Jeremih Gets The Boot From ‘Summers Over’ Tour With PartyNextDoor!

If you bought tickets to see Jeremih on the Summers Over tour with PartyNextDoor, you might want to get a refund. After multiple incidents the “Oui” singer was given the boot from the tour.


Things were all good just a couple of weeks ago when the tour just started.

The honeymoon between the two R&B stars ended swiftly when reports of Jeremih not loving the fact he had to open up for PND instead of co-headlining surfaced. Now we totally understand his beef, Jeremih does have a lot of hits under his belt. BUT we are sure you signed a contract to be on this tour with PND.


So what exactly did Mr “Birthday Sex” do to get himself removed from the tour?

Thinking gif

Well on Tuesday, November 29th, in his hometown of Chicago, Jeremih cut his performance short after 2 songs and could be heard saying “f*ck y’all” before leaving the stage.

Jeremih then took to Twitter to explain his behavior blaming it on the soundmen who cut off his equipment and going the whole Khaled route also blaming “they” for stopping him from performing.

The shenanigans didn’t stop there, on Dec. 1, at a show in Houston, Jeremih was accused by fans of sending out a body double to perform for him.

The final straw though was Jeremih letting his frustration show on stage during a stop in Houston when he called PND and his crew a bunch of B.A.N.S (b*tch ass n*ggas).

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#Part #Jeremih going off on #PartyNextDoor

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Well it seems they are over at Live Nation are sick of Jeremih and confirmed his removal from the tour and issued this statement:

“Live Nation’s top priority is helping artists and performers create great shows for their fans.  With this in mind, we’ve decided it’s best for the Summer’s Over Tour to continue without Jeremih, effective immediately. After multiple incidents we are left with no other choice. We do not support these actions or take these actions lightly. Ticketholders may request a full refund at point of purchase, which will forfeit access to the entire show. No partial refunds will be issued.”

Jeremih has responded and claims that he was pepper sprayed while on stage in Dallas.

Man this sure does sound like a past incident involving a certain R&B legend from Chicago and an iconic rapper from Brooklyn *coughs* Best of Both Worlds tour. Well any looks like there is some R&Beef brewing between the two singer. We are going to keep our eyes and ears peeled on this situation.


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The Daily Word: RZA Opens Up About The Bizarre Incident That Took Place Between Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe

The RZA has finally broken his silence about the bizarre incident we reported on involving controversial rapper Azealia Banks and famed actor Russell Crowe. It’s not looking too good for Azealia once again who claimed she had receipts about what happened that night. RZA opens up about the night after Banks says she felt RZA “betrayed her” by not sticking up for her that night and doesn’t want to be associated with him “personally and professionally”.


To bring you up to speed if you don’t know exactly what happened, Azealia accused Russell Crowe of assaulting her by spitting on her and calling her the n-word. This all happened at a private dinner party Russell held at his Beverly Hills hotel suite. Multiple witnesses including the RZA backed Crowe insisting that Azealia was the one acting “erratic” and was the one slinging the n-word around before Crowe deposited her outside of his suite.

Today we get even more details from that night as the RZA opened up to his fans about the night and his dealings with the troubled rapper. In the lengthy Facebook post RZA talks about trying to help Azealia get back on her feet. He details the many times he has come to Azealia’s aid landing her a role in his new film Coco, securing her a record deal and even helping her out financially.

Azealia was brought to my attention while I was casting my next Film Coco. I heard the rumors of her problems in the industry but disregarded them with the rationality everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So my producer and I fought for her to be in the film and we succeeded. During the filming process things ran smooth and she delivered. Thus my only experience with her had been professional. The only brief social moment was at the wrap party. Therefore “I HAD NO REAL EXPERIENCE OF HER SOCIAL BEHAVIOR…”

A few weeks ago Azealia hit me up for some economic help and bong I gave a helping hand.
She then followed up asking me to help her get a record deal.
I called a friend and bong a record deal was on the table. The only clause my buddy gave was I be the filter because the word is “she is volatile”.
I called her and told her a deal was in the workings. She immediately, prematurely went to social media and claimed she signed a deal with RZA Yet no deal was signed.

He then follows that up with the full details of what happened that night in Crowe’s hotel suite pretty much corroborating with the other witnesses that night.

