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Fly News: Tyrese Secretly Ties the Knot On Valentine’s Day

Looks like Tyrese has finally found his “Sweet Lady.”

The actor, author, and R&B crooner revealed on Tuesday (Feb. 28) that he is now a married man.

The Fate of the Furious star released a video montage of the wedding reception to announce the news. The couple said “I Do” on Valentine’s Day and the clip was accompanied with the following caption,

“Mark 10:8 And the two will become #OneFlesh. Mr & Mrs Gibson. #MyBlackQueen#GrownManSeason.”

While the identity of his bride was unknown at the time of the announcement it didn’t remain a mystery for long.

TMZ wasted no time in procuring the 411 on Tyrese’s new Mrs. According to the celebrity news outlet her name is Samantha Lee. She’s a New Jersey native with a Master’s degree in social work from the University of Georgia and has put that degree to use fighting sex and human trafficking along with providing counseling for inmates.

A source close to the newlyweds revealed that the couple met back in 2015 through mutual friends. Tyrese confirmed via Instagram that TMZ did get their facts right, this time.


Gibson was previously married to Norma Mitchell. They split in 2009 and have a 9-year-old daughter Shayla.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Gibson!

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Matt Barnes Allegedly Chokes Woman During Fight In NYC Nightclub, Says He Didn’t Choke Anyone & Was Defending Himself.

Matt Barnes might be in some serious trouble! Early Monday morning Matt Barnes and his Sacramento Kings teammate DeMarcus Cousins celebrated a loss to the New York Knicks at Avenue Nightclub in NYC. It’s there the two stars were involved in an incident where Cousin’s allegedly punched a man and Barnes choked a woman.

Image (5) UuGEtSb.gif for post 110261

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ exclusively that 911 received a call to the nightclub after midnight, with reports of a man assaulting a 2 women and a man. TMZ also learned that things got physical when Barnes allegedly choked the woman. When two other people tried to break up the fight, Barnes allegedly punched both of them.

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TMZ also has exclusive video in which you can hear Matt’s teammate DeMarcus Cousins saying, “I hit the s*** out of that n*gga”.

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Both Barnes and Cousins fled the scene before cops showed and Barnes is currently being sought after by police.

Matt Barnes spoke about the altercation through a rep who reached out to TMZ :

“Barnes was having a good time at Avenue Nightclub with his teammate, DeMarcus Cousins, when he went to sit at his VIP booth and accidentally “butt bumped” a woman who was at the next booth over.

Barnes claims the woman reacted by slapping him in the face, hard — and that’s when all hell broke loose. 

Barnes claims the woman’s crew — which included several men — jumped in and began to get violent. Barnes was knocked to the ground in the melee and one of the men began to choke him. 

Barnes got physical in an effort to protect himself. Cousins also jumped in to defend Barnes.”

Barnes also took to his Instagram to address the situation taking shots at the media stating “There’s always two sides to a story… The side the media consistently tries to paint of me …And what actually happened! Don’t believe anything you read!”

Well we shall see Matt, Barnes is cooperating with the investigation and his attorney Alex Spiro tells TMZ “We do not believe a crime was committed and are hopeful no charges will be pressed”.

We wouldn’t be shocked if the NBA hands out disciplinary action following this latest incident involving Barnes and superstar DeMarcus Cousins.



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Kanye West’s “Dramatic” 911 Call Is Finally Released!

We are finally getting some clarity in the whole Kanye West saga!

Today the 911 tape of Kanye West’s doctor calling 911 help has finally hit the web and it’s not as frantic as some would have thought. On the recording which Kanye is not heard on at all, his personal physician Dr. Michael Farzam is on the phone with the dispatcher.

Even though the tone of the call is relatively calm, TMZ reports that Kanye’s behavior was indeed erratic hence the call for help. The dispatcher was even worried about Kanye either hurting himself and others and stated at the end of the call “Don’t let him get any weapons or anything like that.”

