Superbowl Fly-LIGHTs: J-Hud & Alicia Keys Perform “America The Beautiful” and “The Star-Spangled Banner”…


Jennifer Hudson was good an snatched last night!

Last night, she joined students from Sandy Hook Elementary School for a performance of “America the Beautiful” moments before kickoff at Super Bowl XLVII at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

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The Word: Is Beyonce Gearing Up For Her Fourth World Tour?


Happy Beyonce EVE!



And as Bey season kicks into high gear, it looks like King Bey is gearing up for her fourth world tour!


Fly-LIGHTs: Beyonce Drops SuperBowl Promo Pics ….

Bey Season is about to Touchdown in New Orleans !!!

Clad in a referee black-and-white striped top, empire-waisted shorts and thigh-high boots, drops the first in a series of promo photos for Super Bowl XLVII.

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The Daily Word: Destiny’s Child, WE KNOW YOU’RE PERFORMING ON SUNDAY! & Future, You ‘ARE THE DADDY!’…

In today’s Daily Word, Michelle Williams Is Lying A River … and Ciara might wanna let Future get his children together!

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The Daily Word: 7 Days Until King Bey’s Superbowl Extravaganza & Bow Wow Fires Shots At Kandi Burress …

Although King Bey hasn’t officially answered to anyone concerning her lip-sync controversy ( AND WHO IS YOU!!???) She’s recently Instagram’d herself in a sweatshirt that gave the haters what they needed ….


[Recap] Madonna’s ‘Super Bowl’ Half-Time Performance …

Ok Ok Ok, Let’s get into it. Last night, Pop ICON Madonna headlined the Super Bowl Half Time Performance, and the verdict is IN! We Liked it. Yes, the whole thing was lip-synced (You were expecting?????).

And yes, the whole thing was more of a ‘I’m 50 and Still Got It B&tch Convention’, But *Shrugs* What are ya gonna do? I gotta admit, I had no real opinion of Madonna headlining the half time show, my only real thought was …



Once I heard That ‘Vogue‘ Instrumental…

And Saw That Greek Army …. I was sold.

Madonna gave us SPARTACUS !!!!

Now that Choreography was a little stiff …

But the Effects were on point.

But, when Madonna (joined by LMAO) started dippin’ it low …

I had to put on my seat belt.

Cause the last time somebody over 50 jumped on a stage droppin’ and lockin’, they left their career right there on that BET Stage floor …

To the Window !!!!!!


She almost took a sudden dip, but it was a good save. Because with Kelly and Michelle doing flips next to her … it could have been dangerous.


I must say, she stepped into that lip-syncing like a PRO!


And from “Vogue” she went into “Like a Prayer,” And thus came the ladies …

She was joined by Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. for whatever the name of that song is …

Nicki had a good moment, but I can’t deal with rapper’s lip-syncing … it’s the dumbest thing ever. Like how much energy does it take to rap?

I woulda F%cked That Sh*t UP! Word To Biggie …

M.I.A. (The lesser known of the trio) took her 12 Seconds and ran an entire mile. Marking her return to the music scene and introduction to the rest of the 100 fans who love and adore her.

She went for it, Crotch Poppin’ and flipping the bird … Ungh! She was definitely on ONE!

Ma’am … No-Boty KNOWS You *Rihanna Voice*  … Stick to the routine please.

Cee- Lo !!!!!!! Mr. Green brought out the outfit he was married in for this special occassion and marched in with The Goodie Mob, who posed as the marching band, Whheeeewwww! It was such a blessing to see them all working together for the upbuilding of the kingdom !! Hallelu-JER !!!

Madonna got on her knees (with no knee pads, owwwwww! She’s bout that life!)  and threw some serious Judas Shade …


While Cee-Lo grabbed Mariah Carey‘s old Choir and made it happen all before Madonna disappeared back into the Matrix….



I don’t know what this performance had to do with World Peace …

But I do know that Madge definitely slept in a hot tub of Bengay last night, cause plastic surgery only covers the exterior. Inside she’s still …


Step into the full performance below …


-Stay Fly!