[New Music] Olivia feat. Movado – Soldier Girl ( @1andonlyOlivia )

Check out this new tune from songstress Olivia featuring reggae sensation Movado entitled “Soldier Girl”.


Fly FREE Mixtape: Olivia from Love Hip Hop Presents “From Olivia With Love” Mixtape


1. Boomerang Feat. Sean Kingston
2. Lick Salt Shot Lime
3. Happen 2 me
4. I got U Feat. DJ Webstar
5. Confident Feat. GQ
6. When It Real
7. December
8. N Ur Shoes Feat. Vaughn Anthony
9. Take it off
10. Hold u down Feat. Jim Jones
11. Lonely Girl
12. Walk Away
13. Behind Closed Doors Feat. Twista
14. Never 2 Far
15. Daddys Girl


[Recap] Love & Hip Hop, Season 2, Episode 1


It was good just a season ago! In the beginning of the new season of “Love And Hip Hop” we were caught up with the lives of Chrissy, Olivia,Emily, Somaya, and were introduced to Yandy and Kimbella. [more on her later]

Somaya and Maurice [well, Maurice] has a liquor line that he’s trying to brand through Somaya’s investor, and the investor isn’t happy because there isn’t any music being produced! $550,000 dollars put up and no music?


On the other hand, Rich Dollaz is trying to push Olivia to the next level, but Olivia is being a bit stubborn and feels that she’s worth more, but the material that is being put out isn’t meeting their expectations. He says simply “I’m looking to make money, instead of spending it”

Let em know Rich!

Emily makes the ultimate decision of her life when she decides to leave Fabolous, and get her own apartment. Emily lets her daughter know that she’s going to move on with herself and start a new life. [But the small details as to why are left unknown] There’s no debate that Emily is still a bit vulnerable, but I think she’s listening to Chrissy’s advice about being empowered!

Jim and Chrissy are in the jeweler’s shop. No, they’re not adding a ring to their collection, but they’re replacing Jim’s ring because “he lost it” Chrissy is furious, and she’s giving Jimmy some time to think about their futures together, or else she’s leaving. I actually want to believe her! She didn’t leave the store with a ring of her own, but she did leave with a “painkiller” which is codeword for leaving a store with a much deserved gift for putting with up ______

BUT- If she thought that not getting proposed to was a slap in the face, she has no idea what would happen to her a couple of days later. Mama Nancy Jones, is back and she is tired of the disrespect that she feels she receives from Chrissy. Both of these women are crazy from him, and while that is understood, they’re possessive over him, and they want him all to themselves. What’s a better way to let someone know how you feel about them? YOU RECORD A SONG, AND UPLOAD THE VIDEO TO WORLDSTARHIPHOP

Chrissy gets a call from Olivia [or Liv as she calls her these days] letting her know to check out WSHH and call her back in a few.

I believe that this is the FIRST TIME EVER that Jimmy has started to see Chrissy’s point of view, instead of just arguing with her or staying on his mothers side. “It don’t make me feel right and I know it definitely don’t make you feel good,” Jim tells Chrissy . Chrissy doesn’t appear to be pissed off- she looks upset! And rightfully so.

This is such a weird connection. Juelz and Jimmy refer to themselves as brothers. Juelz and Kimbella have been together for two years, Chrissy and Jimmy have been together for sex years, and they haven’t met each other at all. And Yandy is Jim’s manager and she knows both of the two women.

Something doesn’t add up.

Kimbella’s first impression is very cheeky, isn’t it?

Now Emily has a party to celebrate her independence, she rented out a suite and invited Yandy, Kimbella, Somaya, Olivia and Chrissy over.

Kimbella chooses this moment, out of all the moments in the world to tell Emily that she used to “date” Fab over three years ago. Now, to all you industry folks, we know what “date” means. It’s a step above Taco Bell, but a step below Turkey Burgers and Hot Chocolate [really ho?] with lots of sex in between!

.This is the point in the show when shit gets real… real quick.

Somaya notices the tension, and La Jefa begins to go to the other side of the room, because she does not want to end up as a casualty on this battlefield. All of their body languages are expressing different emotions. Yandy is neutral, Olivia is cautious, Emily is hurt, and Chrissy is PISSED

Kimbella starts saying stuff like “I’m a real bitch” and our good friend Freshalina over at Crunk N Disorderly gives us different definitions of this term.

