The Drama Continues In The New Super Trailer For Season 8 of Love and Hip Hop

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Love & Hip Hop


Love and Hip Hop season 8 looks like it’s going to take the drama to another level based on the new super trailer that dropped.

In the trailer things immediately pick up with Remy Ma who riding a current wave of success after winning Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Her always supportive husband Papoose is happy for her but he still wants his wife to keep her promise and give him a child. The couple seems to have agreed on IVF treatment but Remy is in no rush and who can blame her for suffering a miscarriage.

Rich Dollaz is back and yes he is still a creep sadly. This time he has his sights on a new cast member by the name of Anais who kind of reminds us of a great value Joseline Hernandez. Things heat for the two immediately, but of course, there has to be drama involved, Anais is married with children. She wants out of her marriage and wants to be with Rich but we all know Mr. Dollaz history so she might want to seriously think about that. On a real serious note though we also find out that Rich is battling Diabetes this season.

Love and Hip-Hop OG, Yandy Smith is still doing the best she can to keep their family going while Mendeecees is still locked up. This season she won’t have to worry about her husbands baby mamas, instead, it’s his mama who is bringing the drama. She reports back to Mendeecees some cause for concern when she catches Yandy applying lotion to an artist on a video set.

Love and Hip Hop’s rising star Safaree returns home this season. He is looking for love almost immediately and has his sights on DJ Self’s new artist Dream Doll. Now we know nothing good can come of this but at all, Safaree is also dealing with tragedy this season with the loss of his Uncle.

Bianca Bonnie and Mariahlynn are also back and both also have some serious drama as well. Bianca wants to just focus on her music but an old nemesis (new to watchers) Brittany Taylor. The two bump heads immediately in the trailer in a battle of NY supremacy (insert laughter). Mariahlynn isn’t busting money guns in the trailer but she is head over heels in love. Her new boo, unfortunately, doesn’t care for her boss Self or Gwinin entertainment. That’s not her only issue cause we learn that her man got someone else on the side and her name is Sophia The Body.

Some familiar faces but new to the NY Love and Hip-Hop franchise also make an appearance. K. Michelle’s bestie Jonathan and R&B superstar Lil Mo. Jonathan spreads his wings and is flying solo, his introduction to LHHNY world as a cast member is not drama free though. He and his significant other are going through some serious issues, so serious that Jonathan catfishes him and catches him in a lie.

Lil Mo is also having t deal with some family problems after her young son googles her name and finds a story about his father possibly cheating on her. This sparks tension between Mo and her husband that must be talked about and dealt with.

This season looks like it’s going to extra spicy and we can’t wait to watch when Love and Hip Hop returns Monday, October 30th.

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LHHATL Recap: Moriah Takes Numerous L’s Tonight After Mimi Snitches On Her To Sierra!

Episode 6 was indeed the ratchet mess we hope it would be! Tonight’s episode opens up with Joseline and Jessica Dimepiece. Joseline is currently on a mission to make amends with ladies now and is looking to recruit them for  her music video for her “women empowerment anthem” “Baby Daddy”.

Joseline is looking to bury the hatchet with Jessica, the two manage to hash out their differences and let bygones be bygones. Joseline gets Jessica to participate in her new music video and it looks like they are on the road to becoming besties again.

Speaking of baby daddy, Stevie is now at a crossroads now that him and Joseline are being “civil” again.Realizing that a new edition to the Jordan family is on the way he realizes it’s time to upgrade his living space. He links up with his two daughters, Sade and Savannah to reveal that he purchased a bigger space and they were excited to hear the news. He also revealed to them that Bonnie Bella might be staying there as well so that means Joseline will be there too. His daughters when they heard that news were like:

Stevie manages to convince them things will be different this time around with Joseline. Still on the Jordan family front,Savannah and Sade ask him what’s going on between him and his son Dorian. Stevie reveals they haven’t been seeing eye to eye after Dorian dissed him and stole some studio equipment from him.

