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SFPL Music: Dr. Dre feat. Victoria Monét, T.I., Justus & Sly Piper – “Back To Business”


On his first The Pharmacy With Dr. Dre radio show of the year on Apple’s Beats 1 on Saturday, Dre surprised listeners with a new track entitled “Back To Business” featuring T.I., Victoria Monét, Sly The Piper and Justus.

The Beats head honcho has been teasing with unreleased music since Thursday, Jan.  7th.

We’re not sure why “Back To Business” didn’t make the 2015 Grammy Nominated album Compton but we are completely happy that he gave us a listen, as the track is sooooo good!

Check it out below:

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Fly Interview: Cool Amerika Says “Bow Wow Had The Meaning of ‘DAB’ Wrong, It Comes From Your Style, Your Swag”


New up & coming duo, Cool Amerika stopped by the SFPL Studio to talk about their new music & videos, T.I., OutKast, Bow Wow, the REAL meaning of the dance craze — #DAB, internet beef: Erykah vs. Iggy Azalea and much more.


When asked about Bow Wow’s YouTube video about his version of what the DAB really means:

I get what he’s saying but he had it wrong. DAB came from how you dress, how you put it on, but it has to be in you — not on you. You be in mirror checking yourself out like….Wooooo (hence “I look fresh”) [insert DAB]!


With a new album and mixtape on the way in 2016, the fellas advise us of features from the likes of; Wayne Wonder, B.o.B, recently being released from jail — rapper & 1/3 of MigosOffset and more. On their wish list, fingers are crossed to work with Tory Lanez, Bryson Tiller, RJ & Choice, Nicki Minaj.


Peep the FULL interview below:

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Make sure you download Cool Amerika’s latest mixtape No Taxes 2 at

The fellas also appeared on B.o.B.’s NASA project, which dropped 11/23 on

Follow Them: | |


Vh1 Big In 2015: Elizabeth Banks and Miss Piggy Make Out [Video]


Check out Miss Piggy & Elizabeth Banks celebrating at the VH1 Big In 2015 with Entertainment Weekly celebration premiering Monday, December 7, 2015 at 9pm ET/PT on VH1. Miss Piggy presented the honor to Elizabeth Banks and she was physically overwhelmed with excitement! It’s THE most hilarious moment ever, as Elizabeth calls Piggy her “OG” and “Bad Bitch Boss”.

Peep the clip below:

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Hollywood’s biggest celebrities honor the top entertainers of the year in the “VH1 Big In 2015 with Entertainment Weekly” celebration. On that night, VH1 and Entertainment Weekly, the brands that help define pop culture, team up to toast and roast the people who entertained us the most all year long.

The evening features honorees Amy Schumer and Taraji P. Henson, Elizabeth Banks, Aziz Ansari, the breakout cast from the most successful music biopic of all time Straight Outta ComptonO’Shea Jackson, Jr., Corey Hawkins and Jason Mitchell, and multi-platinum superstar Nicki Minaj.

T.I. keeps the party going as the host of the evening’s honors. Celebrity presenters include Queen Latifah who praises Nicki Minaj and Ice Cube who presents the “Big In 2015” honor to his son O’Shea Jackson, Jr., accepting the accolade on behalf of the ‘Straight Outta Compton’ cast. The multitalented Debbie Allen toasts Empire star Taraji P. Henson. Amber Rose honors her gal pal Amy Schumer. Aubrey Plaza salutes Aziz Ansari, her Parks and Recreation co-star. And Miss Piggy also hits the party to present Elizabeth Banks her “Big In 2015” honor.

Be sure to tune-in on Monday, December 7, 2015 at 9pm ET/PT on VH1.

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K Camp teams up with southern veteran rapper T.I. on a new track entitled “Till I Die.” Camp already serves up massive radio hits like “Comfortable” & “Cut Her Off,” and now this new cut just adds to his growing music list.

In celebration of his upcoming album release of #OnlyWayIsUp [Sept. 4th], King Slum himself is having a free cookout right in the city of ATL on this good Friday:

Fans are completely excited about this!

Check out his new collaboration below:




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Jim Jones, DJ Bobby Trends, Sway Calloway, Steph Lova & more at AKOO Summer Classic “Battle of the DJs”

1st Annual AKOO Summer Classic at Dyckman

New York City’s best DJs came from behind the turntables this past Saturday to show off their skills on the Dyckman blacktop.

1st Annual AKOO Summer Classic at Dyckman

In front of packed bleachers filled with fans neighborhood fans and the music industry’s elite, Team Hard 2 Guard, with a score of 82 over 78, defeated Team AKOO in the 1st Annual AKOO Summer Classic “Battle of the DJs” basketball game at Dyckman Park. Game highlights include Rapper Jim Jones surprising fans when he took to the court to play for ‘Team Hard 2 Guard’ and Queen’s own DJ Superstar Jay winning game MVP.