Before the night is over Azealia is insulting half the room she becomes loud and obnoxious.
There was nothing funny about her behavior. I felt a little embarrassed because she was my guest.
Still verbal abuse can be tolerated but when it goes physical…
Azealia threaten to cut a girl in the face with a glass, then actually grabs a glass and physically attacks for no logical reason.


You can peep the RZA’s full statement on the incident below:


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Oh Azealia!


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The Daily Word: Azealia Banks Accuses Actor Russell Crowe of Assaulting Her!


The Daily Word: Azealia Banks Accuses Actor Russell Crowe of Assaulting Her!

Azealia Banks is being spoken about and no surprise it has nothing to do with her music.


The “ATM Jam” rapper who can no longer harass us on Twitter took to her new favorite social medium Facebook to address her fans about an alleged incident. The very weird incident in question took place between Banks and famed actor Russell Crowe. Banks posted on her Facebook page (now deleted) about the alleged incident where she claims that Crowe “choked her, called her the n word and spat on her”.


TMZ exclusively reports that Banks lied about the incident according to numerous witnesses. The incident took place Saturday night in Crowe’s room at a Beverly Hills hotel. Crowe invited over 10 people to have dinner and listen to music, one of those guests was the RZA.

If you have been one of the many people still keeping up with Azealia Banks she let the world know that she was signing with RZA to his record label. Which now brings us back to the bizarre incident, Banks was RZA’s plus one at the dinner so that explains why she was there in the first place.

Here’s where it gets interesting, according to multiple eyewitnesses things began to get out of control when Banks “laughed out loud” at Russell’s taste in music and then called him and another guest “boring white men”. Sounds like something she would allegedly do.


Wait there’s more! A source tells TMZ that one of the female guest jumped to Russell’s defense and told Banks to “pipe down”. Of course Banks didn’t heed those words and took it to another level.


Banks then says “You would love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you guys in the throat, and blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino s***.”  and also dropped some n-bombs.


Crowe was reportedly still calm till Banks attempted to throw a glass and that was the final straw. Crowe picks up Banks, puts her in a bear hug and carries her out of the suite.


According to TMZ at least 4 witnesses confirm that version of the story happened and described her behavior as “erratic”. Even the RZA stated that his artist was the one that used the n-word not Crowe.


Banks hasn’t said much about the situation but she did tell her Facebook followers that she has receipts with her last post.


These better be some damaging receipts Azealia cause right now it looks like she’s about to take another L. We will keep you updated if Azealia ever drops these so-called receipts.





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The Word: Desiigner Busted For Guns and Drugs Following Road Rage Incident



hursday night, our favorite happy-go-lucky rapper Desiigner got himself into some serious trouble with the law last night. Oh boy heeeerrreee we go!


TMZ reports the “Panda” rapper was arrested for a road rage incident that subsequently led to him being pinched for drugs and guns. Law enforcement tells TMZ that Desiigner and 4 others engaged in a screaming match with a driver of another car. The driver then called 911 and reported that Desiigner pointed a gun at him, the suv left but not before the other driver could jot down the license plate number.


The cops found the suv, searched it and found a large quantity of loose pills according to law enforcement Oxycontin and other drugs. designer and 4 other individuals were all arrested and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of drugs with intent to sell. The Brooklyn rapper was also charged with criminal possession of loaded weapon and menacing for allegedly pointing it at the other driver.

We sincerely hope that Desiigner takes this incident and quickly learns from it, we hate to see his young career quickly halted because of incidents like these. We will be following the situation closely as more details emerge.

SOURCE: TMZ | PHOTO: Music Choice/ TMZ


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The Word: Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian and Kim Kardashian Spotted Making A Visit To The OBGYN



im Kardashian is definitely on her Switzerland ish! Kim has definitely squashed whatever remaining beef she may have had with her former BFF Blac Chyna and put whatever differences with her brother Rob aside for now. Kim, Rob and his fiancée Blac Chyna were spotted out looking like one big happy trio. That’s good news for Rob being that he is set to make Chyna an honorary Kardashian very soon when the two tie the knot. There was also another very interesting tidbit dropped by gossip site X17online, Chyna may have a bun in the oven. They also report that trio paid a visit to Kim’s OB-GYN.


