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[WATCH] The Drew : “No Excuse, Just Produce” The Drew League Documentary Official Trailer

Point Guard Star Player Baron Davis releases The Official Trailer for His Most Anticipated Debut Film – The Drew “No Excuse, Just Produce.”


The Drew League also known as a true Playground for the best of the best Basketball Players in the world is coming to a screen near you very soon!


Basketball Legend, Philanthropist, Business Mogul and now Director took his talents and resources to his home town South Central, Los Angeles, California where this league was birthed and built a documentary around the whole culture of “The Drew League.”


The Official Trailer, just released has key highlights about the hardship, the turmoil and the unity of this community. This film not only features Baron Davis’ very rural, intimate, yet triumphant story but also superstar NBA players such as Los Angeles Natives and Detroit Pistons own Brandon Jennings, Portland Trailblazers small forward Dorell Wright, Houston Rockets Trevor Ariza and Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young. The viewer will also get a few surprises pop up on screen like Toronto Raptors player DeMar Derozan, Los Angeles Clippers Matt Barnes and Lakers coach Byron Scott many more. This film is about Community, The Culture of Basketball in Los Angeles, and showing the world that through this sport we all can stick together.

The Official World Premiere will be at The Los Angeles Film Festival (June 10th-18th), who just announced that this film will be featured in the festival along with guest Baron Davis in attendance. ‘The Drew League,’ which is a summer league starts back up on May 16, 2015 with even greater energy than before.

Photo Cred: Cassy Athena