TOP 5 FLY Girls of 2010; #5 Teyana Taylor/Ciara …

Fly Girls Teyana Taylor and Ciara tie for the number 5 Spot on this year’s Top 5 Fly Girls of 2010.

Ironically both ladies have a style that exemplifies the word Versatile.

Teyana is definietly a little more rough around the edges, but she’s also proven that she can be soft at the right time.

I’m actually a huge fan of Teyana’s style. It exudes New York on every level. Most native New Yorker’s have the ability to go from Day to Night Effortlessly. We’re born in the style Capital for Christ Sake. This Year Teyana has shown up at all the right Events in all the Right looks.

Looks that remain true to who she is, a True Harlem Fashionista.

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Top 5 FLY Girls of 2010…

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As usual SFPL will Count down the top 5 Fly Girls of 2010. These are the top 5 Ladies who have continuously stepped out in the hottest shoe, bag and ensembles all year long…

Who’s your top 5?

We need your pics to complete our list which will air Next week!

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