Unlock Thousands of Discounts and Rewards with Verizon Up, Instantly

Verizon is celebrating the one year anniversary of its revamped rewards program, Verizon Up, which gives customers exclusive access to sporting and music events, as well as everyday discounts on major brands like Amazon, HBO, Nordstrom and more.

As a way to show customers gratitude for their loyalty, Verizon Up is expanding its rewards offering to include thousands of discounts, up to 50% off, on dining and attractions that the entire family can enjoy with Local Offers. From BOGO offers at your local pizzeria to discounts on bowling and gym classes, Local Offers are available when and where you need them, with no credit required.

Here is a list of rewards being offered throughout August.

Everyday Rewards
Overstock $5 Gift Card
Amazon $5 Gift Card
Home Depot $5 Gift Card
Plated 50% off 3 weeks
Starbucks $5 Gift Card
StickerPop One year free
Uber 50% off one ride
Bed Bath & Beyond $5 Gift Card
TJX $5 Gift Card
AMC $5 Gift Card
BarGapnes and Noble $5 Gift Card
Chilli’s $5 Gift Card
Gap $5 Gift Card
Apple $5 Gift Card
Nike $5 Gift Card
Panera Bread $5 Gift Card
Pier 1 $5 Gift Card
Ulta Beauty $5 Gift Card
Clear 4 Months Free
Framed and Matted Premium Magazine Subscription
Opternative 50% off online glasses and contacts Rx
Magnus Trainer 6 months free chess training
Verizon 2GB of bonus data
Verizon 1GB of bonus data
Verizon $10 Device Dollars
Verizon $5 Device Dollars
Verizon $30 off Hum of HumX
Bonus Rewards (no credits required)
Cheryls Cookies 35% off
Amazon Echo Show $100 off
Amazon Echo Dot $20 off
Uber $50 off rides each month
Fuji Film Canvas photo for $12
Agoda 10% off hotel stay
Care/of 50% off vitamins
Cloth & Paper 50% off subscriptions
Verizon 20% off accessories $25 gift card

More About Verizon Up:

Verizon Up is breaking the mold and giving customers rewards they really, really want all for paying their bill. From once-in-a-lifetime experiences and VIP tickets to music and sporting events, to everyday rewards on dining, attractions and entertainment, this is Verizon’s way of saying thank you to customers.


How it works:

Verizon Up is simple – customers can enroll in Verizon Up through the My Verizon App and earn rewards by just paying their monthly bills. For every $300 a customer spends on their Verizon Wireless bills, they earn one credit that can be redeemed for rewards and experiences through the My Verizon app. There are a variety of rewards to choose from:


  • Everyday Rewards– Free services and discounts on some of today’s hottest brands including Amazon, Nike and more.
  • Verizon Rewards– Bonus data and discounts on Verizon devices and accessories.
  • Super Tickets– Exclusive access to the most sought after sporting events and concerts by top artists like Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Luke Bryan and more.


Plus, there are extras, offers and discounts. Just because.


  • Bonus Rewards– Bonus Rewards are extra perks you can get without using a credit. Like a cherry on top of what you already earn. New Bonus Rewards are added all the time, so check back frequently to see what’s new.
  • NEW: Local Offers– Everyday local offers anywhere customers go with up to 50% off dining and attractions. No credits required to enjoy.


To learn more about Verizon Up and the new Local Offers you can visit or download the My Verizon app and get started today.


Fly News: Verizon and Spotify partner to make gift giving easier

Verizon has partnered with Spotify to help make picking out the perfect gift a little easier this holiday season.

Launching today at, the “Holiday Hintlists” are fun and specific, curated playlists that spell out what tech products consumers want for the holidays.

Users visit the site, select the Verizon gift they want – including smartphones, headphones, smartwatches, and connected home devices – and the experience generates a custom “hint” playlist on Spotify that users can share to their social channels.

Hundreds of curated playlists, featuring songs by artists including H.E.R., Outkast and more, are used to spell out playful, gift-request messages. Additional playlists will be added throughout the month of December.

The tool was created based on the insight that millennials create and share more playlists during the holiday season.

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Exclusive Interview: Ryan Leslie Is Probably The Smartest Man In The Music Business; Talks SuperPhone, Rihanna, Cassie & more


SFPL‘s Gabriel Williams recently caught up with Ryan Leslie during his concert at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. The talented singer-songwriter-lyricist-musician-producer and entrepreneur held an exclusive event for his fans, in which he performed a plethora his songs, and even went back into his music catalog of renowned hits.

In case you were under a rock, Ryan is a well-respected Grammy-nominated musician, tech entrepreneur and champion of artist rights who has made it his mission to transform the way that people create, share and meaningfully connect with their greatest supporters.


A Harvard graduate at 19 who has been lauded by Kanye West as one of the music industry’s only capable creative directors, today Leslie is known within the industry as living on the forefront of music, business and innovation.

Independently, Leslie has been able to earn over $2 million in one album cycle with the support of just 15,000 fans through Superphone.

