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Last Night In L.A.: ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Premiere Event

Hazel-E - Apryl - Mona Scott-Young - Omarion - Fizz - Amanda rsz

Last night in Los Angeles, VH1, Monami Entertainment and Eastern TV celebrated the premiere of their newest series “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”


Oxygen Gives A Sneak Peek of New Show ‘Sisterhood of Hip Hop’

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Oxygen Network gives us a special sneak peek at its new show ‘Sisterhood of Hip-Hop‘.


Nicki Minaj ft. Soulja Boy – ‘YASSS BISH’ [SFPL Tunes]


Taking on the populated vine antic chat of Soulja Boy‘s “YASSS BISH”, Nicki Minaj takes matters into her own hands and remixes the tune coming for a few heads like; Donald Sterling and announces that she is “Queen Bee” because she is a machine. The rapper also shouts-out Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith as mentors. Check out the track below as Nicki asks…”Fix It Jesus” *in her Phaedra voice*…


Drake feat. Soulja Boy – ‘We Made It’ (Remix) [SFPL Tunes]

Praise as part of his “New Years Eve Anthems”, Drake decides to remix Soulja Boy new jawn “We Made It”. Check it out below…

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Randomonium: Soulja Boy Gets Kicked Off Airplane



Looks like Soulja Boy is not breaking record charts but breaking the rules. Getting kicked off American Airlines can’t be the only thing he’s been up to these days…smh. Get the scoop below…

Fashion Music

[In Fashion] BET Awards 2013 “Fly Design Mash-Up”

SFPL would like to spotlight a few designers and brands who worked hard on a few red carpet, and stage looks for your favorite celebs! Check it out below…


[New Music] Drake Ft. Chris Brown – Yamaha Mama

Here is a Drake collabo that originally featured Soulja Boy but now a leaked version featuring Chris Brown has appeared. The song was written by Breezy at the age of 14, which he expressed the fact that he is embarrassed and that the track is wack. Lol…peep it below….


[The Daily Word] Soulja Boy Arrested

Looks like we may be inducting Soulja Boy to the Dumb Rappers Club.

According to TMZ Part-Time Rapper, Soulja Boy was arrested early this morning for possession of marijuana  and roughly $70,000 in cash and drugs in the car.

Seriously? Have we not learned anything DeAndre?

The 21-year-old rapper was stopped early this morning by Temple Police Department officers in Temple, GA at 3:15am. DeAndre Cortez Way was in a car with 4 other men, and they where originally pulled over for a traffic violation, when the cops found the hot merchandise.

Soulja is being held in Carrol County Jail. It’s unclear if any of the men had the proper licenses to be in possession of the firearms. I’m hoping for his sake that they did.

I’m always confused about this boy’s life. Where are his parents? Manager? Publicist? I feel like he’s always alone. No adult supervision, EVER. Is it just me?

An investigation is underway. We’ll keep you posted.

That’s your Daily Word.

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[Video] Sgt. Dunson disses Soulja Boy “Change Your Name”

Sgt. Dunson takes matters into his own hands and creates a diss track entitled “Change Your Name”. Listen to the track and let us know what you think…


[The Daily Word] 31 People Shot City-Wide in NYC/ Soulja Boy Needs Attention & Lil’ Mama attempts High Fashion

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It one of the bloodiest weekends in recent new York city history, 31 people were brutally shot in roughly 48 hours this weekend !! *sighs* This includes three kids at a house party in The Bronx.


A staggering 25 people had been shot as of Sunday night, And by early Monday morning, six more people were shot in three separate incidents in Brooklyn.

While Team SFPL were enjoying the festivities at the West Indian Day Parade, we witnessed shots ring out and the crowd quickly disburse. It was not only a dangerous moment, but on the inside I was so embarrassed. So embarrassed that shots never ring out during the Macy’s Day Parade or any other non-brown parade, for that matter. But here comes another reason for them to completely shut down this festive and joyous occasion that many people anticipate yearly to show their love and support for their native lands.


It’s senseless.

But it really goes to show the state of mind some of us are in as a result of this awful financial climate, two years ago the parade went off with little to no shootings or glitches.



With the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy just a few days away, The Ignorant, 10,000 copies in the first week selling rapper that is Soulja Boy, has sparked controversy with some of the lyrics to his new track, ‘Let’s Be Real’.

In the song he disses the FBI and Army Troops.

We can’t make this ish up.

“F–k the FBI and f–k all the army troops… fighting for what? B—h be your own man… I’ll be flying through the clouds with green like I’m Peter Pan.”

The Troops tho? :-/

I’m sure this is a ploy to spark a light to his already faded rap career.

Won’t work.

You can’t light a candle that’s run out of wax.

Well Now.

Lil’ Mama has done a rather interesting fashion spread for Mami Magazine. I’ve never heard of this magazine, but I am glad they gave Mama a chance to shine a little. And I must say the only thing I dislike about the spread are the wigs.

Colorful Wigs are dated and have been used and abused. It’s no longer creative, its now what ‘Rap’ chicks do. Had she blown out her hair and added some amazing pieces this would have been a beautiful shoot. Instead it looks like something Nicki, Kim or Trina would do. Blah.

Peep the pics for yourself.

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