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[Video] That’s Rocawear: @WordSpit The ILLest

If you’ve heard him, you’ve felt him! WordSpit was born and bred in East New York, Brooklyn to a young mother and a hustling musician for a father. With humble beginnings as his inspiration, WordSpit realized his gift for lyrics in the third grade and has been honing his craft ever since. Check him rocking out with his band The ILLest!



Hearing a song is one thing.

Watching a YouTube is another.

Experiencing first hand is the key.

We here @ SFPL run across new artist all the time. Some dope, most not. We are quite accustomed to the emails and being approached on the street. YO can you do an Artist Spotlight on ME? I’m Dope!


But for every negative, well for every few negatives there’s a positive. Wordspit, definitely falls into that Positive Category. I made my way to Crash Mansion on Sunday to check out his Show.

This young man possesses lyrical skill and has an awesome stage presence.

I’m a fan.

Mark my words, this dude is a Star.

-Stay FLY!