A very silent Chyna was all smiles and even shared a laugh with Kim as they walked together heading to the doctor. Peep the video:

All of this follows after Kylie and Chyna also put their differences aside thanks to Kim Kardashian brokering peace between the two.

Photo Via: Kylie Jenner Snapchat

Well whatever is going on, this is still just a weird situation but it most certainly will make for interesting television. Speaking of television a clip dropped today for the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiering May 1stand it shows Kendall Jenner not too happy with her brother Rob re-gifting an IPAD and giving it to his boo Chyna.

Well we are looking forward to how this all unfolds and we are sure the cameras will be rolling to capture every single moment.


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The Word: Black Chyna One Step Closer To Being A Kardashian

Blac Chyna Reveals Rob Kardashian’s Weight Loss



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The Word: Bars Closing, Kocktails With Khloe Canceled After One Season!


Looks like it’s the last call for alcohol, Khloe Kardashian’s talk show Kocktails With Khloe has officially been put on “indefinite hold”. tumblr_nm1tq0nOwt1qk08n1o1_500

No seriously that’s it, it’s a wrap for the boozey talk show where Khloe and celebrity guest pow wowed while sipping alcohol. TMZ exclusively reports that show is done and that “both sides were unhappy”. tumblr_nj3b6zhAc21u7qlf3o1_400

TMZ also reports that Khloe wanted to focus on “other jobs” (whatever those are) and just didn’t have any interest of shooting the show anymore.


Network execs were reportedly upset with Khloe after they noticed the reality star “checked out” on the show. If you still care to watch the remaining shows left her guest will include brother-in-law Kanye West, sister Kim Kardashian, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. A pretty impressive line-up of guest for her curtain call.


Well at least Khloe now has something in common with her mom Kris Jenner they both failed miserably with their talk shows and can laugh about it on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


Stay Fly!

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The Word: Blac Chyna Cops To Being Drunk, Says The Ecstasy She Was Caught With Is Not Hers!

Blac Chyna Arrested

Blac Chyna is currently home enjoying life with her boo Rob Kardashian now, sharing snaps of their happiness.

But last week she landed herself in jail when she was arrested at an Austin airport for being a “drunk mess”.


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Chyna owns up to her drunk tirade but the ecstasy that was found on her, she says it’s not hers at all. The 2 pills found on her were hidden in a sunglasses case, a field test later revealed the pills to be MDMA TMZ reported.

TMZ also reports that Chyna doesn’t know how the pills ended up in the case.


TMZ’s “Blac Chyna source” also revealed to them that Chyna didn’t pack her own bags for her trip to London and that her normal luggage packing assistants were not available.


The substitute luggage packer must have put the pills in Chyna’s luggage. Chyna won’t name the person but she’s basically saying that person is the one responsible for the ecstasy not her.


Now we’re not saying she doesn’t have assistants or people who’s sole purpose is to pack her luggage. But ummmm this story is ridiculous.


TMZ also reported:

And get this … our sources say Chyna is incredulous because the type of ecstasy cops found is uncommon. She says people haven’t used the drug in pill form for years, favoring powder instead.

Chyna is saying she would have no idea how to get ecstasy in pill form, even if she wanted it. She plans on using the “It’s not my drug” defense if the drug possession case is filed.


In more Blac Chyna news, we reported yesterday her and Amber Rose have put their differences aside, looks like her and Kim are also on speaking terms again.

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Friendships rekindled 😩 #BlacChyna #KimKardashian

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Were not sure how Kylie, and Khloe feel about Blac Chyna, chances are they still not here for anything involving her or their brother Rob.


8def304478276c4a0cc803b752a435db anigif_enhanced-buzz-18344-1372354497-2

Do you think Chyna really didn’t know about the pills? Sound off in the comment section below.

Image: TMZ


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The Word: Azealia Banks Is Stumping For Trump!

Azealia Banks DIsses MTV

You can now add Azealia Banks to the surpising list of black people who are willing to take a chance on voting for Donald Trump and his insanity.

Azealia Banks is voting for Donald Trump

On the official first day of Black History Month 2016, Banks announced to her Twitter followers that she has decided to support Donald Trump.  As expected she caught a lot of flack for her decision, but the “ATM Jam” rapper stuck to her guns and defended her position.

