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The Word: Kevin Hart Chats With The Breakfast Club Discusses Upcoming Standup Special And Other Projects

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Kevin Hart stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club ahead of the release of his latest movie Ride Along 2, which hits theaters this Friday. The funny man discussed and shared his thoughts on Drake vs. Meek, his deal with Nike, his upcoming nuptials, new projects, his fashion faux pax while in Miami with Fabolous, and a slew of other things.

Hart’s friendship with both Drake in Meek Mill is well known, but rather then get caught up in the feud between his two pals the comedian’s chosen to remain neutral, and serve as a source of positivity.

“Here’s my take on the situation, and you know I’ve had conversations with both of them in the past. First and foremost it’s music. So nobody is going to be against a good back and forth between two musicians. I don’t mind that. You stay out of that as long as it doesn’t get stupid, and I’m glad that it didn’t get stupid. It didn’t get physical. But it’s about your music so ultimately, you should never lose sight of your music.”

Hart also shared the advice he gave to fellow Philly native Meek Mill.  

“At the end of the day, dude you’re Meek Mill now. You may not understand what that means, but other people do. That name holds a certain level of respect in a lot of different places. People support what you’ve built, people buy your albums. Get back to doing what you do in the studio, let that go. Drake is Drake. This can’t last that long, and go back and forth that’s not what you guys are about. That’s where I come in as a friend.”

It is no secret that the actor and comedian is extremely passionate about fitness, and overall maintaining a healthy lifestyle. From his #runwithhart movement with Nike that encourages fans across the country to join him on a 5k run, to his recent Nike sponsored high-intensity training camp in New York City, a sneaker with the prolific brand was bound to be in the works.

That day is closer than you think, the sneaker collaboration between Hart and Nike dubbed the ‘Hustle Harts’ is due out in April. The sneaker will be available in two colorways red and blue; which Hart revealed in the interview represent his son and daughter’s favorite colors. Hart also shared other details regarding his foray into sneaker design.

“It’s not a sneaker for fashion. I have a cross training sneaker. This is the first sneaker that’s basically built for everything. I run, jump, cut, I do lifting, I do it all. I got a sneaker that basically serves every purpose that I need in my workout realm. Listen, it’s a good shoe. “

The Philly native is more than happy about his partnership with the Nike brand.

“I personally think that my relationship with Nike is amazing. I’m with a company that understands my feeling, about bridging the gap between professional athlete and average individual that doesn’t understand that there’s an athlete in them.”

The family man also opened up about his fiancée Eniko Parrish and their upcoming nuptials. Hart refers to her as his rib and went on to explain that the bible term, is representative of something you cannot live without. Hart even went as far as to admit that he made plenty of mistakes in his first marriage, and that the then 22 year-old wasn’t ready to be married. However, now at 36 years-old he’s wiser and better understands what a successful marriage entails. He’s looking forward to his wedding now that he’s found a “good one” in Parrish and is excited about his son being his best man.

Being a comedian means Hart always has a joke up his sleeves, but he isn’t the only one packing comedic punches among his group of friends. While in Miami with friend Fabolous, Fab was the one who had jokes.

“Fab is the funniest guy. We were in Miami and I came out. I had some sweatpants on, I forgot what kind of sweatpants they are, but I really thought it was a good look. They didn’t go all the way down like they stopped at the bottom of my calf. So I come out, and he just gets back in his car. I’m like “yo, what chu doing? I thought you was coming in?” And he says, “Not like this.” “What chu talking about?” You gotta do something, I’m not going anywhere with you in those pants. It’s not a good look for us.” He made me go upstairs and change my pants.”

When Charlamagne Tha God asked him if he did in fact change he answered,

“Yes! I don’t care how secure you are, you can can only fight it a little bit. I’ve only been insecure twice with my clothes, that moment and that leather shirt. I thought I was going to shut down the gram.”

Hart did indeed shut down Instagram, but not in the way he expected. Drake, Meek, and a few comedians clowned him for his fashion choice. Hart does wish he would have posted the picture before the tapping of his show that night, so he could have at least had the chance to change; but now the fashion faux pas is immortalized forever.

