The Word: Blac Chyna, You Need More People…


After some speculation after Rapper Future was spotted with (we don’t know what her title is tho…) Blac Chyna at an after party during Howard’s homecoming weekend, Chyna has taken her talents to IG to attempt to spark an even larger buzz surrounding the ‘alleged’ couple.


[The Daily Word] R.I.P. Grandma RiRi, Chris Brown Takes One To The Neck & Eddie Murphy and Rocsi Diaz step out as a couple …

Yuup, we up early on a Sunday keeping that word fresh for you ….

  Our condolences go out to our favorite style maven Rihanna, I woke up this morning to all these Instagram pics she posted of of her Grandma and said to myself “OOOhhh nooooo”. While rumaging through them I saw that Rih had announced that her “GranGranDolly” passed away from cancer.


Rih had a show last night, and as to be expected reports say she could barely get through it.  The pop star was allegedly intoxicated, and it showed, as she showed up an hour late and gave an awfully lack luster performance.  Unaware fans in attendance walked out and took their frustrations to Twitter, where they blasted her for showing up late and being under the influence.


She’s going through something, we sympathize dearly.

Meanwhile, her ex, Chris Brown, took a needle to the neck adding to his complete body of artwork.

TMZ got the first look, and I’ll just say …. Ummm ok.

And Actor and comedian Eddie Murphy and new girlfriend Rocsi Diaz made their first appearance as a couple when they arrived for the BET Pre Dinner at Union Station in Los Angeles.

I mean ….


Stranger things have happened …

-Stay Fly!


[In Maybe You Care News] Amber Rose gets Wiz Khalifa Tattoo …

‘I want his name tatted on me a million times. He’s a dream come true….. He’s my Angel’ -Amber Rose

Whateva Gurl.

Amber Rose recently unveiled this tattoo of her Knight in shining Armor Wiz Khalifa who’s real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz. Of course, I’m not surprised. I’d actually love for her to tattoo his name all over her body, walk towards that light Amber!

She posted this pic on her website, for all to see. *Crickets*

I’m sure somebody cares.

-Stay Fly!