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Fly Kicks of The Day: The Nike Air Pressure Returns!

Nike Air Pressure

A long time ago in attempt to compete with Reebok’s super popular Pump line, Nike dropped their own sneaker featuring an air pump system called the Air Pressure. The sneaker didn’t catch on with the masses like Nike thought it would as it was very gimmicky. Nike surprised everyone when they announced they were resurrecting the sneaker from the dead with the air pump system in tact.

Nike Air Pressure

The Air Pressure wasn’t the only sneaker that featured the air pump technology, the Air Command Force released last year also utilized it.


Many sneaker enthusiasts were happy the sneaker made its return, but were deeply disappointed the sneaker didn’t have the air pump system like the original. Nike heard those cries and this time around restored the Air Pressure in its entirety. The Air Pressure returns in its pure form, featuring the plastic sling container, air pump and it’s classic sky-high silhouette. The air pump allowed the wearer to adjust the cushioning and ankle support which was a key focus of sneakers in the past.


Sneakerheads with an appreciation of the past will love these and have no issue shelving out $300 bucks for them. The high price point which is probably due to the packaging and air pump system might scare away the newer generation. The Air Pressure is available now on Nike’s SNKRS App, hit the gallery below to see more photos of the Air Pressure.


Source: Nike SNRKS