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‘Shots’ App Backed by Justin Bieber Raised $2.7 Million In Funding, Twitter May Be Looking to Acquire

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It’s quite clear that Justin Bieber makes no dumb moves when it comes to business, and getting his money right. He might piss in a bucket or two, but hey, it’s all in fun right?! Just let him buy you 10 more buckets where those came from! He got you! Check it out below, as the Biebs celebrates quite the successful 2013 year just simply based off an app…yes, an APP!

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The Word: Drive-By Attempt On Rick Ross’ Rolls Royce …

This news actually makes me really sad.


Around 5am this morning, after leaving his own birthday party at (where he celebrated with Diddy, his MMG family and others) Miami Hot Spot, LIV, Rick Ross was riding in the passenger seat of his Rolls Royce in Ft. Lauderdale when someone opened fire on the vehicle! According to the Huffington Post after his vehicle was sprayed with bullets, the Rolls crashed into a nearby apartment building around the busy Los Olas Avenue.