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Breaking News: Lauren Conrad Might Actually Return To Reality TV

Via MTV:

If any of the cast members can say they left “The Hills” on a positive note, it’s Lauren Conrad. Since her graceful exit in 2009, she’s kept busy penning two books (“L.A. Candy” and “Sweet Little Lies”), launching a fashion line and now–according to an article in the latest issue of Us Weekly–possibly even returning to TV. “[Lauren] is getting her own reality show, and networks have been fighting over it,” the magazine’s source revealed.

So can Lauren confirm the gossip? Kind of but not really. (Girl’s so talented at evading direct questions!) She would say that her romantic life with long-term boyfriend Kyle Howard is boring, and if she were to do another show, she’d only want to film her career. She told the mag, “We never do anything gossip-worthy anyway. My professional life is more interesting.”

While it seems like Lauren’s post-“Hills” life has gotten even more fabulous, she’s still incredibly appreciative of her role in the series.

“Without [the show], I’d still be working in fashion, but I wouldn’t have my own line. I’d have a much smaller apartment–and a lot less clothes.”

*We pretty saw this coming. Lauren is a pretty hot deal right now, so networks will be at war until the deal is finalized.

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