Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Willie Taylor & Shanda Denyce Drops Duet “Better @ Loving You” [New Music]

Just hours after the airing of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Reunion Show, cast members Willie Taylor and Shanda Denyce shocks with a brand new duet entitled “Better @ Loving You.”

During Part 2 of the show, it was quite clear that the couple were still not on good terms, and for sure not 100% back together again. Of course, during the episode the love still showed and proved, and that there’s still hope for the two to reunite. But with this sudden release of a love song — could the LHHH duo be back together again, officially? Or is this simply just good publicity? We shall see!

Hopefully, things between them are being repaired as we would love to see them back together again.

Until then, take a listen to the song above. Share your thoughts!

In case you missed it, check out our FULL interview with Willie & Shanda HERE

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Fly Interview: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Willie Taylor & Shanda Denyce Talk Marriage, Music & more with SFPL TV


Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood‘s Willie Taylor and Shanda Denyce paid a visit to SFPL TV to discuss what prompted their decision to be on the trending reality show, being married for 8 years with a relationship spanning 12 years and counting, new music and so much more.

The couple also admitted to cheating on each other before and how their relationship stood strong for so long:

Willie – This my friend [pointing to his wife Shanda] first. She’s my friend, wife and the mother of my two children. So, she wear so many hats that I gotta make sure she’s cool. We keep our friendship first, we keep God in our lives — well, we keep God first, our friendship — we’re providers and I feel like in our situation, I can love her even if it hurts. Like, if she does something, I can find it in my heart to forgive her. She’s a human being and we make mistakes…and I know I have put her through some stuff were she should have been cut my head off. But she stuck there with me. I cheated [Willie]…I cheated too [Shanda].

Shanda – I think it made our relationship and marriage much stronger because we’ve gon’ through so much that nothing could break us at this point.

Willie also mentioned that he would sign a music deal with Diddy if the offer was right:

If, Diddy was to come with an offer to sign me today — as long as the business is right, I don’t have no problem. As long as, the paperwork, the black & white reads what we talked about, then i’m cool with it — I don’t care who the deal is with. But now, my mind is in a different place where I will never be in the position for someone to use me through music again. Suckered [Shana says]. And not to say Diddy used me, cause I don’t feel like he used me — me and Diddy cool. Anything anybody else has to say about him, I don’t have that same story.


Peep the full interview below:

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