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SFPL Music: Gwen Stefani Can’t Stand To Be Away From Her Beau On New Single “Misery”

While you’d think a song titled “Misery,” would be about Gwen Stefani’s split from ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, the latest from the singer is actually about her new love Blake Shelton.

The upbeat track is about the misery she experiences when away from her beau.

“You’re like drugs to me. So put me out of my misery, hurry up come see me,” she croons in the chorus. “I’m thinking things I never thought before. Like what your love would taste like, give me more.”

Stefani has been open about her time working on the new album, revealing that the beginning of her writing process focused on the heartbreak she experienced after her divorce last summer. This resulted in songs like “Used to Love You.” The No Doubt front-woman does promise quite a few upbeat tunes like “Make Me Like You” and the newly released “Misery. When she sat down with Entertainment Weekly a few weeks ago she shared,

“We kind of flipped over to this happy, excited, new phase. And I wrote a bunch of new songs — I want to say four or five songs I wrote within the last three weeks.”

Listen to the latest from Stefani below. Her new album This Is What the Truth Feels Like,  is due out March 18.

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