During the event, fans were treated to an old school mix battle at half court—DJ vs. DJ on the turntables. DJs N.O.E., Tiny Tim, Big Jeff and DMan went turntable-to-turntable in a pre-game round to determine which two would perform during half time. Advancing to the final battle with judges DJ Bobby Trends, Sway, Rich Nice and Steph Lova critiquing their two-minute mixes, DJ DMan took down DJ N.O.E.

The 1st Annual AKOO Summer Classic was in partnership with The Dyckman Basketball Tournament, and presented by Hard 2 Guard Productions, celebrated Dyckman’s 25th Anniversary. Sponsors for the festivities included: IceBerg Guards, A List Transportation, Ciroc, Dusse , Icelandic Water,Mountain Dew and Gatorade.

1st Annual AKOO Summer Classic at Dyckman

Boriqua Jimmy and Henroc
Sway, Rich Nice, Russ Jones and Damayor DJ
Antwan “Antifreeze” Dobie
DJ Authorize
DJ C. Devone
DJ Clue
DJ Johnny Han$um
DJ Jus
DJ Krue
DJ Reymo
DJ Sneaker Sensai
Dj Tali Gore
Dave Seagers
DJ Absolute
Domo Williams
Adrian “A Butta” Walton
DJ Flipstar
DJ Jussnyc
DJ Spinking
DJ Sunkiss
DJ Superstar Jay
DJ Ted Smooth
Jim Jones
DJ Zeke
Easy E.

Check out the FULL video recap below by A Fresh Focus Film:

PHOTO CREDIT: Jon Lopez Photography




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FLY Review: Ant-Man A Heist Movie Of Superhero Proportions

Ant-Man Review

The worlds smallest hero is the biggest winner!


Ant-Man is by no stretch of the imagination Marvel’s most popular or exciting character. He’s not Spider-Man, Iron Man or Captain America by a long-shot. Hell when this film was announced movie enthusiast didn’t even understand why Marvel Studios was making this movie.

Ant-Man Review
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Comic book enthusiast know the importance of Ant-Man to the Avengers as Hank Pym is one of the founder members of the super team. Director Peyton Reed manages to shine a light on one of Marvel’s goofiest characters and Paul Rudd injects life into the character in only way he knows how with witty humor.

Ant-Man opens up in the year 1989, a much younger Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) walking into a gathering with some familiar faces. At the round table sits Tony Stark’s father Howard Stark (John Slattery), Peggy Carter a.k.a. Agent Carter and Mitchell Carson ( Martin Donovan). Pym is clearly not too happy with his friends at S.H.I.E.L.D. who want to weaponize his shrinking substance named Pym Particles. The meeting doesn’t end well with Pym vowing that he will never let his suit or Pym Particle get in their hands. Pay attention folks as this will come up later in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ant-Man Review
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

We zap to the present and  we are introduced to Pym’s former protege, now head of Pym Industries Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) . He is on the verge of replicating Pym’s formula which is not a good thing at all. Pym’s daughter Hope (Evangeline Lilly) is secretly keeping an eye on Cross for her dad. Eventually Cross cracks the code and figures out how to make his own shrinking formula much to the dismay of Pym.

Ant-Man Review

Stoll decides to sell his formula and the Yellowjacket suit to the notorious bad guys in the Marvel universe Hydra.

Ant-Man Review
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

That’s where Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) comes into the picture. Lang is a reformed burglar, who doesn’t like to be called a robber because he hates violence. He is determined to walk the straight path and stray away from his criminal ways. Lang wants to be able to see his daughter again, but his mean ex-wife who is ironically married to a hard-nosed cop  Paxton (Bobby Cannavale) won’t allow him until he has better living arrangements.  Scott gets a job at Baskin Robbins apparently the go to place for felons to work but he is ultimately fired cause of criminal past. As they all joke in the movie Baskin Robbin’s finds out everything.With no options left Lang turns back to his old ways, he takes a job proposed to him by his hilarious criminal buddies Luis (Michael Pena),Dave (T.I.) and Kurt (David Dastmalchian)  to break into the house of old millionaire scientist Pym and crack his safe.

Ant-Man Review
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Lang has no idea Pym set the whole thing up, he’s actually being tested by Pym so he can be a part of an even greater heist with some large implications in the balance.

Ant-Man Review
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Pym is now too old to don the Ant-Man suit, he offers Lang the opportunity of a lifetime and in the process see his daughter again.

Ant-Man Review

Hope hates the idea and insists that she should be the one to pull off the daring heist by wearing the suit by her dad wants no parts of that idea and for good reason too. Reluctant at first, Lang realizes he has nothing to lose and decides to take the job and the training sequence begins.

Ant-Man Review
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Ant-Man isn’t your typical superhero film and that’s a good thing, it’s more of a heist movie with a superhero twist.  Reed manages to keep the feel of a Marvel film in the M.C.U (Marvel Cinematic Universe) but also separates his film from the rest. Ant-Man’s transitions from full-size to shrinking work flawlessly and if you see the film in IMAX it almost feels as if you’re shrinking with Lang. His insect compatriots, as creepy as they are when he is small, will ultimately grow on you and you will  come to love them in the film as the movie goes on. The action in the film though not in abundance is enough, again we point out this is a heist movie. The final climatic battle though is definitely one for the ages with some hilarious twists as both Ant-Man and Yellowjacket battle out on toy train set in Lang’s daughter’s room.