Stevie of course wants an apology from his son and decides to meet up with him to hash things out between them. Dorian reveals to his father that his actions were just him basically lashing out his father due to his negligence. Stevie understands his son Dorian’s pain and misses his grandson. The two hug it out and makeup for lost time over a game of pool.

Joc on the other hand doesn’t have as much success as Stevie on the baby daddy front. After meeting with Rod and finding out the fake pimp might be dating his baby mama Sina, Joc wastes no time in paying her a visit to see if there is any truth to it. The conversation starts off smoothly with the two with Joc telling her about Kirk’s dilemma and how he also might be involved.

Things go left quickly though when Sina reveals that she is “kinda” dating Rod. Yes the same Rod who already has TWO GIRLFRIENDS.

Joc was not to pleased to hear that at all and tells Sina that Rod better not be anywhere near his twin daughters. Sina isn’t trying to hear it and doesn’t take Joc’s threats seriously at all.

We link back up with LHHATL’s new cast member Moriah and she has some HUGE ambitions. No longer working for her piggy bank’s wife she has dreams of opening her own club. The problem is she doesn’t have enough money so who does she call to solve that problem? If you guessed Shooter congratulations.

Basically extorting the man, Moriah tells Shooter that her silence will cost him the price of the down payment on her dream club. Scooter was basically like:

His trouble was only beginning there. Moriah still mad that her beneficiary decided to run her gums to the newest loud mouth on the block Mimi. She reveals to her that she is sleeping with Shooter and Mimi is blown away by the revelation. Moriah tells Mimi in good faith but did she really think that Mimi could keep such information a secret?

If you’re keeping count that’s two L’s already for Moriah and she is not even finished yet. We zap to Joseline’s video shoot for her song “Baby Daddy”. A moment that was supposed to be about unity between women quickly turns into a fight between Mimi and her former boss Sierra. In that moment Mimi spills the tea on Sierra’s husband Shooter rather quickly. Observe below:

Sierra wastes no time and makes a call to Shooter to come see her ASAP! Shooter arrives and is immediately confronted with the million dollar question about sleeping with Moriah and he was like:

Power Season 2, Episode ( Recap

Things get even complicated when Moriah’s lame ass shows up:

Laaaawwwdd we cannot wait till next week to see how all of these messy situations will unfold. Until then hit the gallery below and checkout the hilarious memes mainly about Moriah and have a laugh or two.



Tommie and Treasure P Get Into A Fruit Fight, Shooter Is A Side-Piece, Joc’s Memory Sucks & Joseline Wants To Make Nice!

New week, even more mess on the ratchetness that is Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. Well Kirk gets a break tonight he’s not the biggest loser tonight. He’s been catching L’s left and right since the beginning of the season. Tonight that BIG L goes to Shooter, the husband of Sierra Gates owner of The Glam Shop.

We learned tonight that Sierra isn’t good at hiring productive people cause her employees are off the chain. We already met loud ass Mimi last week, Sierra also let her loud ass go by the way.

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Tonight we find out another one her employees Moriah Lee is sleeping with her husband Shooter.

Moriah claims Shooter is her side-piece and to keep her from spilling the beans he pays her hush money. UNBELIEVABLE!

Last week we learned that Joc might be the father of Jasmine’s baby after he revealed he slept with a Jasmine from the same club. His now former friend Rod wasn’t too happy to hear that his boy Joc might have slept with one of his women. Rod is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery and decides to meet up with Joc face to face.Well the meeting of course didn’t go too well with Joc back peddling all over place blaming his lack of certainty on alcohol and sleep deprivation.

Plus Karlie Redd was there and you know if Karlie is there, things will eventually go left.Observe below:

Oh and what about our new favorite Tommie? Oh you know she turned up tonight.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Tiommie meets up with Treasure P at the spa for what was supposed to be a mild discussion. Remember Tommie is supposed to be a different person. She’s not that same girl in those 20 plus mug shots right?

