‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Lets Not Follow The Plan

Episode 6, of The Walking Dead, titled “The King, the widow and Rick” breaks this season’s trend action-filled episodes and dials it back. Tonight’s episode opens up with each of the camps communicating with one another via letters filling each other on how the war with The Saviors is going.

We learn that according to Rick the plan is working and that its main goal was to successfully cut off The Sanctuary’s supply route. That does seem to be the case based on the events that took place on last weeks episode where the workers decided to voice their frustrations.  The reaction to Rick’s word doesn’t invoke a spirit of togetherness as members of the team decide to handle things their own way.

King Ezekiel is still on down and out after witnessing his men getting slaughtered and his pet tiger getting ripped to shreds by walkers.

The Walking Dead Recap
Photo: Gene Page/AMC

Carol does her best to get the king’s mojo back but it’s not working, Carol is a woman of few words and about action and leaves the king to sulk.

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The Walking Dead Recap: Trailer Confessions With Father Gabriel

Episode 5, “The Big Scary U” is the second best episode of the season of The Walking Dead.

This episode opens up with an unusually long opening monologue that was completely dedicated to flashbacks.  We get some clarity as to what happened between Negan, his generals and Gregory before Rick and the crew showed up starting trouble. Basically, it was just Gregory doing his best to talk his way out of Negan bashing his head in with Lucille before the meeting was interrupted.

The Walking Dead Big Scary U Recap
Simon – Photo: Gene Page/AMC

An interesting exchange takes place between Simon and Negan after Simon says he believes Gregory and introduces a plan. Negan wasn’t feeling the idea and made sure Simon remembered who was in charge.

Now let’s get into the meat of this interesting episode, shall we?

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The Walking Dead Recap: Jesus Saves, Morgan Leaves & Daryl Is Cold Blooded

The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 3 Recap
Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Episode 3 Photo by Gene Page/AMC

Season 8 of The Walking Dead is proving to be the most action-packed season ever and episode 3 titled “Monster” keeps the pace going.  Rick and Daryl, The Hilltoppers, and The Kingdommers are still in full get The Saviors the hell out of here mode. Last week’s episode ended with Rick as he encountered Morales a blast from The Walking Dead past. The reunion wasn’t jovial at all as Morales has radically changed and has joined the Saviors. With Rick in the front of his gun, he lets him know that he’s called for back up and it’s not looking good for Rick and the gang.

So let’s jump into Season 8, Episode 3’s recap of The Walking Dead and get into the episodes biggest moments!

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Negan Comes To Town: Episode 4, Season 7 Of The Walking Dead Recap & Memes

Negan introduces himself to the quaint community of Alexandria. The problem is he is week early and Rick and the gang are not prepared to really offer him anything.


Tonight’s episode opens up with Michonne sneaking out the house with a sniper rifle to practice with. Looks like she’s making sure her aim is true for a particular moment.


Unfortunately her skills with a rifle stinks cause she couldn’t hit the side of a barn with her shooting. Her target which happened to be a slow-moving walker and she still missed it. She did manage to kill a deer with one of her stray shots though, we’re just gonna chalk that one up to luck.

Back in town we the good folks of Alexandria are getting a glimpse of their fearless leader Rick being systematically broken down by Negan.


Negan and his Saviors came to town early to claim “what’s theirs” and that is all of the towns weapons and whatever else they liked basically furniture, mattresses and other lovely items. The Alexandrians have no idea whats going on but they do know that Negan is a dangerous man by the look on their fearless leader’s face.

Things get a little scary when one of the Saviors point out to Negan that there are two guns missing from the armory.  Negan gives Rick an ultimatum, he has to find the guns or Olivia dies, and Rick is over being responsible for anymore deaths.


Rick goes on a scavenger hunt and finds two guns stashed in Spencer’s home along with some extra food and liquor. Rick gives the guns to Negan saving Olivia and any other Alexandrian from the wrath of Negan and Lucille for now. Negan really didn’t come there just for items though, his main goal was to belittle their fearless leader in front of everyone and he succeeded. Rick lets everyone know that he is no longer in charge and that it’s Negan running the show now.

Rick’s boo Michonne finally returns from sniper rifle practice and Rick spots her. He ask’s Negan if he can have a second to speak to her so can he procure the rifle from her before any more unwanted drama ensues. Michonne is reluctant to give up the gun but Rick convinces her it’s for the greater good. Negan accepts the weapon and for good measure takes the deer Michonne killed. Negan and The Saviors leave, but not only did they leave with guns and furniture the most important thing they left with is Rick’s soul and full cooperation.


