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Watch: A Powerful Message From T.D. JAKES’ ‘America: Election Reaction’ Episode

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T.D. Jakes is hosting his second town hall style election-themed episode discussing the aftermath of the Presidential election and our divided nation. Realizing the importance of continuing his conversations with all Americans to hear ALL of their voices, Jakes invites guests from all backgrounds to this groundbreaking episode. Wisdom and hope is what the country needs right now – and T.D. Jakes is the preeminent voice.

In this episode, Jakes looks deeper into what is troubling this country and why we need to move forward – including emotional discussions about 9/11 and his own family. It’s a time to come together – but how do we get there?

“Great leaders don’t pick sides! They unite and build bridges and connect us. And they focus on what we have in common rather than what we have to divide us. At the end of the day what we want…is for someone to unite us.”

Jakes leaves us with this powerful message:

“I have to believe that there is a way forward. For this is my home, is it yours?”

Hear all of this and more – please tune in Today, November 15th to catch yet another profound conversation with T.D. JAKES. Please check your local listings ( or watch on OWN at 6:00pm EST / PST.


T.D. JAKES Tackles Cyberbulling with Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei

Normani Kordei from Fifth Harmony discusses for the first time how she was racially cyberbullied. Shanna Moakler defends her daughter against cyberbully attacks. Katherine and Sarah Swallow talk about how a social media app ruined their college experience. Matt and Maurine Molak talk about how their 16- year-old was cyberbullied and eventually committed suicide as a result. 16-year-old Natalie Hampton invents an app to combat cyberbullies in schools.

But sure to check out the entire show when it airs but for now, take a look at this exclusive sneak peek featuring Normani.

Tune in to the full episode Monday, October 10th. Please check your local listings. Also available on OWN at 6pm EST / PST.

Music SFPL's New Music

Joe “Closer”

One of the most soulful voices to date, Joe is back with a new jawn titled “Closer”. The featured track is part of a TD Jakes compilation project called Sacred Love Songs 2. Joe worked with T.D Jakes to create the hit song, which is a biblical inspired love song.

Joe’s new album comes out in July and is called The Good, The Bad, The Sexy.