Banks explanation for decision to support Trump:

In conclusion, I think Donald Trump is evil like America is evil and in order for America to keep up with itself it needs him.


Banks also gave her opinion Trump’s Democratic competition:

The other candidates are simply, them hoes over there’ #thots.


Oh wait Banks had more to say on the country she currently lives in:

I only trust this country to be what is full of shit. Takes shit to know shit so we may as well, put a piece of shit in the White House.

This is literally one of the most backhanded endorsements of a candidate we have ever seen. But we are sure Trump welcomes the support regardless if he is being referred to as feces.


Here are all of Banks tweets about her endorsement for Trump below:

Now we here, at Stuff Fly People Like are all for folks exercising their God given right to vote for whomever they feel best represents their interest at heart. We just gotta call a spade a spade when folks start voting against their interest. Also choosing to rock out for a guy who wants to build an imaginary wall to keep out invading “illegal immigrants is just bananas.

We also find it funny that Banks feels this country is so horrible, if that’s the case she’s more than welcomed to leave. America is far from a perfect country, but compared to a lot of places it’s not the worst place to be. Banks also needs to realize if the country is broken as she claims supporting someone who could care less about fixing it isn’t going to help matters. It’s beyond counterproductive and it’s just doesn’t make any damn sense!tumblr_inline_nr14mjdgPZ1tri7aw_500

We also find it quite hilarious that in the same breath Azealia is championing for blacks receiving reparations for slavery.

So Azealia, you think if you vote in Donald Trump he’s going to make sure that happens for blacks?


All signs of course point to an emphatic NO!  But  you want to help Donald “make America great again”. Seriously Azealia we can’t rock with you on this one here.


Stay Fly!

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The Daily Word: Stacey Dash Thinks BET and Black History Month Are A Form of Segregation!

Stacey Dash

*Kanye West voice* Stacey Dash doesn’t care about black people nor does she like them. Stacey Dash continues to spew out nonsense all in the name of soundbites and Fox News continues to supply the soap box for her to do so. This years Oscars are the talk of the nation after the nominees were revealed and were once again completely dominated by white actors and actresses.

Dash appeared on Fox and Friends to talk about the subject, which ultimately lead to most dumbest statements we have ever heard.

Dash of course didn’t agree with Jada Pinkett-Smith and Spike Lee’s decisions to boycott (Spike says he is not boycotting) the awards. Here’s what she spewed:

I think it ‘s ludicrous, because we have to make up our minds.Either we want have segregation or integration and if we don’t want segregation we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and The Image awards. Where you’re only awarded if your black, if it were the other way around we would be up in arms.  It’s a double standard.


But wait, there’s more! She even feels that there shouldn’t be a black history month either. Dash states:

Just like there shouldn’t be a Black History Month. We’re Americans period!

Seriously she should have ended her sentence with this:


Like everyone on that god awful news channel Stacey still found a way to blame Barack Obama for what’s going on in Hollywood in typical Republican fashion.


It’s times like this we wished there was really a racial draft, we would trade Stacey for ANYTHING at this point, just to get her out here. You actually have to see this to believe it though.:

Of course social media had to sound off and BET repsonded on the matter. Hit the gallery to see best Twitter reactions to Stacey’s tomfoolery below:

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The Daily Word: Meek Mill Facing Jail Time Again, Erica Mena Calls Ex- Fiance Bow Wow A Woman Beater.

Meek Mill Summer Jam 2015
Meek Mill Photos By: Bernard “Beanz” Smallls

Looks like Meek Mill might be in trouble with the long arm of the law once again. TMZ exclusively reports that Meek’s probation could be revoked by a judge for an unsolicited trip sending the Philly rapper right back to prison.


The trip in question was his visit to L.A. to attend the AMAs with his boo Nicki Minaj on November 22nd. It seems the couple has had their share of bad news this month with Minaj’s brother currently facing rape charges.

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It’s not all bad news though as engagement rumors have once caught wildfire after Minaj shared a photo of  the huge rock Meek bought her. Peep the flawless diamond below:

We must say it looks way better than the last ring he got her.

Source: TMZ/Instagram

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