The Internet Gives Vine A Proper Sendoff With #RipVine!

If you haven’t heard already Twitter is saying goodbye video service Vine after 4 years.


The internet immediately electronically grieved after news was announced that Twitter was shutting down the popular video sharing site. To say goodbye to the now dead service Twitter gave it a proper sendoff. They reached into the Vine vault and started sharing the most hilarious clips uploaded to the service. You might remember these Vine hits:

We sat here going through all of them, laughing our asses of might we add like we haven’t seen them before. Hit the gallery below to see even more hilarious Vine videos and also if you need even more Vine goodies in your life just hit the hashtag #RIPVine.



Twitter Will Be Parting Ways With VINE


Vine will no longer be apart of our Twitter lives…but are we concered? Probably not.

Today, Twitter has announced that it is closing its video sharing doors with the four year old Vine service. As the company did not give a reason why they were slashing the service, on Thursday they announced it was cutting 9% of its workforce following slow growth of the social network.


Vine reports via the company’s blog:

Today, we are sharing the news that in the coming months we’ll be discontinuing the mobile app.

Nothing is happening to the apps, website or your Vines today. We value you, your Vines, and are going to do this the right way. You’ll be able to access and download your Vines. We’ll be keeping the website online because we think it’s important to still be able to watch all the incredible Vines that have been made. You will be notified before we make any changes to the app or website.

What’s next? We’ll be working closely with creators to make sure your questions are answered and will work hard to do this the right way. We’ll be sharing more details on this blog and our Twitter account, and will notify you through the app when we start to change things.

At this point, it’s quite clear that Vine didn’t keep up with the evolving changes especially via Snapchat and IG’s Instagram Stories, plus the 20-second video that you can just simply add to Twitter itself.

Can we say…R.I.P. Vine? Pretty much.

To keep up with any more changes via Vine, stay connected to their official blog for more info.


The Word: Kim Kardashian Attempts To “Break The Internet” Again, Bette Midler and The Internet Perfectly Reacts.

Kim Kardashian couldn’t let her husband Kanye West have all of the attention now could she?


Late last night Kim announced her return to the thirst trapping world by posting a nude selfie that with her breast and private area conveniently blocked by black bars with the caption stating “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL”.


Which must have to be countless numbers of times already but we stopped counting a long time ago. Of course the internet immediately reacted both positively and negatively to Kim once again taking the time to remind us she has one of the best bodies money can buy literally. One tweet in particular stood out more than the others. The shadiest tweet of them all came from none other than the iconic actress Bette Midler. As of late her Twitter fingers have been deadly and this time the victim is Kim K. Peep the shady tweet below :

Well damn Bette!


Even Ellen got in on the fun today and posted this hilarious photoshopped version of Kim’s nude selfie.

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When you're like my friend has nothing to wear

A post shared by Ellen DeGeneres (@theellenshow) on

But wait she’s not alone, hit the gallery below to see the best reactions Kim K’s nude selfie.


Must Watch: Wiz Khalifa, Lionel Richie, Drake, Rita Ora and more read #MeanTweets on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE


In this edition of #MeanTweets: Music Edition #3 curated by Jimmy Kimmel Live, celebrities in the music field read devilish social media messages about them that may not be too pleasant. Thankfully, the selected bunch have a since of humor and can take a little shade from complete strangers with twitter fingers.

This round features the likes of: Meghan Trainor, Ricky Martin, James Taylor, Little Big Town, Common, Ed Sheeran, Kelly Clarkson, Charlie Wilson, Blake Shelton, Wiz Khalifa, Josh Groban, Demi Lovato, The Killers, Drake, One Direction, Lionel Richie, Rita Ora and Mumford & Sons.

Peep the hilarious footage below and be prepared to cry *real tears*:

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Fly Interview: August Alsina Talks New Music, Love/Hate with Social Media, His Beloved Brother, Usher, 2 Chainz & more with SFPL TV

In the midst of prepping for his forthcoming album release of This Thing Called Life and his current single “Song Cry”, which is taking over the radio waves and charts, singer/songwriter August Alsina stopped by SFPL TV to catch us up on a few about his music, how he really feels about social media, touring with Usher, 2 Chainz being the first to put him on tour, his brother, personal happenings in his life, and so much more.

About his new album #TTCL: 

It’s really, man…”My Journey.” Life has taken me places. I mean, up, down, all around…just taking me places. The good, the bad, i’ve been through it — i’ve dealt with it all. We born, we got put here, we don’t really know what this is all about. We’re all just here trying to figure it out — trying to be a better version of ourselves each and every day. And that’s what my album is, it’s about the Journey. Me trying to figure out “This Thing Called Life.”

What would a conversation with his deceased brother be like today if he were alive:

Ahhhhh…it would probably be very stupid [he says jokily, as he laughs with a huge smile]. You know, my brother always believed in me. Like ALWAYS. To the point where he used to lie to people actually like: “Yeah, my brother got a deal, wu wuu wuuu” — before I even had a deal. He use to just tell people: “Yeah, my brother got a deal, he doing this, and he doing that.” So, I think the conversation would be: “I proud of you n****, like this is dope what you doing.” You know, I think it would be an “I always knew” kind of conversation. I mean, he knew and believed in me before I did; believe in myself.

