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[Video] @JuneAmbrose Talks Balance, Family, Career and Must-Have-Pieces …

Step into a few clips as the #StyledByJune Cameras give a behind-The-Scenes look at style maven, June Ambrose  as she talks about Balance, Family, Career and Must have Pieces …

“I never want to wait on a man…”

“How she balances her career and personal life?”

“Every day of your life should be a film”

“June’s must-have pieces.”


-Stay Fly!


[Recap] Styled By June, Season 1, Episode 2

June Ambrose has styled your favorite artists, and now she’s on TV showing how the creative process unfolds!

Grab your purple doobie and styling gel, Class is in session!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Juneiverse!

This week, she has a dinner date with her newest client, self proclaimed “Baddest B!tch” Trina, who wants to revamp her sexy look for a more crossover appeal.

*side eye*

She has a meeting with her team [Eli, Rachel, and @TukieB] as they discuss how they’re going to revamp Trina’s look without compromising her integrity.

And we’ve all seen Trina’s integrity on many occasions!

As they boomkack for their lives, [in Louboutin heels] us viewers come to the realization, that if Trina’s crossover appeal doesn’t work out, she always has a back-up career as


Don’t be mad! Do your thang Katrina Laverne!

Trina then makes an unexpected visit to June’s office and her face goes from happy camper


a side eye surly stank face! She’s not feeling these high-fashion looks at all.

Shearling jackets are banned at Boys and Girls High School, and they’re surely banned from Trina’s closet! Numerous wildlife animals died making those garments, and we will have no part of it!

What will Rasheeda think  of her now?

These next images are not for the faint of heart. If you are a stylist, or fashionista these images may induce rage, strained race relations or the need to whisper your favorite psalm to yourself.

I know stylists who will declare #WAR if something like this were to ever happen!

Their sense of urgency is commondable!

Tukie’s is moving faster than Precious when she stole that chicken!

Trina is obviously worried about June’s styling choices, [we trust June though] but if she wants to make a successful crossover move, she needs to allow herself to be guided, and not put up a fight at every corner.

After a semi-convincing pep talk from June, Trina allows her hair to be styled from the gentleman with the Indian remy ponytail down the middle.

And we have to admit, the hair looks GOOD!


Shit gets real in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,

When June questions why one of the garments are dirty, her assistants start getting nervous…

With the exception of Rachel, who dirtied the clothes and is now nowhere to be found.

The way her stylists told her the truth was shady, they should have been upfront about the issue at hand.

However, we were still on the fence about this look. I guess we too were used to Trina looking like the head stripper at Scores. After a closer look though, we definitely appreciate where June took it.

She has a sit down with stay away Rachel, who was not present at the photo shoot, and lets her know how she let her team down [and got $500,000 worth of clothes dirty]

Trina hits up an event, that will showcase her new music and new look. Needless to say, the people waiting outside are very impressed.

Job well done!

On stage, Trina goes from nervous beginner


Trina looks amazing, and it feels good to see that June has her best interest at heart! She felt that Trina was worth an over the top edgy look, and she made sure that she delivered!

Are you?



Entertainment Last Night in NYC

[Last Night In NYC] The Private Screening of VH1’s ‘Styled By June’ …

Our talents were solicited Last Night for a private screening of our favorite Style Maven, June Ambrose‘s new show; ‘Styled By June’.

Held at The Crosby Hotel in the chicest place in NYC, Soho, June’s fabulous network of Friends, Family, Associates and Clients made their way out to celebrate and view the first episode of her new Vh1 Show. Before the viewing June stated that she invited those who’s opinions meant the most to her, and I’m thankful she reached out, I feel honored because I really respect June and her entire empire. She’s been in the game 20 years and deserves all the looks she’s receiving. We love it. Guess were treated to delicious Ciroc Cocktails, or Wine and Champagne if you felt a little fancy :-), and a host of scrumptious hors devours including, grilled chicken kabobs and flat Pizza bites, while the DJ took the crowd higher with an amazing playlist of classic House and R&B.

Her biggest client & Friend Jay-Z came through to show love to his favorite stylist in addition to; Deborah Cox, Marvet Brito, Bevy Smith, Emil Wilbekin, Datwon Thomas, Claude Kelly and Ty Hunter just to name a few.

June’s team; Eli Wassermann, Tukie B and Rachel Heller were on deck for the premiere event. June’s Husband and Manager, Mark was also on deck for the festivities. Fresh off of her X-Factor Gig (June Styled the ENTIRE Show), June looked absolutely Stunning in a Cynthia Rowley floral print dress, Henry Bendel Clutch and Brian Atwood Shoes!


Here she’s pictures with Eli Wassermann and Rachel Heller.

You know how we feel about our Auntie Bevy Smith, always a pleasure to see and chat with her! Step into the pics below …

Kudos and Congrats June!

-Stay Fly!