Ant-Man Review
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Ant-Man also does manage to squeeze in a lot of Marvel easter eggs and there is a great cameo from a particular Avenger so keep your eyes open for them. Ant-Man is definitely in a class by itself and stands out more than Avengers: Age of Ultron. We highly recommend you check out this film its the perfect blend of comedy, action and just all things Marvel. If you can dish out the extra bucks to see it in IMAX, it’s totally worth it.

Pssssssss stick around around after the credits for an awesome goodie!


4 out 4 on the FLY meter!

Ant-Man is in theaters Now!

Stay Fly!

(@PhotosByBeanz )

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Seen On The Scene: T.I., Tiny, Twitch, Wood Harris & Miles Brown at The Ant Man Premiere [Photos]

ti and tiny at ant man

On Monday night, stars gathered to celebrate the premiere of Marvel’s Ant-Man!

The film, starring Paul Rudd, tells the story of a super hero with the ability to shrink in size but grow in strength. The premiere took place on Hollywood Blvd at the TCL Chinese Theater. Check out some of the stars that attended the premiere below!

wood harris at ant man premiere
Wood Harris and his wife Rebekah Harris
wood harris at ant man
Miles Brown from ABC’s ‘Black-ish’
twitch at ant man
Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss from Magic Mike XXL

Make Sure to catch ANT MAN in theaters June 29th!

ant man movie poster


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New Video: T.I. – “Project Steps”


Rapper T.I. takes it back to the “Project Steps” in his latest visual. In the black & white video clip, the ATL-born artist also known as, Clifford Harris Jr. heads back over to Bankhead with family and friends, reminiscing of his early street days.

Now, making it out the hood into his glorious ATL mansion, Tip simply reminds everyone that his is still not the one to play with. The video also ends with dedication to Tiny’s late nephew, Christopher “Popcorn” Tuggle.

I’m just a project n***a on the front steps. Getting money is the concept.

Get in to T.I.’s project blood line below:



Watch: Hustle Gang feat. T.I., B.o.B, Yung Booke, Shad Da God, Big Kuntry King & Spodee – “I Don’t F**k With You” [Fly Visual]

New Music: Evan Ross feat. T.I. – “How To Live Alone” [Fly Music]

Watch: T.I. Feat. Chris Brown – “Private Show” [Fly Visual]

‘Sisterhood of Hip Hop’ Season 2 Trailer: Mack Wilds, Pusha T, T.I., Tank, T-Pain, Irv Gotti & more

FLY Events Last Night in NYC

Last Night In L.A.: T.I. , Tiny Harris, Evan Ross, Adrienne Bailon and More Attend All Def Comedy Live



Twas another special comedy night in L.A.!

Russell Simmons with All Def Comedy Live is presented by All Def Digital, hosted by Funny Man Tony Rock and Powered by Miss Diddy & The Brand Group brings out The King of the South T.I. and a slew of other celebs! Spotted with Tip in VIP was Trae da Truth, Houston rap artist whose project drops on the 25th of April.



Held in Hollywood, C.A. at the Mann Theatre last night the DJ announced a 5th season returning of T.I. and Tiny Harris‘ reality show Family Hustle which stars the duo and their immediate family.


Fly Guy Evan Ross, also cast member to T.I. in the classic movie ATL was in the building. To top it off, during the comedy festivities it was announced that an ATL 2 movie is coming very soon.

Also caught in VIP was friends of the Fly People Adienne Bailon and fiance’ Lenny S., SVP of A&R for Roc Nation, who celebrated his birthday on last evening. Happy BDay Lenny!

-Stay Fly!

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Ciara Drops “I Bet” Uptempo Remix with T.I., Reveals ‘Jackie’ Tracklisting



With her official Jackie [May 4th] release just around the corner, Ciara releases an uptempo bounce-track for the hit single “I Bet,” which features ATL’s own, T.I.. Also, Ci-Ci revealed the track-listing of the album line-up that is set to have appearances from the likes of; Missy Elliot, Pitbull, and even another “I Bet” remix featuring Joe Jonas.

Peep the remix-jawn below:


1. “Jackie (B.M.F.)”
2. “That’s How I’m Feelin’” (feat. Pitbull & Missy Elliott)
3. “Lullaby”
4. “Dance Like We’re Making Love”
5. “Stuck On You”
6. “Fly”
7. “I Bet”
8. “Give Me Love”
9. “Kiss & Tell”
10. “One Woman Army”
11. “I Got You”


12. “One Woman Army Intro”
13. “One Woman Army”
14. “I Got You”
15. “I Bet” (feat. Joe Jonas) [Remix]
16. “I Bet” (feat. T.I.) [R3hab Remix]