Check out the FULL interview below:

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This Thing Called Life drops on Dec. 11th.

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Fly Visual: Katie Got Bandz Releases A New Anthem That Fits Social Media Perfectly



Katie Got Bandz could not have delivered her new visual at a more perfect time! Running with the popular catchphrase “Petty”, Katie puts all social media connoisseurs on blast who just can’t seem to get their life right, especially over an “instagram like.”

In the visual, Katie drops in, once summoned: “Like a good neighbor, Katie is there!”, on a couple who seems to be fighting over an IG Like; which the girlfriend keys her BF’s car in return. Katie, then diffuses the situation and tells the girlfriend, “you petty!”. Just as simple as that.

Katie has also collab with Jeremih and Plies on previous tracks.

Check it out below to see what Ms. Bandz has to say about all the so-called “instafamous” social media folks below:

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**Premiere** Fly Acoustics: Singer Tweet Talks New Album ‘Charlene’, 8-Year Hiatus, Performs Single “Won’t Hurt Me” & more


After a very long music hiatus, our favorite songbird is back and ready to deliver!

Singer/Songwriter Tweet, stopped by Stuff Fly People Like‘s premiere of Fly Acoustics, a music series where artists get personal, share past & present experiences, all while presenting new music, and delivering a LIVE acoustic performance to media conglomerates and fans on-site.

While kicking the segment off, Tweet spoke on why she took time off:

I have been preparing myself for this moment, just getting myself together spiritually after the second album didn’t go too well — I decided to take a break and kinda get my life spiritually together. So, in that I rededicated myself to Christ — so he would orchestrate everything that’s happening now. And, I also signed to a couple of labels, and it just didn’t work out.

Since her last 2005 album, It’s Me Again, Tweet followed up with a new EP 8-years later entitled Simply Tweet.

Tweet’s new forthcoming album Charlene (Jan. 2016) gives us a journey through her written diary, sharing the up and downs of life, and what she was going through within the hiatus.


Tweet also talks about wanting to get back to “real soul music,” that makes you think, that speaks of liberation for women, and just simply that “good feeling.” She even speaks of perhaps doing a full Gospel album one day, per request from her aunt, Juanita before she passed away.

Check out the FULL visual of our very own, ‘Fly Acoustics’ below with a special performance from Tweet of new single “Won’t Hurt Me”:

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Tweet’s album ‘Charlene’ drops on January 22, 2016, just a day after her birthday.

We’d like to thank Tweet for kicking off ‘Fly Acoustics’ for us! It was an amazing moment!

Follow Tweet

Twitter: @Ms_Hummingbird

Instagram: @Tweet_

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New Music: Jay IDK feat. Ash Riser – “God Said Trap”


In celebration of reaching over 1M impressions (according to Twitter analytics), Jay IDK decides to re-introduce the world to his King Trappy III persona via the brand new single “God Said Trap.”
Produced by Top Dawg Entertainment frequent collaborator Skhyehutch (Kendrick Lamar‘s good kid, m.A.A.d city hymn “I’m Dying of Thirst”), University of Southern California duo Gamebrand and Jay himself the track serves as the second official leak from the DMV native’s highly anticipated SubTrap LP and follows the release of his well received debut The Plug.  If you pay close attention to the bridge towards the end of the song you’ll hear the vocals of singer-songwriter Ash Riser.
SFPL‘s own Gabriel Williams recently had the pleasure of attending Jay’s official ‘SubTrap’ LP Listening Dinner, as the two met for the first time.
Gabriel says:

Jay IDK is the next-level up. His charisma, his vibe, his flow, his consistency of knowing the direction of his brand and sound; draws attention to his musicality. He has a lot to say and will jump ahead of the rap game in due time. He’s humble but his hunger for music speaks volumes.

Give the eerie yet realistic audio account, detailing the life of a trapper, a listen after the break and be sure to grab your copy of SubTrap when it’s released in it’s entirety August 25th via iTunes!

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Also, check out a full interview with Jay IDK over at

​Artwork By: Hunt Rodriguez & Nicky Chulo



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New Video: Kehlani feat. Chance The Rapper – “The Way”

kehlani the way video

Just premiering the official “The Way” remix, last week featuring R&B sensation Trey Songz, Cali’s own Kehlani drops a new visual with the original track frontman, Chance The Rapper.

In a simplistic black & white backdrop, Kehlani clad in all-black with two dancers in tow, provides some jaw-dropping moves, while she and Chance delivers a little tease action making quite an interesting on-screen couple.

Check out the video below:


Hormones On Fleek: Haters Beware, Kim Kardashian Is Coming For You!

Kim Kardashian Addresses Haters
Image Via Instagram

Kim Kardashian isn’t here for you haters and folks spreading rumors and false stories about her. In an unprecedented move Kim K took to her twitter account and went on a mini epic rant voicing her displeasure of rumors to her 32.2 million followers.