The civility left the door and the nail tech got the hell out of dodge swiftly before the fruit and fist started flying. Tommie wearing her best lingerie quickly jumped all over a half-naked Treasure P in the spa, before security which we are sure are always on hand for Tommie scenes jumped in.

What a mess! Last but not least, Joseline is looking to make nice with the ladies and invite them all to her video shoot. Joseline is planning on dropping a women empowerment anthem called “Baby’s Daddy” and needs a bunch of ladies for the shoot.

Melissa reaches out to Tammy and Karlie to inform them that her buddy Joseline wants to smooth things over with them. They both were:

But that’s okay Joseline still has Mimi who has already agreed to show up and lend her nail technician skills. Oh each and every episode this show just takes the messy up another notch. We can’t wait to see how Mona plans to outdo tonight’s episode. Until then  have a laugh or two at all the hilarious memes generated tonight’s episode below:



On The Gram: Kirk Fesses Up, Rasheeda Sheds Tears, Joseline Needs Stevie’s Permission and DNA & Rod Has TWO Girlfriends!

Episode 3, season 6 of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta picks right up where Kirk and Rasheeda saga ended last week. Rasheeda is putting the pressure on Kirk after she learned about Kirk messing around from Karlie Redd. It eventually works on Kirk and he was like:

Kirk’s lying ass admits to sleeping with Jasmine but he doesn’t own up to moving Jasmine into the building,bringing her around the family or even having a relationship with her.

Kirk blamed it all on the alcohol!


Rasheeda is officially fed up, removes her wedding ring and kicks Kirk and his 3 earrings in one ear having self out of the house.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Waka makes his return to the Love and Hip-Hop world and reveals to the fellas that he hasn’t been home in 6 months. Waka returns home to make his case, but Tammy isn’t trying to hear it all and tells Waka he’s got some work to do on repairing their relationship before he can come back home.

Waka is dead set on fixing things between him and Tammy claiming he misses his wife and daughter. We catch up with Tommie, last time we saw the firecracker she was about fight her momma. We are happy to report this episode she is not fighting and is looking to upgrade her friends. Instead of ending up in a cell, she’s looking to just become an Atlanta socialite. She links up with now stress free Tammy and they head to a “fashion show”.

At the show we are reunited with Jessica Dime, but the focus came on the tension between Tommie and Karlie Redd. Tommie still isn’t here for Karlie after she took her ex-man Scrap De Leon, the two have a very rocky exchange of words and share a awkward ass hug. Tommie is a changed person and opted not to put her hands and feet on Karlie and leaves. Immediately after she leaves she Karlie does what she does best and that is talk about other people’s business, mainly Kirk and Rasheeda’s business.

We even learn that now Mimi used to mess around with Rod too. Damn how many terrible ass men has Mimi messed with her in life?

Speaking of Mimi, she stops by Stevie’s crib to spill the beans on Kirk and Rasheeda’s situation. Man this story is making its rounds. They also used the moment to talk about Stevie’s dilemma with Joseline and the new baby. Mimi lets Stevie know that if in fact that Bonnie Bella is indeed his, she does not want Joseline around her daughter. Like she is the pillar of virtue herself.

Meanwhile… Joseline is still traveling around with a pair of Stevie’s DNA laced underwear and takes them to a DNA testing center. She quickly learns from the doctor she will not be able to use them because she ruined the sample and she needs Stevie’s permission to use his DNA. WELP!

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Last week we met Rod and tonight we learn that Jasmine isn’t his only girlfriend. Lord, Mona keeps the shenanigans coming. We learn he is actually in a three-way relationship with another stripper named Keanna that has something in common with Jasmine. The Keanna also has slept with Kirk as well!

The Rock Shares Video Of Broken Finger On Instagram

Rasheeda is hurt and understandably so, she links up with fellow hurt wife Tammy and the two confide in each other.

There were enough tears shed on the couch between the both of them.

Rasheeda admits to Tammy that baby is the breaking point for her. As if all the cheating Kirk was doing wasn’t enough though.

