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5 Fly Gifts to Grab for the Holidays


Tis the season for shopping or begging depending on what side of the Christmas transaction you are on. So with a few days left here are 5 fly things to find or put under the Christmas tree. Thank us later.


Stuff Fly People Like’s Flyest Gifts for the Holidays


Is there a fly person on your holiday shopping list? Are people constantly buzzing around them? Does this person seem to be a step ahead of everyone else when it comes to fashion, tech, games, and everything else?  Do you get bouts of angina when you think of shopping for them?

Yes, the holidays are upon us again and you are undoubtedly racking your brain to get that perfect gift for that fly person in your life. But have no fear, our editors have carefully curated this list to help you identify some … stuff fly people would like for the holidays be they big time dragon fly, common house fly or little fruit flies on the come-up.

Last Night in NYC

Last NIGHT in NYC: Beyonce’s ” I AM… World Tour” Screening…

Beyonce Knowles shut down Twitter and NYC for the screening of her  “I AM…World Tour” at the School of Visual Arts Theater in NYC last night. I couldn’t make it due to a prior booking (Yes I was sulking in my misery) but I lived vicariously through twitter as I read tweets announcing the arrival of everyone from Alicia Keys to Jennifer Hudson (who proved there is no Dream Girl Beef, by showing up) and Mary J. Blige.

An SFPL spy said the documentary was the best thing he’d seen since since History (Michael Jackson) WOW!

The footage hits prime time on ABC Thanksgiving Evening.

The “I Am… World Tour” DVD will go on sale November 26th. And since we are in Beyonce mode, check out her behind-the-scenes- footage for her new Vizio Commercial after the jump…