FLY Review: Emily Blunt Delivers Captivating Performance in ‘The Girl On The Train’


The film adaptation of Paula Hawkins best-selling novel “The Girl on the Train,” delivers a portrayal that stays true to the core essence of the psychological thriller. Starring Emily Blunt, her performance as the unhinged alcoholic Rachel shines throughout the film, as we witness her cope with her inability to have a child and divorce from Tom (Justin Theroux); now remarried and with a new baby.


Spiraling further out of control, she loses her job at a PR firm in New York City yet continues commuting on the train everyday as if heading into work. While riding the train; which passes right by the house she once shared with her ex-husband, she catches glimpses of Tom and his new family further fueling her obsession with his new life. On her commute Rachel also eyes couple Megan (Haley Bennett) and Scott (Luke Evans), who she believes are the embodiment of true love and living the ideal life.


One day while riding the train Rachel spots Megan on the deck kissing a man who isn’t her husband. This shatters her fragile mental state even more and leads her on a terrible bender. The next morning Rachel awakens bloodied and beaten with no memory of the previous night. That morning she learns Megan who is later found murdered, has gone missing. With no recollection of her actions during her drunken stupor could she have done something to Megan? Determined to get to the bottom of it, Rachel injects herself deep into the investigation to uncover whether or not she’s capable of carrying out such a heinous crime.


Directed Tate TaylorThe Girl On The Train is cinematic murder mystery that will keep audiences unfamiliar with the book guessing to the very end. The film does a great job of building the suspense as we are unapologetically exposed to the lives of these multidimensional characters especially Rachel and Megan. Fans of the novel will appreciate Taylor’s ability to translate its key messages while adding touches that improve the big screen adaptation.

4 out of 5

The Girl On The Train hits theaters this Friday October 7. In the meantime check out the trailer for this moody thriller below.

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Remember When: December 2, 1983: “Thriller”, #RIPMichaelJackson


December 2, 1983

On this day 31 years ago, Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” debuted on MTV! The 13-minute music video is unarguably the most influential pop music video of all time. Just in case you forgot, here is the full video!




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2 Chainz goes THRILLER in new ‘Freebase’ video [Fly Visual]

Screen shot 2014-07-25 at 2.20.20 PM

The ‘Hair Weave Killer’ himself, 2 Chainz brings out his inner Michael Jackson for his new visual entitled “Freebase.”


Movie Trailer: Halle Berry And Morris Chesnutt Stars In ‘The Call’

Halle Berry takes her acting chops back to the big screen again! This time, the veteran actress stars in a chilling thriller entitled ‘The Call’. In the movie, Halle receives that one phone call at the 911 facility, which she witnesses a horrible death over the phone, followed by a series of phone calls from others being attacked by the same serial killer. Morris Chesnutt also stars in the movie as a Police Office and confidant.

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The Daily Word: MJ Estate Writes A Nice $55,000 Check to ‘Thriller’ Chick Ola Ray


Looks like the old/lead ‘Thriller’ chick, Ola Ray showed up for a few bucks – claims breach of contract, and it looks like she got a nice settlement. Peep the deets below…




Paying tribute to the King of Pop, premier vinyl specialists Hot Toys work up a new set of Michael Jackson figures, showcasing the masterful work exhibited on his famous Thriller music video. The figures will come in a 1/6 scale, featuring all the intricate details one would come to expect from a Hot Toys release. A launch is set for December 2009 with a suggest retail price tag of ¥24,000 (Approx. $255 USD).

Now you guys knew this was going to happen.


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