Ohhhh we are looking forward to how all this drama plays out next week, in the meantime hit the gallery to see the hilarious memes that generated from tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta.



Love & Hip Hop NY’s SwiftOnDemand Drops New Visual “Cut Me My Check”

Hailing from Brooklyn and Love & Hip Hop New York‘s own Swiftondemand has created an anthem for those chasing their money. His new single “Check Me My Check” was created for all the hard working people out there that have had issues collecting a check after providing their services. In two weeks after releasing his video “Cut Me My Check,” it hit over 16,000 views on youtube.

Swift Star was raised in the infamous Flatbush neighborhood but it was East New York’s surroundings that made him. A true hustla to the game, Swift began to execute his plan to dominate the music industry and leave an impression as a producer/artist. The Jamaican-born talent is here to create music that relates to his fans.

He and his new artist Cardi B made waves with her Gangsta B*tch Music Vol. 1′ Mixtape & GBMV2. The two are not only making music in the studio, they making music in the sheets. Swift currently has a hit single out called “LvyeBounce” which amassed 145,813 views on WorldStar in two days of its release. He is set to release a mixtape titled On Demand February 19, 2017.


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DJ Drewski Added to Cast of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop NY, Named HipHop Ambassador of VEVO


Hot 97‘s Dreski (and girlfriend Sky Landish) have just been added to the new cast of VH1‘s Love & HipHop NY. The versitile DJ will give fans a peek at what his life is like while off air. The audience will also get to meet his new girfriend Sky Landish.


“Usually I try to keep my personal life just that – personal – but its time to share my happiness with the world.” –Drewski.

In case you missed the super trailer to ‘LHHNY’ Season 7, we have it right for you below:

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Also, Drewski lands a new gig as the Hip-Hop Ambassador of VEVO! Major KEY!

VEVO, the leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform, has named DJ Drewski its new Hip-Hop Ambassador. Drewski is currently a DJ on NYC’s Hot 97.

Through this new collaboration with VEVO, the talented DJ will interview popular artists and influencers in the industry about music, news, and hip-hop culture. He will also be responsible for finding and developing talent. New video segments including #DearDrewski will feature interviews with popular recording artists as fans ask questions live via Facebook. Other segments will focus on finding and breaking new talent in shows titled Drewski DSCVRs and The Test.

Drewski not only loves the fact he can connect artists with their fans, but can now showcase new talent on another major platform.

“Im humbled and excited to bring new energy to the brand.” -DJ Drewski.


Congrats to our Fly Guy DJ Drewski!


Wigs Come off In The Super Trailer For Season 7 of Love of Hip-Hop NY!

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Love and Hip-Hop NY is back for its seventh yes you heard right seventh season!  This season looks to pick up right where the drama left off last season. Yandy makes her triumphant and she is trying to make peace with her husband Mendeecees baby mama for the sake of the kids.

The creep squad composed of Rich Dollaz , Cisco Rosado, Peter Gunz and DJ Self are still together. Things  seem to get hectic between Self and Cisco over the contract of Mariahlynn.


Our favorite from last season Cardi B also returns along with her sister Hennessy, yes you read that right her name is Hennessy.


Cardi B is enjoying her newfound fame and has put her marriage plans with felon bae on hold. That doesn’t mean Cardi isn’t out here getting action. Cardi has a thing for her producer Swift Star . We know in the Love and Hip-Hop world no relationship comes without drama. Swift is shooting his shot at Cardi but he also has a girlfriend and she is not here for Cardi B at all.


Cam’ron and Juju make an appearance in the trailer as well, it looks like though Cam is not an official cast member and took to Instagram to clarify that.

Newcomer to the LHHNY scene is Felicia “Snoop” Pearson from the hit HBO series The Wire. She looks to be battling some insecurity issues with her girlfriend after she watches a video with Snoop and our FLY gal Sofi Green hanging out.  Also new to the Love and Hip-Hop universe is Hot 97’s own DJ Drewski. It seems Yandy’s young protege Bianca has eyes from the blue-eyed record spinner bu his girlfriend has something to say about that.

