Watch Trevor Noah Eloquently Gather Tomi Lahren on The Daily Show!




If Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter had an ultra conservative baby it would most definitely be Tomi Lahren. Lahren might be the biggest troll in politics, she has already compared Black Lives Matter to the KKK and foolishly called out Beyoncé for her Superbowl Halftime show performance. All the while she still claims she’s not racist though.

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The millennial conservative and host of The Blaze network show Tomi stopped by the The Daily Show with Trevor Noah last night. Lahren brought her famed overreaching to the show with her ridiculous points and Noah easily dissected them apart.

From the jump Lahren was already nervous when she sat in that chair across from Noah and she said “I’m in the lion’s den, Trevor”. He quickly followed that up with “I’m not a lion at all. Is that like an African thing?”

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The two politely debated a range of topics such as Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter & Colin Kaepernick. Lahren stuck to her dumb-ass logic when it came to these topics but Trevor was prepared for the nonsense and easily pointed out her contradictions.

During one point in the interview Tomi went the whole “I don’t see color” route and Trevor jokingly replied “You don’t see color? Then, what do you do at a traffic light?”

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Welp you gotta salute Tomi for coming on the show but she still managed to play herself royally. Trevor well done sir for eloquently putting her in her place.

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