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Last Night In NYC: Spotify Hosts Exclusive Preview of “Stay Scary” Halloween Pop-Up in NYC with Jameela Jamil

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 24: An outside view of the Spotify Halloween Costume Pop-up Event on Mercer Street in New York City on October 24, 2019. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Spotify)

Last week, Spotify celebrated the opening of its immersive Halloween Costume Pop-Up with an event in New York featuring Jameela Jamil as guest DJ. The pop-up features costumes inspired by artists who have dared to push boundaries and challenge us, often with their iconic style, and will be open to the public for one day only on Saturday, October 26th.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 24: Jameela Jamil DJs during the Spotify Halloween Costume Pop-up Event on Mercer Street in New York City on October 24, 2019. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Spotify)

Jamil played tracks from artists like Cardi B, Kanye West and TLC while wearing one of the sparkliest items available at Spotify’s pop-up – a replica of the Billie Eilish spider-covered crown featured in the singer-songwriter’s “you should see me in a crown” music video.

A self-confessed fan of Eilish, Jamil later posted a photo of herself in the crown on Instagram Stories, saying “I am Silly Eilish. The less cool third sibling.” Eilish reposted, “OMG NO.”

A highlight of the event was a presentation by Spotify’s VP, Global Executive Creative Director, Alex Bodman, who explained to guests the inspiration behind each costume accessory on display, including a replica of the live python Britney Spears famously draped around her shoulders during her 2001 MTV VMA’s performance of “I’m a Slave 4 U.” Also, featured is nail art from popular Latin artist Bad Bunnythe Lil Nas X rhinestone-accented jacket patch you see in his “Old Town Road” music video and a replica of Trippie Redd’s diamond-crusted fang grillz.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 24: A view of atmosphere during the Spotify Halloween Costume Pop-up Event on Mercer Street in New York City on October 24, 2019. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Spotify)

The overall theme of the pop-up is “Stay Scary,” and Spotify worked closely with all 12 artists involved in curating the approach to Halloween.

“Halloween is about celebrating the best in pop culture,” says Bodman. “We wanted to highlight some of the iconic artists who have thrilled, challenged and even shocked us, by inviting consumers to a pop-up they can truly immerse themselves in. It’s a celebration of iconic moments in music history and connects fans and artists in a way that only Spotify can.”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 24: Guests attend the Spotify Halloween Costume Pop-up Event on Mercer Street in New York City on October 24, 2019. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Spotify)

The pop-up opened to the public on Saturday, October 26th and as well as scoring a free costume (on a first come, first-served basis) visitors were able to interact with a “dare to listen” playlist station, see Spotify-produced short films highlighting musicians who have stepped outside comfort zones for the sake of their art, as well as take some pretty awesome photos with.

More photos below by Theo Warden, Getty Images / Courtesy of Spotify. 

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Fly News: Verizon and Spotify partner to make gift giving easier

Verizon has partnered with Spotify to help make picking out the perfect gift a little easier this holiday season.

Launching today at, the “Holiday Hintlists” are fun and specific, curated playlists that spell out what tech products consumers want for the holidays.

Users visit the site, select the Verizon gift they want – including smartphones, headphones, smartwatches, and connected home devices – and the experience generates a custom “hint” playlist on Spotify that users can share to their social channels.

Hundreds of curated playlists, featuring songs by artists including H.E.R., Outkast and more, are used to spell out playful, gift-request messages. Additional playlists will be added throughout the month of December.

The tool was created based on the insight that millennials create and share more playlists during the holiday season.


Spotify Premieres New Podcast Series Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty

Host Reggie Ossé (aka Combat Jack) tells the story of the music executive who changed hip-hop and shaped the careers of some of its most beloved artists: LL Cool J, Missy Elliott, 50 Cent, and more. With one of the most illustrious careers in music, Chris Lighty rose to the pinnacle of musical success before an untimely end. This story is broader than just music — it’s the story of the American Dream. The series will be hosted by Reggie and feature commentary from Russell Simmons, Fat Joe, Warren G, Troy Carter and others. It is produced in partnership with Gimlet Media and Loudspeaker Network.