Original cast member Kimbella returns to the Love and Hip-Hop franchise with her boo Juelz Sanatana. Juelz wants his girl to make things right with Yandy but is it too late for all of that?

Last not but not least Remy Ma and Papoose return for another season. Papoose is on a mission to knock up Remy and at the same time they have to mentor their two oldest kids whom also want to tackle the music industry.


*Bonus* hit the next page to see the first 6 minutes of season 7 of Love and Hip-Hop NY.

Last Night in NYC

Last Night In NYC: “Love & Hip Hop” Cast & VH1 Celebrate Launch of Mobile Game


Yesterday, VH1 and 345 Games celebrated the launch of Love & Hip Hop: The Game with an intimate blogger preview at Viacom’s Skysquare Lounge.

As guests sipped MYX Fusions Moscato and enjoyed light hors d’ oeuvres, “Love & Hip Hop” executive producer Mona Scott-Young opened the event with welcome remarks, followed by greetings from Dan Yang, Viacom’s EVP & GM of Consumer Products.


Then, Viacom Media Networks Entertainment Group Director Olivia Coombes led a live demo of the mobile app, which allows users to create their own “Love & Hip Hop” universe with customized characters who are talented but unknown musical artists.

Attendees were able to experience “Love & Hip Hop: The Game” alongside actual “Love & Hip Hop” cast members Yandy Smith, Rich Dollaz, Remy Ma and Papoose – all of whom were on hand to enjoy the festivities.

“Love & Hip Hop: The Game” is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Check out more pics below:

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#RichHomieKaraoke Is The Best Thing On The Internet Right Now!



ich Homie Quan might not want to check his social media accounts for a few days. Last night the Atlanta rapper became the subject of internet ridicule after he messed up and forgot Biggie’s “Get Money” lyrics during his Hip-Hop Honors performance.

He pretty much almost ruined what was already one of the best tributes of the night. Twitter was not forgiving for his blunder and proceeded to rake him over the coals and rightfully so.

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That verse is hip-hop 101 everyone knows it! Well at least that’s what we thought.

Image (2) shrugging-music-kanye-west-shrug-oh-well.gif for post 113011

In light of his unfortunate blunder some good has come from it. The creative folks on twitter decided to make the #RichHomieKaraoke hashtag and it is absolutely hilarious. Folks have been taking well-known song lyrics and messing them up like how Quan completely ruined Biggie’s lyrics. Please observe some of them below:

You guy’s are absolutely hilarious, hit the gallery below to see even more of these hysterical spins on song lyrics Rich Homie Quan style:

Photo: Getty Images/Rachel Murray


Rich Homie Quan Commits The Mortal Sin of Forgetting Biggie’s Lyrics During Lil’Kim Tribute Gets Roasted For It!



ich Homie Quan had everything aesthetically on point when it came to looking the part as the late iconic rapper Biggie Smalls. When it came to the most important part which were the lyrics, he let all of Brooklyn and the hip-hop community as a whole down. The “Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)” rapper was pegged to perform “Get Money” with Lil’Kim during her tribute performance. He hit the stage and dropped the ball instantly when he flubbed Biggie’s lyrics in the song which can be seen in the video above.


The fallout on Twitter for the lyrical flub was instantaneous as no one could believe what they just witnessed. Here’s a sampling of the slander and outright disgust for Quans gaffe.

You can’t help but laugh at the frustration of #Blacktwitter over Quan’s unfortunate mishap.

Image (3) shaq-laugh.gif for post 110034

Even some prominent figures in the hip-hop community chimed in as well, including Lil’Cease himself who is mentioned in the verse Quan messed all up.


Image (3) 7433019188_7633bcfd09_o.gif for post 110076

Of course it didn’t end there, Quan was also memed to death on instagram as well. Hit the gallery below to see the best ones.

Photo: VH1