Got it? Good.

No one messes with Chrissy – or her friends, and a lot of people can identify with her loyalty! Isn’t it ironic that Kimbella’s Louboutins match Chrissy’s dress?

Everyone was hype when we saw Chrissy beat the shi_ out of Kimbella. We felt like dancing!

Hey Kimbella?

“Maybe her intentions were good, but her outcome was tasteless, heartless and tacky,”

Kimbella, you may think you “still look pretty” but the rest of us [Beyonce included] think you’re still a

Peep the Episode if you haven’t ….

-Stay Fly!




SFPL’s Love & Hip Hop Recap…

On The heels of the explosive finale of VH1’s Basketball Wives came the introduction to VH1’a newest show Love & Hip Hop. I can’t say that I’m a fan, but I may be after a few more episodes…

‘VH1’s new docu-soap series “Love & Hip Hop” follows four women who share one common bond: their connection to the hip-hop world…through their men and their careers. This 8-part series captures the struggles of Chrissy and Emily, who both date rappers and must navigate their relationships while still maintaining a sense of self. Somaya and Olivia are both recording artists trying to break through in the male-dominated hip-hop industry. These four women struggle against shifting loyalties, family drama and the pressures of trying to make it in the hip hop game.’


Now Mashonda (Swizz Beats Former wife and the mother of his child) was advertised as one of the cast members but actually made more of a cameo on last nights episode. And I for one am grateful. The last thing I wanted to hear was another word about this Swizz Beats/Alicia Keys debacle. We get, we got it, we good. I’m  more interested in how she has moved on and what she’s doing now, if that’s not the direction her character is going in, I’ll be ignoring her totally.



I had no clue who Somaya was until last night, and I still don’t know.  The West Coast chic is full of ambition and is striving for the opportunity to showcase her rapping skills. But they showcased no examples of her skill last night. They just had her looking like Jessica Rabbit, squeezed into a space suit, bumping hard at an NBA Draft Party. Yeah that takes talent. She’s labeled as the Villain but the evidence is flaky, and I can’t say that I’m interested in the development of this character. I guess every show needs a villain, but that villain should have some sort of purpose.


We’ll see.

Olivia, A former member of 50 Cent’s G-Unit, is a talented singer now trying to make it on her own. She must fight to overcome the industry perception that she can only sing hooks for other rappers. Olivia is pretty down to earth, and her story is one that does stir up some interest. She has a career, she just needs a good re-boot, can she do it? Not sure if the show will help her out, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

I like Olivia.

What I though Mashonda’s character would be, is actually where they take Emily’s character.

Emily is rapper Fabolous’ girlfriend and the mother of their two year-old son…a fact not many people know. To most, she’s known mainly as Fab’s stylist. Emily never walks the red carpet with him and he never publicly claims her as his girl…maintaining his image as the eternal bachelor. She has waited eight years for things to change but will Fabolous ever be marriage material? Emily is desperate to change this harsh reality and Chrissy and Olivia try to break down her situation to help her get out from under Fab’s spell!

I just wish there was ONE Character who was all around happy? Is that too much to ask? These shows paint women of Color as bitter women who have been cheated on and abused, and paints them as addicted to this lifestyle so they deal with it, unhappiness included. SMH

Exactly why I can’t wait for LaLa’s Show to Return.

Chrissy was my favorite,

Through Chrissy’s POV we experience the world of a rap star’s significant other. Chrissy’s been there during the past six years of Jim Jones’ tumultuous life. She’s been his rock. Now where’s hers? Things are touch and go, as she must also contend with the other woman in Jim’s life… Mama Jones! How will Chrissy navigate these minefields? Chrissy is a hustler at heart and though she wants to stick it out with Jim, her time is running out. She’ll be the Bonnie to another Clyde if it’s not going to be Jim. Jim better wake up soon because Chrissy will get hers one way or another.

She’s on Team Pop Off, and I love it. She is also the happiest, although she’d love to be married to Jim already, at least she’s not bitter.

I’ll check out a few more episodes, and do a few more recaps. It’s not the worse show on TV, I’m just hopeful that it will display a little more happiness and positivity among our people. All this bitter bickering, and cattyness has already been established with other shows. Let’s change up that dynamic please.

-Stay Fly!