Floyd Mayweather Talks Racism, Money, Adrien Broner, Manny Pacquiao and more on Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored [Video]

World champion Floyd Mayweather sits down with Dash Radio’s Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored this week to give an in-depth five-part interview. In today’s episode, Mayweather dives straight into the topic of racism and how he’s grown The Money Team to not only be profitable, but incredibly diverseMayweather also talks about how he’s making seven figures a month for the rest of his life from retirement, his latest deal that’s $1.2 billion dollars, his strenuous relationship with Adrien Broner, and the gay slurs made by Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather doesn’t end there, he also discusses his most recent relationships, abuse rumors and why investing in the women he’s with is important. Watch the full interview above and stay tuned this week for more uncensored interviews with Floyd Mayweather.

HUU airs every Monday at 3:00 pm PST on the Dash Radio App under T-Boz’s iCraft channel.

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No denying that Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest and wealthiest athletes on the planet, matter of fact our generation. He can arguably be labeled  the greatest boxer ever. *Beanz speaking* that’s still up for debate till he fights Manny Pacquiao, but he is ONE of the best. There is one thing he is undoubtedly the best at pound for pound, and that is doing it for the gram. 

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