Kanye has since been released from the hospital on Wednesday after spending almost a week there. We are sure more details will soon be spilling out. We just hope Kanye continues to get better for the sake of his family especially his children.

SOURCE: TMZ | PHOTO:Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images 


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Too Late To Say Sorry?: Lil Wayne Apologizes For His Comments About Black Lives Matter

Lil Wayne is as unapologetic as they come and doesn’t hold his tongue when it comes to his feelings on matters. Wayne has come under intense scrutiny after Nightline dropped an interview where the rapper made it clear he doesn’t rock with the Black Lives Matter movement.  Wayne posted one response to the fallout from the interview and at the time it seemed like he was sticking to his guns asking in a tweet “Is intelligence always misunderstood?”

Well it looks like Wayne is taking back those words after he issued and apology through TMZ.


Wayne was quickly called out for his comments and the internet took him to task for his at what seemed at the time hypocritical statements on the movement.

Video footage of Wayne shouting Black Lives Matter during a concert immediately surfaced after the Nightline interview hit the web.

So what was Wayne’s reasoning to his rant? Well Wayne is blaming the questions that was asked about his daughter as the sole reason he made those comments about Black Lives Matter.

Wayne exclusively told TMZ:

“When the reporter began asking me questions about my daughter being labeled a bitch and a hoe, I got agitated. From there, there was no thought put into her questions and my responses.”


Wayne then followed that up with:

“Apologies to anyone who was offended.”


We hope that apology is sincere. The issue has not gone away yet though,today rapper Vic Mensa who is very vocal when it comes to social matters in the black community touched on Wayne’s comments.


During an AMA on Reddit, speaking on his upcoming album Mensa had this to say about the Wayne’s Black Lives Matter comments:

“I think it’s a very ignorant, selfish & isolated position to take.”

Well said Vic!

While Wayne’s excuse for his statements and behavior were very lame, do you accept his apology?

Bonus: See the internet’s hilarious reaction to Wayne’s comments in the gallery below:


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The Word: Desiigner Busted For Guns and Drugs Following Road Rage Incident



hursday night, our favorite happy-go-lucky rapper Desiigner got himself into some serious trouble with the law last night. Oh boy heeeerrreee we go!


TMZ reports the “Panda” rapper was arrested for a road rage incident that subsequently led to him being pinched for drugs and guns. Law enforcement tells TMZ that Desiigner and 4 others engaged in a screaming match with a driver of another car. The driver then called 911 and reported that Desiigner pointed a gun at him, the suv left but not before the other driver could jot down the license plate number.


The cops found the suv, searched it and found a large quantity of loose pills according to law enforcement Oxycontin and other drugs. designer and 4 other individuals were all arrested and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of drugs with intent to sell. The Brooklyn rapper was also charged with criminal possession of loaded weapon and menacing for allegedly pointing it at the other driver.

We sincerely hope that Desiigner takes this incident and quickly learns from it, we hate to see his young career quickly halted because of incidents like these. We will be following the situation closely as more details emerge.

SOURCE: TMZ | PHOTO: Music Choice/ TMZ


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The Word: Blac Chyna Arrested In Austin Airport For Public Intoxication!

Blac Chyna Arrested

Welp looks like Blac Chyna is in for a long weekend full of struggle!


Rob Kardashian’s new girlfriend got pinched in Austin for being drunk and disorderly and she also caught a drug charge TMZ exclusively reports.

We can just imagine Rob Kardashian is somewhere like:


Chyna was reportedly on her way to London, she was on a connecting flight  when she was arrested. Now the incident in question ,Chyna stormed toward the gate and started getting really loud. She got on the plane and screamed at the flight attendant and called her a “nasty ass bitch”. The police immediately got on the plane and arrested her. Chyna appeared “heavily intoxicated”, was “fighting” with a flight attendant and was “acting like a drunken fool” according to an eyewitness. Chyna also screamed “y’all ain’t got no respect for me , I gotta tie my shoes.Let me tie my Yeezys.”