There is still one gun left though, Rosita and Spencer were sent out on a mission to retrieve Daryl’s bike for Dwight. Yes Dwight clearly thinks he is Daryl now for some strange reason. While on the mission Rosita encounters  some walkers and one of them has a gun on them. Rosita easily dispatches the undead and takes the gun but it’s empty. She brings the gun back to town not knowing that could spell disaster for the Alexandrians.


When they get back to town with the bike, Spencer and Rick have a conversation about the items he found in his house. It’s there Spencer lets his frustrations be known about Rick and how he dealt with Negan and The Saviors. Spencer feels Rick should have bargained with them from the jump and that would have saved them a lot of trouble. Rick of course doesn’t agree, while he is walking away Spencer brings up Glenn and Abraham’s death to Rick. It’s there we still find out that Rick is still his tough self and he tells Spencer if he mentions them again he will break Spencer’s jaw and knockout his teeth. Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Rick and Michonne have a heart to heart about the situation. Michonne isn’t really here for just laying down and letting Negan take everything. Rick tells Michonne about Shane and Lori and reveals that he knows Judith isn’t his daughter.


Rick finally convinces her that in order to remain alive complete cooperation with Negan is vital. Michonne heads back to the field where she was practicing her aim and she discovers all of the mattresses set on fire.

The Rock Shares Video Of Broken Finger On Instagram

Back in Alexandria, Rosita is the only person in town with a gun and she plans on using it! She finds Eugene and asks her to craft her a single bullet from a casing she found. Things are only gonna get interesting from here on in with Rick and the gang.

PHOTO: AMC/Gene Page

Hit the gallery below to see hilarious memes generated from tonight’s episode:


Daryl Wont Break: Episode 3, Season 7 of The Walking Dead Recap and Memes

We finally get a glimpse of life in the “Sanctuary” under Negan’s rule and it’s not all peaches and cream. On tonight’s episode we not only get a glimpse of Daryl as he suffers while he is being held prisoner by Negan but we also get Dwight’s back story as well. If you remember we met Sherry and Dwight before when they robbed Daryl of his favorite things (crossbow and bike) . Daryl against his better judgement let them live and it looks like it came back to bite him in the ass.


We learn that Dwight’s disfigurement is due to him returning back to the sanctuary with his “super hot wife Sherry”. Negan was compelled to kill Dwight for running away but thanks to his wife Sherry, Negan had a change of heart. In order to save her then husband Dwight, Sherry agrees to marry Negan. We know Negan doesn’t just let things slide completely and he has to take some sort of flesh. So instead of death, Dwight “got the iron” which explains his melted face.


It would seem the Dwight isn’t really feeling being in the Sanctuary anymore and being ruled by Negan. We understand too, why would you want to be around the man who married your wife and is having unprotected sex with her?


Well in need in some of alone time, Dwight takes a break from breaking down Daryl’s will and goes on a mission to go after his buddy who ran away. We know Dwight to be a bit of kleptomaniac, and he doesn’t let us forget that by wearing all of Daryl’s clothes and using his motorcycle.


It proves to be no easy task though as Dwight is nearly killed by a walker taking a leap of faith off of an overpass. Dwight ever so vigilant eventually catches up with the runaway. Dwight tries to convince the runaway to come back to the sanctuary but the runaway was like?


He’d rather die than give himself back to Negan and we completely understand. So he about faces and keeps on walking. Dwight then decides to put a bullet in his friends back and kills him and brings him back to the sanctuary and lets him turn into a walker.


What about poor Daryl?


We learn that Daryl isn’t really just an”insurance policy” but he’s also high on Negan’s list for recruitment.


Poor Daryl is being tortured being fed Alpo sandwiches and the sounds of upbeat pop music a thankfully unreleased track called “Easy Street” by  Petra Haden’s Collapsable Hearts Club. We can’t stand the song by the way and we understand why they used it as a form of torture. Daryl as we have come to learn is a strong guy and he can take it as well as dish it out. Even with Sherry who seems to be feeling some remorse tells Daryl to just give in and don’t make it any harder on himself it still doesn’t work though.

Sherry and Daryl

Daryl tries to escape after finding his door conveniently unlocked. We already knew something was just not right with this whole scenario.

