RAHEEM DEVAUGHN & WES FELTON Presents The CrossRhodes The Great Debates Mixtape


The Revolution Will Not Only Be Televised, But Also Provided In Surround Sound With An Appropriate Soundtrack.

As we embark on the most important election of our lifetime, Raheem DeVaughn and Wes Felton, collectively known as The CrossRhodes are back with the, The Great Debate mixtape. Available for a free download via, The Great Debate mixtape speaks to the importance of social consciousness and political awareness.

The Minister of Domestic and International Information of The CrossRhodes states:

The CrossRhodes Manifesto

The intersection of our vision, dreams, beliefs and reality. We are taking back the linage of what they have stolen. We also acknowledge our immediate ancestors who used the Rhodes piano to create soul music.

Our logo captures the intersection of 4 elements of life for what it means to be human, men, Black, fathers, lovers, believers in God and artists.

1.The gun reflects the fact that we see our art and community at the Crossrhodes of both the living and dying by the gun which is reflected in both the  growing BLM movement about violence against our community and the continued work we have to do about the violence we inflict on each other in our community.

2.The heart reflects the love which is at the root of our music and the movement we are building as men who love, feel, care and struggle.

3.The fist reflects the beauty and power of our commitment to our struggle.  We understand that we come from a long tradition of elder and ancestor artists. A legacy which we have an obligation to continue, transform, and pass on to the next generation.

4.The microphone reflects our art, culture and music which when crossed with love and consciousness is what can use to teach, heal and rebuild our community.


Listen HERE


#MajorKeyAlert: DJ Khaled Says He’s With Hillary, Talks With This Is Dope! and BET for ‘Vote You Voice’ Tour


Multi-Marketing Company, This Is Dope! have partnered with BET For the 2016 Voter Registration Initiative, VOTE YOUR VOICE.

They kicked off their 21 city tour this past Friday in Atlanta for the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend. This weekend they were able to capture Khaled having a moment endorsing Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, in the only way Khaled could.

The major goal is to create an exciting, accessible and engaging way to make young African-American people aware of the voter registration deadlines in their cities and register to vote.

The BET truck will hit over 20 cities, visiting Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU’s), malls, parks, concerts in each area.

People are invited to come inside of the18-foot step van set up as a mobile lounge and register to vote onsite at designated iPad stations (VOTE YOUR VOICE) or show proof of registration and receive free giveaways from t-shirts to hot vinyl product, while supplies last.

Yet to be named artists/talentare slated to pop-up at the BET Truck at various locations to meet and greet with fans.

Check out the @BET social media handle @HipHopAwards to see when the truck hits your town.

The Full BET VOTE YOUR VOICE TOUR is highlighted below:

9/16-9/17 Atlanta, GA

9/18 Birmingham, AL

9/19 Jackson, MS

9/20 Baton Rouge, LA

9/21 New Orleans, LA

9/22 Mobile, AL

9/23 Tallahassee, FL

9/24 Jacksonville, FL

9/25 Savannah, GA

9/25 Charleston, SC

9/27 *Washington, DC

9/28 Baltimore, MD

9/29 Wilmington, DE

9/29 Chester, PA

9/29 Philadelphia, PA

9/30 Newark, NJ

10/01 Brooklyn, NY

10/01 Queens, NY

10/02 New Haven, CT

10/02 Hartford, CT

10/03 Boston, MA

10/04 New York, NY

10/04 Harlem, NY

*9/27 is National Voter Registration Day

For more information on The 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards:VOTE YOUR VOICE Tour, please visit:



Please be aware of what you can and cannot wear to the polls today, your vote may depend on it!


[We LIKE] Served Fresh’s “Vote” & “We Are The Change Tees” …

With Election Day upon us (PLEASE VOTE TOMORROW!) We thought it only right to spotlight a brand that supports the cause in a very Fly way. Introducing, Served Fresh …


Fly People VOTE!

Today is Election Day! Make sure you get out there an exercise your right to Vote!

It’s the FLY thing to do!

Remember to vote on both sides, one side is for candidates -the OTHER side is for Term limits.

-Stay Fly!