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Trick Daddy Speaks On The Rap Game: “4 out of 5 New Artists Sound Like Future” [Video]

Trick Daddy is back! Representing the city of Miami, the veteran southern rapper keeps it all the way trill touching on subjects of; music, sex, waist trainers, instagram and rap names, Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Vivica Fox, East vs. West coast, family and so much more.

A few quotes from Trick Daddy Dollars:

The Rap names are worse than some of these instagram names.

The last couple of years, I was not interested in doing music, I didn’t care nothing about music because I saw where it was going, I hated it.

About allegedly being an “old bitter rapper” based off the interview:

See one thing about it, you have to live to get old. I don’t do nothing I can’t do. I stay in my lane and I do what I can do. I don’t consider myself a rapper, and yes i’m getting old. I thank God I can get old. My oldest child is 20, my next child is 14 — if I can live to see them get grown and see my grandchildren, then i’ve done enough for the world. The truth ain’t gon’ never be fake, and the lie ain’t gon’ never be the truth.

There’s so many gems that we would be literally typing ALL DAY. You gotta watch this FULL interview below:


The Word: Vivica Fox Calls 50 Cent A “Booty Snatcher” On Watch What Happens Live He Swiftly Responds

Vivica Fox says 50 Cent is a "booty snatcher"

Looks like Rick Ross isn’t the only one 50 Cent has to worry about throwing jabs at him. Last night on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Vivica Fox held no punches when it came to talking about her ex. Hit the jump to see what she had to say about the Queens rapper. 

Entertainment FLY Interviews

Watch: Angie Martinez Talks with 50 Cent About Empire, Son Marquise, Vivica Fox & more


50 Cent stops by The Angie Martinez Show at Power 105.1 with his rap cohorts Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, promoting their upcoming EP, as they sit and chat with Angie; while taking shots of 50’s EFFEN Vodka.

During the interview, Cent speaks on Ciara, Vivicas Fox, his current relationship with 19-year-old son Marquise, comparing Empire to Glee and so much more.

Check out the FULL interview below and Tony calling 50 by his nickname “Boo Boo” like a million times, LOL:


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[Fly-LIGHTS] Trey Songz, Mary J. Blige, Justin Bieber & Vivica Fox

R&B Crooner, Trey Songz (whose Birthday is today by the way) was dead sharp for his concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Thanksgiving Night. Clad in a black velvet blazer outlined with a red detailing, complementing his black slacks, white shirt and black bow tie, we’d say he nailed it.

 HBD Trey!

Mrs. Mary J. Blige posed during her Album Release Party at The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey, over the weekend. I really wish her look would evolve just a bit. Sometimes she makes me happy and others it’s very “Oh Mary”.

Clad in Red Jeans, a black biker leather, knee length lace up boots and a Hermes belt, she gets a…

“Oh Mary”.


That face is priceless though.

Justin Bieber pre-taped his performance for NBC’s Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center last week in New York City. And I must say that jacket is CRACK! I absolutely love it! The gold zipper and button detailing give it a pop thats quite undeniable.

However,  I’m not a fan of the matching pants. That’s bad news and creates a huge blah instead of an impact. Change those pants Bieber!

And Vivica Fox was spotted at the 80th Anniversary Hollywood Christmas Parade Benefiting Marine Toys for Tots. And I can’t say that I know what’s happening here. The body of this dress is so… so.. Like where is it?

And Auntie Viv’s face?

Good Night.

-Stay Fly!

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Derek Blanks must have directed this entire ensemble, because I’ve never seen Tiny look this good.


He got knocked the ____ Out!


We only expect the best in foolishness from Gaga. She’s so couture.

More after the jump…



Auntie Viv walked right passed Forever 21 and turned up her nose at Baby Phat for a more Mature Look.


She looks Great, In a sexy pants suit, clutch and Peep toes!

That face is still snatched, I ain’t mad at her though! Maybe she can start the Road To Redemption now, I’ve still not forgiven her for droppin it like it’s hot via Lil’ John and the East Side Boys [Source Awards] a few years ago…

Yep, I hold grudges 🙂


-Stay FLY!