Chyna was crying as she was being taken away in handcuffs. TMZ caught up with Chyna before she boarded her flight at LAX, she seemed perfectly fine during the quick interview.

The story is still developing, we will keep you updated as more information comes in.

Images Via: TMZ

Source: TMZ


The Word: Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian Decide to Give Give Their Marriage Another Chance!

"Unbreakable Bond" Personal Appearance With Khloe Kardashian Odom And Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom’s recent brush with death seems to have brought the former couple back together as TMZ exclusively reports the couple has decided to give their marriage a second chance. Hit the jump to get the full details. 

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She’s Just Not That Into You: On The Gram Rihanna Calls Out NBA Player Matt Barnes 


Okay we get it! Much like ourselves, Everybody is head over heels in love with Rihanna! But here’s the thing. Writing a song, sending gifts etc. That’s one thing. But lying to the press about dates and what have you….that’s a bit irate if you ask us. Memphis Grizzlies NBA player  Matt Barnes got his feelings, dreams, and all else possible shut ALL the way down by the pop star empress on Instagram yesterday and now we’re all left looking like ….

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The Daily Word: Lamar Odom Is Fed Up With TMZ, Accuses Them of Being Racist.


Lamar Odom TMZ

Lamar Odom has had it with TMZ. Yesterday they reported that he blindsided ex-wife Khloe Kardashian when he showed up to her Soul Cycle class at 6:45 A.M. verbally attacking her. An eye witness explained that Khloe was on her way into the class when Lamar popped up and started demanding that she talk to him. While Lamar had a screaming match by himself Khloe tried to leave the scene before anyone noticed and Lamar touched her. This caused her to scream, “Get off of me. Get off of me. Stop. Stop.” Another eyewitness asked Khloe if she wanted her to call the police and Lamar screamed at her “you’re not going to call the cops on Lamar Odom.”


Khloe clearly was curious as to how Lamar knew where she was specifically located. Becoming freaked out, she dashed from the area before things got more out of hand. Catching wind on how people are viewing him after yesterday’s incident Lamar decided to speak out. He told a TMZ rep that he didn’t ambush Khloe and he is upset because she knows what really happened but won’t speak out and clear his name.


To add on to everything that’s been happening; Lamar vents to TMZ telling them that he did not stalk Khloe, touched her nor ambushed her. Deeper into his venting session, he threatens to spill secrets if another incident happens. Along this rant he goes from angry to sad explaining how his life has spiraled out of control. In the same breath he calls TMZ out for racist reporting about celebrity beef.


Jeez! Looks like things are heating up between Khloe and Lamar. We wonder what secrets Lamar has in his bag; but hopefully the two can come to a common ground before things get out of hand.

Watch Lamar’s venting session below:

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oprah-thinking-gifDoes Lamar make a valid point? Or is he just crazy?


– Stay Fly

Source/Image: TMZ



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The Daily Word: Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Star Shunned By Cast Mates


Looks like things are getting interesting this season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. Producers of LHHH have casted Milan Christopher, who happens to be an openly gay rapper. For three weeks, Milan has been filming. He believes his rapper cast mates are all shunning him. According to TMZ, a few of the rappers on the show are upset with the producers for casting him. Not because he is gay, but because he doesn’t have any rap credentials. They think that he was hired to raise the ratings on the show.

Miles and Milan

Milan labels himself as a rapper/model. He has worked with big rappers but mostly as writer. It has got out that at least three of the rapper cast have told producers that they don’t wish to film with Milan Christopher; they won’t show up for any parties or events if he is present. Petty much. Whoever the rappers are think that Milan is a joke and they don’t want to be around him. He happens to think that they already had their mind made up about gay rappers before he was casted for LHHH.


Looks like this season of LHHH will be drama filled and it hasn’t even started yet. Check out season two of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood season 2 September 7th on VH1.

Source: TMZ

– Stay Fly