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[SFPL Exclusive Interview] The OMG Girls Talk; Personal Style, Being Teen Role Models & What’s Coming Next …

As I walked into the conference room there was an aura of positive energy that I felt, and after all the introductions were made and I was sitting face to face with Miss Star, Miss, Baby-doll, and Miss Beauty I knew why. These were the infamous OMG Girls and they definitely had a message that was worth hearing. On the surface any one would think they were the average pop culture teenage girls with the pink hair, big earrings, and versatile style. But after delving deeper into the minds of these eccentric young ladies I realized that there was a budding maturity that would definitely cause them to go far. Considering their outfits, my first order of business was to hear from each of them what their personal style was. Star let me know hands down that her idol is the beautiful and renown Rihanna. She appreciated the fact that she could mix the boyish and girlish look into one and make it something that she can call her own. Baby-doll, a fan of Selena Gomez stated that she was over the whole mathcy matchy phase and that the ability to put different colors together allowed her to be a Barbie doll in her own right. Beauty stated that her style was her own and she didn’t necessarily look to anyone for fashion guidance but rather went with what she thought was cute for her. “I’m a fan of sweats and simple stuff”,  other than having their fashion styles in the limelight there are other things that these girls have to take into consideration. The ladies have a huge fan base of teenage girls and are inadvertently put in the position of role models whether they want to or not, So I asked them, how does it feel to know that they are role models for their fans and how do they go about being these role models? The answers that I got were very impressive and ranged from it being a good feeling to know that people are looking up to them and taking on the responsibility to be a spokes person for their generation was a task that they took very seriously.

Unbeknownst to many, the name of their group, which obtains the acronym, OMG (which the masses have grown to know as Oh My GodOMG Girls stands for “Officially Miss Guided”. They are all about staying on their grind and promoting girl power, which is a message that they would like the world to know. My next order of business was to ask about their hit single (which if you haven’t heard, you need to fix ASAP) Gucci This (Gucci That) and the meaning behind the song. Honestly, the title may lead one to believe that the ladies are obsessed with material things, so what about their fans who can’t afford the high-end designers?


I was quickly informed that everybody likes to have nice things but the driving message behind it is that such things do not and will not come easy. One has to work hard for the things that they want and the only person that you should depend on to do it for you, IS you. While Gucci and Louie might not be attainable to the masses, these girls were sure to let me know that Gucci and Louis Vuitton are not the only things that are worth working hard for, its whatever you like whether it be H&M, Forever 21, or TJ Maxx because those are all places that they shop.


As is the name of this blog I had to ask them what their definition of fly is. Beauty said that being FLY means being yourself, Star stated that your FLY in whatever makes you feel good, and Baby-Doll said that FLY means to Forever Live Young and at the same damn time to Forever Love You.

I love them.

The OMG Girls are currently pushing their new single “Where The Boys At?” as well as working on their new video.

Stay tuned, as I am pretty sure that we can expect a lot of good things from them. Peep their new single “Where The Boys At?” Below …

-Stay Fly

[Interview By Rae Holliday, Verbage By Fly Guy, Trone Joeseph]