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FLY Lights: “Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family” Los Angeles Premiere…

Tyler Perry is back with a new film, “Madea’s Big Happy Family, and tons of celebrities, came out to show support to The Dome at Arclight Hollywood last night in LA.

While we’re still not entirely sure what the synopsis of this Tyler Perry Film is, we know that it will definitely have it’s shares of laughs, inspirational moments, and tear jerkers…

Check out the arrivals of the many celebs in attendance… 

Keke Palmer has grown into such a beautiful young woman…

Naturi Naughton looked great…

Mr. Brown and Cora, who are actually married in real life… (Mr. and Mrs. David and Tamala Mann)

Bow Wow definitely knows how to market himself to the Acting community. Still waiting on some facial hair to grow though…

Lauren London  is such a beauty!!

Teyana Taylor is doing some big things! Very proud of her!

Check out the rest of the attendees in our gallery!

Madea’s Big Happy Family will be in theatres everywhere this Friday!!

Stay Fly!




The Comfort Zone is apart of my Old School playlist on my Shy-Pod! I luv that song! It soothes the mood-takes me back to where there was no rent-only bills in my name that my Mom ignored! YAY!

Low and behold-Idris Elba is now a Singer and God Damn Vanessa Williams is back on the Block! *Sigh* Since I love Vanessa-I’ll give her a fair shake.

But-Don’t let me catch you in the streets Maxwell! I Blame You! (In my Mr. T Voice!)

Please understand, when I was little I was always confused about Adult Contemporary- What The Hell is that? I remember when En Vogue One Best adult Contemporary Album- I was pissed! They Couldn’t win a REAL Category! My Mom just shook her head.


This ish right here-is Adult Contemporary! Yay! I’m a grown up!

Let me have my Moment.


What’s your Verdict?

-Stay FLY!