Check out the new podcast HERE.

Series Description

Chris Lighty’s story is the story of hip-hop. His childhood in the Bronx was soaked in 1970’s hip-hop culture, the first electric moments of a brand-new scene. Lighty fell in love with the music, and soon he was carrying crates of records for the pioneering DJ Red Alert, and hitting the road with legendary acts like The Jungle Brothers and De La Soul. Then he became a hip-hop legend himself: discovering artists like Foxy Brown and Fat Joe, making the careers of superstars like 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes, and masterminding some of the industry’s most lucrative deals. Lighty was the rare executive who was comfortable in both the streets and the boardroom. But while he expertly managed the lives of everyone around him, his personal problems became unmanageable. And in 2012, he was found dead at his house in the Bronx, an apparent suicide that left the music world reeling.

Touching on issues of race, mental illness, the commercialization of hip-hop, and the price of success, Mogul: The Life & Death of Chris Lighty will unpack Lighty’s’ story in a 6-episode podcast miniseries. The project features interviews with Lighty’s family and friends, stories from hip-hop luminaries like Russell Simmons, Warren G and Fat Joe, and previously unheard recordings of Chris Lighty himself. It is hosted by Reggie Ossé, who comes to the project from his critically acclaimed hip-hop interview podcast The Combat Jack Show. Produced as a collaboration between Gimlet Media and Loud Speakers Network, Mogul will be released as a Spotify exclusive on April 27.                           


Episode One

In this episode, we meet Chris and his family and hear about what it was like to grow up in the Bronx in the 1970s. We also learn about a new form of music that started to germinate through park jams held across the city—the music that would come to be known as hip hop. From there, we follow Chris from the park jams to the emerging hip hop club scene, where he takes the first step on the road to becoming a mogul.


Voices: DJ Red Alert, Fat Joe, Jessica Brooks (Chris’ mom), Nicole Lighty (Chris’ sister), Darryl Thompson (Chris’ best friend), Chris Ali (Chris’ childhood friend), Dan Charnas, Joan Morgan, and AB Butler.


Episode Two

In this episode, Chris really kicks off his career in the music industry, road managing the Jungle Brothers and touring with them across the US. After a successful stint with the JBs, Chris’ talent is recognized by Lyor Cohen of Def Jam. The transition from scrappy road manager to hip hop executive is not an easy one, though, and to really succeed, Chris will be forced to leave his past behind.


Voices: Russell Simmons, The Jungle Brothers, DJ Red Alert, Dan Charnas, Chris Ali, and Chris Lighty.


Episode Three

In this episode, Chris rises through the ranks of Def Jam and has his first big break in the industry when he signs the then-unknown Warren G. Warren’s first album is massive and Chris is, for the first time, taken seriously as a creative executive. But he’ll still need his street smarts when an epic showdown with hip hop’s bogeyman, Suge Knight, happens at the climax of the episode.


Voices: Warren G, Paul Stewart, Russell Simmons, Dan Charnas, and Chris Lighty.


Episode Four

In this episode, we discover that being a hip hop manager isn’t all champagne, private jets, and 5 star hotels. In fact, it’s a job that’s incredibly stressful, particularly when you’re managing a number of temperamental and unpredictable performers. To make matters worse, Chris’ hot streak at Def Jam ends, and he is eclipsed by a new wave of executives.


Voices: Fat Joe, D Nice, N.O.R.E, Blue Williams, Sophia Chang, Kevin Liles, and Chris Lighty.


Episode Five

When this episode begins, Chris is at a career low-point. He’s on his way out of Def Jam and a number of recent ventures haven’t paid off. So he takes a chance on a controversial rapper from Queens who was, at the time, an industry pariah. That rapper turns out to be 50 Cent, and the pair make millions together through their Vitamin Water endorsement deal. But success in hip-hop is fleeting, and chaos in Chris’ personal life puts him back at the grind, hustling for his next big deal in the midst of a global recession.