Image (4) tumblr_mme7dyWTv41qzjr2jo3_250.gif for post 112054Daryl spots some motorcycles outside and decides to make a break for it but out of nowhere he is surrounded by a bunch of saviors and Negan.

The Rock Shares Video Of Broken Finger On InstagramIt’s here we learn how Negan instills his form of control and how the sanctuary works. Negan rules with an iron fist or in his case an iron bat. Everyone of the community’s inhabitants are all property of Negan and to prove that when Negan ask them who are they? They answer Negan.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Daryl is blessed with a beat down  for trying to escape and thrown back in his cell. We eventually see Daryl breakdown a bit after Dwight gifts him a picture of the aftermath of Lucille meeting Glenn’s skull. But was it enough to make Daryl succumb?


Negan ask Daryl the million dollar question who is he? Daryl’s reply of course was himself!


Not easily broken at all, we can’t wait to see what’s going on with our favorite group of survivors next episode.

Until then continue onto the next page for hilarious memes generated from tonight’s episode.

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Morgan and Carol Arrive At The Kingdom, We Finally Meet King Ezekiel!

Of course The Walking Dead would drop a rather calm episode following the super intense season premiere last weekend that had us all in our feelings.


Tonight’s episode we caught up with Carol and Morgan, yes it was somewhat a slow episode but we finally met a new key player. Carol is still recovering after her encounter with some saviors that Morgan saved her from. Morgan and Carol end up the quaint community called The Kingdom who seem to be completely oblivious to ongoing zombie apocalypse. Carol finally wakes up, she is not in the 100% but she is getting there.


Morgan explains to Carol exactly where they are and how The Kingdom operates.He introduces her to King Ezekiel and his pet tiger/protector Shiva.


Carol’s reaction was pretty much like:

Meek Mill Shouts Out Drake During Concert

Carol is not here for the bull you know what but plays along for now just for the sake of peace. From there we learn that The Kingdom is a very self-sufficient town and even has a damn choir. Yup a choir! Carol is not here for any of it and wants to leave immediately but her health isn’t helping matters. Morgan on the other is rather pleased with the peace and tranquility of The Kingdom.


Ezekiel also takes a liking to Morgan after he witnesses Morgan’s impressive skills with his staff. He asks Morgan to train one of his guards who is pretty much not too keen with a weapon. Morgan was reluctant at first but then agrees after Ezekiel in his best Game of Throne’s voice convinces him. We also learn that in order to maintain the peace The Kingdom regularly trades with Negan and his saviors.

The residents of The Kingdom of course do not know that their king trades with Negan for the sake of peace. BUT to spite The Saviors, Ezekiel sends Negan some slaughtered pigs but these pigs are special cause they feed on walkers.


We just hope they keep that infected swine away from Darryl since he is currently a prisoner of Negan and The Saviors. Carol finally musters up enough strength to pack her things and leave. She doesn’t get to far and is discovered by Ezekiel.


Ezekiel reveals that he knew Carol was faking it all along cause he pretty much has been faking it too! His royal voice completely changes and now he’s just Ezekiel the former zoo keeper and a pretty good actor. He tells Carol how he came upon his pet tiger Shiva and how he became the leader of The Kingdom.


Even after Ezekiel confesses to Carol that he’s been faking it to make it she still decides that The Kingdom is not  the place for her. Ezekiel doesn’t stop her, Morgan escorts her to a house where she decides to shack up. She immediately gets her first visitor and guess who it is?

Yup that’s right Ezekiel! Is he trying to shoot his shot with Carol or nah?Guess we will find out really soon. We can’t wait till next week where we catch back up with Rick and the gang after their deadly encounter with Negan and his Saviors. Till then hit the gallery below to see hilarious memes generated from tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead:

PHOTOS: Gene Page/The Walking Dead

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On The Gram: The Walking Dead Season 6, Season Finale Recap and Memes


WOW, JUST WOW! Tonight’s season finale had everyone on edge tonight especially with folks waiting on the arrival of Negan finally.

Sasha, Rick, Eugene and Abraham (Gene Page/AMC)

The finale picks up where the last episode left off with the group worried about Maggie and the baby. They decide they need to make a trip to Hilltop to see the doctor to find out what’s going on with Maggie and her seed. Maggie is in bad shape and can barely walk so things are very dire. They load her up in the RV, Rick, Carl, Abraham, Eugene, and Sasha set out on the mission to save Maggie and her child. They will come to find out that journey will not be as easy they think it will be.

So how’s Carol faring on her lone journey?

