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The Fly Verdict: Is Eva Marcille working the Strip…

Remember when we were about 9 or 10 and we looked to The Jetsons in belief that the year 2000 would bring upon futuristic changes??? Well so far, besides the car that parks itself, the only “futuristic living we’ve been seeing is the wardrobes on some of these “celebrities…”

Eva Marcille was spotted out in LA @ The Cotton Club for R&B Live dressed like a $218 hooker… We actually dont mind the leggins, which are a combination of glitter, sheer hosiery and fishnet, designed by Brian Lichtenberg (Black Angular Patchwork Sliver Glitter leggings) but the fact that she decided to wear them with a short shirt, that she has to tug at to make it look like something, is whats disturbing… Even more disturbing than that awkward spray tan and smile she’s been seen in lately… 0_O

What is that face?? (Pictured here with Steph Jones)

Anywho, the leggins are dope, we just would have preferred a different top, one that covered her ass maybe…

Would you rock ’em ladies??

Pricetag: $218


-Stay Fly!


New Video: Steph Jones “Southern Love…”

SFPL’s Homie, Steph Jones, releases the new video for his latest Single, “Southern Love,” off his highly anticipated EP, “Imperfect Me,” due out later this year!

 The music video, which was directed by William Tiki , features Saleisha Stowers, winner of Americas Next Top Model, as the lead.

What ya’ll know about that Southern Love???

Check out the Vid!!


Stay Fly!

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New Video Exclusive: Steph Jones “BEAutiful”

Here is our Fly Friend Steph Jones with his new jawn titled “BEAutiful”!

I wanted to create a song that pertained to all beauty. “Sexy comes in any color, shape or size as long as YOU know that YOU are fine” So in the video i made sure i got just that. Light skinned, Dark skinned, white, Asian, Hispanic, Gay, Plus size, Skinny, Tall, short etc.. Every on set had an awesome vibe and it all showed in this video. Thanks to my whole management team and director William Tiki and his crew, we created something beautiful ‘B E A utiful” along with my co stars Claudia Jordan and Paige Hurd. please support the movement and download my single “Beautiful” on itunes here… thanks for the love and support

Share Your Thoughts….

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TOP 5 Celebrity Costumes…

5. I love Brandy, How many Female Singer’s would let their daughter dress up as another Singer? Brandy’s daughter looked great as Rihanna!

She’s actually Pippi Longstocking, I’d have guested the Wendy’s Mascot though…

4. Keri Hilson was dressed as Big Bird.

No Further Questions, your Honor.

Top 3 after the jump…

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SFPL’s New Music Exclusive: Steph Jones “B E A utiful”

Steph Jones sent over to SFPL his exclusive new cut titled “B E A utiful”! The track was produced by Pascal Guyon and will be on his upcoming EP Imperfect Me.

Steph left these words with us….

The cover (shot by Johnny Young and Designed by Justin Dewalt) was inspired by my hero Tim Burton (Edward scissor hands, Nightmare before christmas).. I left the faces out because I wanted whoever looked at the various bodies to actually picture themselves being in that photo. Less about face beauty and more about the beauty of the imagination. I just wanted people to feel comfortable in there own sexy.. Sexy comes in any color shape or size!

This is definitely a hott track! Check it out….

Steph Jones – B E A utiful by GabrielofSFPL

-Stay Fly!

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Now this is much better Mariah. Great collabo and track.

Steph Jones – You’re So Delicious

Check out this new jawn from Steph Jones off his mixtape Gravity.
The track was produced by Chris Warrior. {}

Good job Steph!

New Music from friend of the Fly People, Fresh

Download “Famous”

Your Thoughts?

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I am diggin’ this track. Monica is displaying more of her vocal range on this track. I am just happy Monica paired back up with Missy. Sigh. Let’s go Monica!!

*I think Jazmine Sullivan took part in this also…Hmmm…even better! Jaz is a beast with the pen & vocals!

Your Thoughts?

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