Musically, Leslie is also a highly respected artist and Grammy-nominated producer who’s worked with Kanye, Chris Brown, Cassie, Fabolous and Rick Ross. In 2013, Leslie released his subscription-based lifetime album MZRT, which releases one song every month for the rest of his career.

‘MZRT’ subscriptions are available to a limited group of 1,000 friends and supporters. Higher support levels come with greater access to Leslie’s world and creative process through exclusive content. He only accepts support for the album during months where a song is released.

After the show, Gabriel sat down with Ryan as they discussed a few topics from new music, new artists that he’s listening to, Rihanna, fashion, his lucrative business called SuperPhone, and even open to the possibility of getting back into the studio with Cassie, if asked.

What’s Ryan been up to?

Traveling the world, that’s what I do. I just came back from Tel Aviv and it was beautiful. I spent a lot of time overseas in Europe and everything.

Project in the works?

My project is a lifetime album. So, I am dropping a song every month until I decide to retire from the game. The way you subscribe to it, you send me a text, you authorize a payment, then you can say how much you think the song is worth. People give me anywhere from between $1 to $100 a song. Shout out to Christopher! I’ve been giving songs away for the last nine months and he gave me $900 for nine songs. Pretty crazy, right?

New artists you’re checking for like Bryson Tiller, Torey Lanez?

I’m listening to Destiny Ryan, who was just on stage with me tonight. I think the names that you mentioned have more than enough exposure, so for me it’s about exposing that next wave of talent. I think her talent speaks for itself. She came out and really ripped her performance tonight and I’m looking forward to seeing how the world responds to her.

Any artists you would like to work with that you haven’t yet?

I wanted to work with Prince, but he gated out on me before I got the chance to get in the studio with him! You know, I have a very short list of legends I wish I could get in the studio with. I believe two of my last living legends would be Bootsy Collins and Stevie Wonder. Bootsy on bass, you know is incredible, and Stevie for sure. I performed for Stevie once at an ESPN party and that was crazy. He was sitting at the table with his family. But yeah, that would be just amazing. I mean, I would consider him one of my teachers.


Japanese styling, you know what I mean? Tonight is pretty simple: I still got the timbs going, Top Man you know, I like to keep it simple with the basics. But you know, it’s all about the silhouette. You’d never think this is a size small, because it’s intentionally oversized. Yeah, it’s pretty fresh.

Rihanna’s “Work”, I can tell that’s your favorite song, isn’t it?

Well, actually, you know it’s a couple of things…one of my former right hand guys was shooting a lot of my content for like 5 years, and Rihanna’s team called and said: “Hey, we love your content. Do you have another guy like the guy who’s shooting yours?”. I didn’t. I knew that was going to be a crazy opportunity for him, and so he’s now actually Rihanna’s personal archivist. So, whenever I get a chance to link up with him, he has just like hours and hours, and hours of footage. He gets excited about records and, he told me that this record was going to be crazy [and showed me footage]. I knew from the moment I saw his edit from behind the scenes, that it was going to be infectious. So, I intentionally don’t listen to it on the radio, because I knew it was going to haunt me everywhere, and then it just so happens to be one of my girls favorite songs. We drive and we travel a lot. We just shot a video in Port Antonio together so that was basically the soundtrack for the past however long that song has been out. Whenever we get in the car, that’s the first one in the playlists.

Would you like to work with Rihanna?

Yeah, I would love to. It’s crazy, I mean Riri and Cassie both came out almost at identical times. She had “Pon De Replay” and Cassie had “Me and You.” It’s just pretty insane the body of work that Rihanna’s put together. I think she drops a new album every nine months. She has an incredible team around her. Great creative; I love her style vocabulary. I love the collaborations she’s done. I remember watching when she first got together with Freda Gianni. When Freda first came on at Gucci and they did the tattoo heart collection for whatever cause she was working on. I really like that movement. I see what she’s doing with Puma. You know, man, I just like the whole movement.

Are you and Cassie maybe getting back in the studio anytime soon?

I haven’t really spoken to her in probably like years now. Definitely been following her career, so I’ve been watching. I saw she just came out with a film with Terrence J, so I think that’s an indicator that she’s moving into Hollywood and major motion pictures. I wish nothing but the best to her and her family. I got to know her family pretty well. But I’m always extremely accessible so should anyone want to work with me my number is public. I think ya’ll might have posted it before, but that number that’s on my Twitter and Instagram? That is my direct cell: 646-887-6978, SuperPhone.

Photo Credit: Joe Chea

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We Like: The “Space Chariot x L.A. Gear” Hoverboard Pack


L.A. Gear is proud to announce its unprecedented partnership with lifestyle brand Space Chariot as the first sneaker company to team up on signature hoverboard and consumer package.


The duo releases the “Space Chariot x L.A. Gear” Hoverboard Pack, just in time for the holidays. This limited edition combo pack is available in “Gold Ninja” or “Ninja Chrome” Space Chariot hoverboard (with charger, remote, and carrying bag) and a matching pair of L.A. Gear “Liquid Gold” or “Liquid Silver” L.A. Lights.