Voices: Sha Money XL, Dan Charnas, Sophia Chang, Tiffany Lighty (Chris’ Daughter).


Episode Six

Chris’ life ends suddenly in 2012. In this episode, we find out the circumstances surrounding his death, and probe what actually happened on the day he died.


Voices: Tiffany Lighty, Jessica Brooks, Nicole Lighty, Darryl Thompson, Chris Ali, Sophia Chang, Joan Morgan, and AB Butler.


Drake Makes History Again, “One Dance” Nabs Spotify Title of Most-Streamed Song Ever

Drizzy keeps shattering and making records.

The Toronto emcee’s smash “One Dance” has earned the title of most-streamed song on Spotify period with over 880 million streams. Drake not only sets a new record, but shattered the numbers for previous record holders Major Lazer, DJ Snake, and MØ for their hit “Lean On,” which garnered 526 million plays.


The 6 God previously set the record for the first album to reach one billion streams on Apple Music with Views. Congrats to Drake on reaching another milestone!



Happy Memorial Day: 3 Playlists To Keep The Cookout TURNT UP For HOURS! 



Happy Memorial Day!

Fire up the grill, send your group text messages, get extra FLY in your summertime gear, and turn on your music! Struggling with what to play to keep the cookout turnt up? Thanks to Spotify and SoundCloud we’ve found 3 of the flyest playlists to give you hours of good listening. From 2Pac, Al Green and Maze, to Chris Brown, Fetty Wap and Beyoncé—  we’ve got you covered!

Turn up those loud speakers and have a wonderful and safe holiday!


“Lookout, It’s A Cookout. AKA Ready To Fry” via Spotify



“DJ Spinbad – Old School Memorial Day BBQ Mix” via SoundCloud



“Cookout Music” via Spotify




Let’s not forget the reason for the season, however. Thank you to all of the dedicated soldiers who have given their lives to protect the United States of America. You are #ForeverFLY.


Source: Sporify, SoundCloud


-Stay FLY

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FLY Roundup: Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington & SJP Cover Glamour, The Stream Wars, Rihanna The Prankster and Jazmine Sullivan’s Gift For Songwriting



Some of y’all may have missed the FLY moments of the week, but no worries because we’ve got you covered! We are going to fill you in on all the juicy entertainment news and drama that you didn’t catch. Go ahead, get in there…



The Word: Two Weeks Later, Jay-Z’s Tidal Is Worth $250 Million/ Spotify Throws Shots…


Now, we are sure you all know that Jay-Z actually completed his acquisition of Swedish music streaming company Aspiro in March, paying out $56 million, with some help from a few of his celebrity associates including his wife, Beyonce.


Bridget Kelly (@theycallmebk) presents New EP “CUT TO…BRIDGET KELLY”


Just in time for the holiday season, GRAMMY award winning singer/songwriter and New York native Bridget Kelly will be streaming her EP entitled “Cut To…Bridget Kelly” on December 10th via Spotify.


Google Picks Fight With Spotify and Pandora, Launches Music Streaming Service

At their I/O conference in San Francisco today, Google announced their fashionably late entrance into the on demand music subscription service market with the launch of “Google Play Music All Access”. Starting today, users can sign up for 7.99/month until June 30th and afterwards for $9.99/month with a 30 day free trial. Targeting Direct competitors Spotify and Pandora, Google Play All Access will be available for web and mobile devices, giving users access to millions of songs, and the flexibility to create stations easily, switch songs, curate playlists, and organize their libraries with ease. It will also feature recommended music based on your library as well as Google Editors. With a streaming service being an obvious hole in Android’s portfolio and Spotify currently dominating the landscape, Google’s entry was necessary in the highly competitive phone market. We are curious as to what they will suggest for our workout mix.

– Stay Fly!

Written by: Ian Freeman