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The Daily Word: Terrance Howard’s Ex-Wife Wants Her Share of The #Empire Pie


Forget about Mo’nique, Diddy, and Iman Shumpert. Terrence Howard’s ex-wife, Michelle Ghent is no Cookie but wants her share of the Empire.


About a year ago, Terrence Howard’s divorce from his said-to-be “racist” ex-wife, Michelle Ghent had been settled. Ghent was entitled to keep her bicycle and a BMW while she had to return Howard’s 2011 Range Rover. He was warranted both, their houses in Pennsylvania and every single one of his 25 bank accounts. Let’s just say the divorce was ugly!

Terrence was ordered to pay her $5,800 per month for the following 3 years in spousal support. A year later, here and now, she’s keeping track of his Empire earnings and unfortunately Ghent gets 21% of anything he’s earned over $62,500 per yearly quarter. Isn’t that something?

Michelle claims Terrence is making $125,000 per episode and 3 episodes have been shot this year. Well damnnnnn! 21% of $375k? You do the math. That’s over $65k.

Michelle is really trying to f*ck up his commas.

How is she about to act when Wayward Pines debuts in May?

Stay Fly!

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