Carol (Gene Page/AMC)

Morgan is still looking for Carol and he successfully finds her as well as a horse, but Carol is not looking good after her encounter with some the Saviors. Morgan stitches Carol up and tries to convince her to come back to Alexandria but she doesn’t want too. Carol manages to sneak out while Morgan is outside taking care of a walker literally hanging around. Morgan discovers Carol is once again gone and hops on his new buddy the horse and sets out to find the wayward and now reluctant warrior once again.



Carol is still moving along, but she encounters one of Saviors she thought she killed. He’s been on a mission for revenge ever since Carol easily dispatched his Savior brethren. Carol is not in top shape to take on anyone so the Savior had his way with her. Thing’s aren’t looking too good for our favorite killer/baker as the Savior begins to torture her by shooting her in strategic places such as her hand and arms. He want’s to make sure she suffers a very painful and slow death. Unfortunately for him he’s gonna wish he took her out quickly cause Morgan rides in to save the day. Morgan is still on his trying not to kill movement but his buttons are pushed when the Savior makes an attempt to kill Carol. Morgan wastes no time and puts six bullets in the Savior and in the process saves Carol.

Image (4) giphy1.gif for post 110282

We also get introduced to two new characters who remain nameless but will be important come season 7.If you remember we  did get a glimpse of one of them when Rick and Morgan bumped into him looking for his horse.

Morgan and a new friend. (Gene Page/AMC)

Now back to operation save Maggie

Walker barricade (Gene Page/AMC)

Well at least that ended on a good note right? Can’t say the same for Rick and the gang. The journey to Hilltop turns out to be a very deadly one. The Saviors have blocked off all roads towards the town putting Maggie and the babie’s life in serious jeopardy.

RIck is visibly running out of hope and ideas, in a last-ditch effort Eugene suggests that they walk on foot and he will drive the RV sacrificing himself for the greater good. Seemed like a brilliant plan as the Saviors will only be looking for the RV and not expect on them to be traveling on foot.

Rick, Sasha, Abraham and Maggie surrounded (Gene Page/AMC)

WELL that plan didn’t work either!


Eugene didn’t even make it far before he was captured and the Rick and co walked right into Negan and the Saviors hands. Having no choice but to surrender, our favorite group of survivors get on their knees and are finally introduced to one of the most dangerous men in The Walking Dead’s comic universe NEGAN!


Negan made it perfectly clear that someone will pay for him losing a lot of men thanks to Rick and the gang. He did assure them all of them wasn’t going to die because he needs them to work for him but SOMEONE IS GOING TO PAY!


Yeah our stress levels are on a hundred at this point. Negan begins the selection process of who is going to get acquainted with his trusty spiked bat Lucille.

After the frightening rendition of the childhood game eenie,meenie,miney, mo and we are very sure it was never this scary when were kids, Negan finally makes his selection. Here’s how the brutal killing went down:


The episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving it to your imagination who you think got a dose of Lucille to the head. Well we put up a little poll to see who you guys think met their demise at the hands of Negan so feel free to cast your vote below.

Now of course we live for the instant reaction from the social media universe especially on the gram. The memes pretty expressed disappointment, shock, and despair at the idea of one of their favorite cast members have died. Peep them all in the gallery below.

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Welp we are just gonna have to keep guessing until The Walking Dead returns, at least we got Fear The Walking Dead to hold us over till then.

Stay Fly!


On The Gram: Fans React To The Mid-Season Finale Of The Walking Dead!


The Walking Dead season 6 has come to an end tonight unfortunately. The mega herd has finally broke through the walls of the once peaceful town thanks to an old tower. Now the group is split up and must  survive the onslaught of flesh thirsty walkers. See how fans reacted to the finale after the jump. 


On The Gram: Glenn Is Alive The Internet Promptly Rejoices !

Glenn Is Still Alive

OH MY GOD! GLENN IS STILL ALIVE! After weeks of speculation and countless number of theories we finally learn the fate of our favorite runner Glenn. Hit the jump to see how the internet reacted at the revelation on tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead.


On The Gram: Fans React To Glenn Being Possibly Alive After Tonight’s Episode of The Walking Dead


With only two episodes left in season 6 of The Walking Dead, fans are still holding onto hope that Glenn is still alive. Fans were given a small glimmer of hope at the end of the episode 6 when a mysterious voice cried out for help on Darryl’s walkie-talkie. Hit the jump to see how fans reacted to the revelation.