earth out of all of the characters on Sex and the City. I think all of the other characters were like caricatures, but I felt when I watched that show like Carrie spoke to me the most. It doesn’t help that she was the star of the show, but she spoke to me the most. I understood her world more than I did the others.”

For the full conversation watch episode 3 of Clever In The City “The Art of Combat” above.