The exclusive collaboration is available NOW for pre-order on

Get this season’s must have FLY-item right now!

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Dr. Dre Protege & Emerging Singer Anderson .PAAK Unveils New technology with Virtual Reality Live Performance Experience


This week, October 27th, critically acclaimed artist, Anderson. PAAK and his band The Free Nationals unveiled the first live recorded virtual reality performance.


The industry showcase and VIP reception, hosted by The Virtual Reality Company (VRC) and music collective Steel Wool Entertainment, debuted VRC’s virtual reality live performance experience technology.

VRC captures live music performances for distribution in virtual reality-think your favorite live concert meets IMAX 3D.


Guests and celebs, including Schoolboy Q and Omarion, enjoyed first hand demonstrations of this innovative technology with a live performance by singer/songwriter Anderson .PAAK and band The Free Nationals Live.

Photos by Getty Images Provided by VRC


Fly Technology: Listen To Your Music “On The Go” with The Altec Lansing Mini H2O Speaker

altec lansing mini h2o

With the summer heat spiraling out of control, you need something to take your ming off the blazing sun. Hit the beach, sit poolside, take a bike ride, or even go for a run with the new portable Altec Lansing Mini H2O Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

Fly Features of the rugged Mini H2O:

  •  IP67 Water, Dust, Sand, Snow and Shock Proof
  • 6 hours of battery life
  • Aux In with an integrated carabineer and Bluetooth
  • Onboard mic for speakerphone capability and voice confirmation
  • Cost $39.99

As stated, you can take the device wherever you go and you don’t have to look back!

Trust us, this item is a must-have!

Head over to to make your purchase today!


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Essence Fest 2015: Luke James, Goapele, Loni Love Attend Verizon Dinner at Dooky Chase Restaurant


On Day #4 of the Essence Music Festival, Verizon Wireless hosted an exclusive media dinner at New Orleans historic restaurant, Dooky Chase.


During the evening’s dining festivities, panelists Javier Farfan [VP of Cultural Engagement for Verizon], Artists: Goapele and native of NOLA, Luke James all discussed the effects of “Music & Technology” combined in today’s entertainment industry. The panel was curated by Krista Bourne [Regional President for the Houston/Gulf Coast Region]. Comedian and The Real‘s Loni Love was also in the building providing laughs and good times!


Attendees got their tastebuds alined from what has been the talk of the weekend, as The Best food in town. A standing ovation was in order, as Leah Chase approached the room with such grace.


At 92 years old, Leah still cooks in the kitchen full-time serving up some of the BEST creole food ever! She’s simply amazing and an inspiration to us all.


Spotted above, Leah Chase has even cooked for the President of the United States, Barack Obama, as he’s visited the restaurant on more than one occasion.

About Dooky Chase

Dooky Chase opened its doors for business starting in 1941. What was initially a sandwich shop and lottery ticket outlet in 1939 blossomed into a thriving bar and later a respected family restaurant in Treme. Founded by Emily and Dooky Chase, Sr., Dooky Chase’s Restaurant soon became the meeting place for music and entertainment, civil rights, and culture in New Orleans.

Today Dooky Chase’s remains family owned and operated. After Hurricane Katrina Dooky’s did close for two years to rebuild, but with assistance of many, Dooky Chase’s remains the premier restaurant for authentic Creole Cuisine

The Chase Family enjoys serving its regular customers, tourists, and locals. They also remain a stopping place for politicians, musicians, visual artists, and literary giants. Dooky Chase’s has had the pleasure of serving both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama, Hank Aaron, Ernest Gaines, Bill Cosby, Quincy Jones and a list of others.

Congrats to Team Verizon on their successful event and weekend during the 2015 Essence Music Festival!

[Photos by Chris Mitchell]


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Fly Technology: DJ Khaled Is Releasing The Bang & Olufsen’s H6 Headphones for The Holidays


Already hitting the #1 spot for the chart-topping single “Hold You Down” featuring Chris Brown, Jeremih, August Alsina and Future, which is the second single off of DJ Khaled‘s upcoming 8th studio album entitled I Changed. A Lot. Now, the hit producer takes on a new venture, as the face of Bang & Olufsen‘s H6 Headphones — releasing for the holidays. Check out more info below…

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Fly Cars Review: 2014 Cadillac ELR – ‘Provocative Meets Sophistication’

2014 Cadillac ELR

What can we say about the new 2014 Cadillac ELR?! Packed with elegance, a sporty vibe and a provocative demeanor, it controls the roadways like no other leaving others gasping for air at its sure presence.

Fly Cars Review Stuff Fly People Like

FLY Cars Review: Cadillac ATS Sedan 2014


The distinctive new 2014 Cadillac ATS Sedan is luxury at its best! With full-throttle speed, a sound system that gives you a glimpse of heaven right on earth – it’s definitely a fact that Cadillac has re-birthed the style and class this historic vehicle. Check out more below…