There’s no denying that Hart is a star with his hands in television, comedy, and film. However, the actor and comedian rather focus on building his empire than getting caught up in his own hype.

“Opportunities are getting bigger and better; but the scaring thing is keeping that realistic point of view that at anytime it could be taken away. So you take it for what it is. This is great and I’m going to do anything and everything right now and set myself up long term. That’s where the business comes in show business. You have to be smart. That’s why I set myself up as a mogul. That’s why I’m producing, writing, [and] directing. That’s why I’m funding projects. That’s why I’m eping (executive producing) certain things. That’s why the tour branches off into me producing specials for other comedians. I’m setting up the brand for the brand to last regardless of my, you know longevity. Granted I plan on being here for a long time, but who knows.”

You can check out Kevin Hart’s full interview on The Breakfast Club below. Hart’s movie Ride Along 2 also starring Ice Cube and Olivia Munn opens in theaters January 15th.

By: Arlene Danna


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The Daily Word: Miles aka Siir Brock Talks with The Breakfast Club; Arrested for Allegedly Attacking Ex-BF Milan Christopher?

While on the promo trail of things, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Miles Brock aka Siir Brock stopped by Power 105.1‘s The Breakfast Club to talk sex, homophobia, music, reality tv, his relationship with now rumored ex-boo Milan Christopher, Milan’s alleged sex tape and more. The Reunion Show for LHHH was also shot in NYC during Miles’ visit.

During the interview, Siir Brock confirms that he is doing a song with Ray J and that Rich Dollaz wants to manage him. After getting wind of Rich wanting to take Brock on as a client, Charlamagne goes on to say “that’s Bitch Dollaz” and “he has no juice in NYC.” And both, DJ Envy and Angela Yee co-signed. Yikes.

Also, Miles’ sister Charmagne gives us an ear-full; confirms that Milan indeed has a sex tape that she has seen with her own two eyes, along with check fraud, grand theft auto, stealing property (purses, etc). She adds, that it’s all about the fame for him, and Milan is bothered about the fact that Miles get more attention.

Watch the FULL interview below:

Over the Halloween Weekend in NYC…


Just when things was going pretty well, drama ensues over the Halloween 2015 weekend between rumored split couple Miles and Milan.

TMZ reports, Miles was arrested Halloween night after allegedly attacking ex-boyfriend Milan.

Law enforcement tells the news outlet that Milan went to NYPD cops Friday night, claiming he and Miles ended up at the same party, they started arguing and Miles punched him in the face. The very next night, Milan filed a police report. (Why the next night? This already seems suspect.)

Both on two separate hosting duties for Halloween parties, Milan leaves his host seat and then somehow tracks Miles down in Times Square — where Miles was hosting a Halloween party, found a cop and pointed Miles out. The cop then cuffed Miles and placed him under arrest for assault.

Miles took his thoughts to Instagram denying any of the above:

Milan also tweeted this just on Oct. 29th:

Hopefully, things can be worked out.

Moving on to good news…

Miles was recently involved in several photo-shoots wearing clothing from Sean John to Brooklyn’s own, Gifted Apparel and more. A very good look!

Keep your head up Miles!

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New Video: D-Roc – “Coca”


This is the 2nd collaboration with Brooklyn based producer/artist D-Roc and DJ Envy where the Power 105.1‘s The Breakfast Club cohort co-signs Roc as one of the upcoming artist coming out of NY. The video was shot in the Brooklyn and Manhattan sections of NY.

Peep the visual below:

Follow D-Roc on social @roccywarbuccs




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But Shad didn’t like being called ‘Donkey of the Day.’ He took to twitter to express how he felt by tweeting out an old video of Charlamagne running from a group of men in New York.


It doesn’t stop there, Charlamagne also commented on Shad’s relationship with LHHNY’s own Erica Mena. That didn’t sit well Erica so she decided to say a few words as well.


And then she continued.


Well that escalated quickly.

Instead of clapping back at Erica and Shad, Charlamagne tweeted out the link to today’s segment of ‘Donkey of the Day,’  the Shad Moss edition. Check out the ‘Donkey of the Day’ clip below.


Stay Fly!

[Fly Girl Dominique]

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