[SFPL Recap] Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Episode 5, “OH, SO YOU SHAKIN TABLES NOW?!?!”

After the big brawl between Stevie J, Scrappy, Erica and Joseline, Erica keeps her promise by meeting with Joseline to talk it out. Erica jumps right in asking Joseline about her accusations that she’d slept with Stevie J. Joseline apologizes. “So you telling me this whole altercation went down because you confusing me with another b—h?” Erica says in her confessional. Actually, the whole altercation went down because Erica tattled on Stevie for disrespecting her. Although the two were able to sit down to talk face-to-face as women, Erica wasn’t happy with Joseline’s apology.“I still don’t like you just on the strength of what you did,” Erica told her. Eventually Joseline left after seeing the conversation wasn’t going anywhere.


Joseline’s pregnancy was the proverbial final straw for Mimi. To prove she’s moving on she’s packed all of Stevie’s stuff. “The bottom line is as long as he keeps f—in’ with Joseline, I’m not f—in’ with him. Period,” she tells Ariane.

But don’t be confused.

She admittedly still loves him and would rather work it out. Ariane is not moved by Mimi’s speech.

“I just know you. I know your a— will fall victim to the manipulation,” said Ariane.

Mimi jokingly teases her bff for not having any faith in her. Can you really blame her, Mimi? She’s been down this road with you more times than she’d like to remember.

Scrappy had an asthma attack that nearly scared him to death. Momma Dee is not happy when she finds out Erica went to work instead of staying with her son. “She want me to do something, I do it. When it’s up to her and I need her to do something she put work first,” Scrappy lamented.

Since Momma Dee was already rooting for Shay “Buckey” Johnson (that name has quite a ring to it) this was just the ammo Momma Dee needed to persuade her son to leave Erica for good.

At the spa K.Michelle tells Mimi Stevie J’s not going to “react too good” to having to come get his belongings packed in boxes. “I didn’t react too good about him getting the next one pregnant,” Mimi retorted. To add fuel to Mimi’s I’m-packing-his-stuff-party, she says Joseline has been sending her threatening texts.

Yet Mimi doesn’t understand why Joseline is so mad when she’s the side chick. K.Michelle has Karlie Redd on the brain because she’s sick of the drama. “I am over Karlie,” K.Michelle says as she raises from her massage chair. “

She’s too old for this.

Senior citizens should not act like that.”


K.Michelle gives Mimi the go ahead to set up a sit-down between the two. But K.Michelle warns that if she starts having flash backs of everything this woman has done, everybody needs to clear the room.

Shay hasn’t seen Scrappy since he was released from the hospital. While Erica believes she’s in a relationship with him, Shay is also under the impression Scrappy’s girlfriend. “What’s the extent of y’all relationship right now?”she asks. “Baby mama, baby daddy, you feel me?” he responds. Oh, really. Is that what Erica thinks?

Karlie Redd meets with Stevie J to plead her case as to why he should work with her, but Stevie hasn’t forgotten about Karlie stirring the pot between the him and Mimi. But since she’s managed by Cash Money he’s willing to put their differences to the side.

It’s all about the Benjamins, baby. While Karlie is auditioning for Stevie, Joseline walks in irritated to see Karlie there.

Not only will Stevie be working with Karlie, he wants the two to do a song together. “What is the good business of me doing a song with a 40 year old that really is not doing what I’m doing?” Joseline snaps. Joseline is not impressed by who she’s managed by. “Who is she? She can be with them,”she replies. “

Why she don’t go do a song with Nicki Minaj?

Ain’t she down with Cash Money? Why she gotta do a song with me?”



She eventually agrees to do one song with her because it’s for Stevie J, but not without letting him know she’s ticked.

And after Stevie’s had enough he puts his foot down, “Life ain’t fair. Chalk it up as business. Let’s do what the f— we gotta do and keep it moving. You understand what I’m saying? And that’s that.” Then he tells her to “come on, come here” like he’s her Dad.

Momma Dee talks to Erica woman-to-woman about leaving her son during his asthma attack. What starts off as a calm conversation about how the couple are doing turns into an intense interaction.

Momma Dee tells Erica at the hospital Scrappy put the doctor and friends out of the room just to pull her to the side to vent about Erica abandoning him.

In Erica’s eyes she didn’t do anything he hasn’t done to her. Erica says when she lost their first child he left her too.
“You don’t get it. When you love somebody boo, you don’t leave them,” Momma Dee says.

“You don’t check me, boo,” Erica responds. “I’m not your child,” Erica warns her. “You left him for dead. You left him for dead. You left him for dead. You left my child for dead!” Momma Dee yells.


Scrappy invites Erica to lunch to break up with her. Of course he doesn’t spill the tea about his new beau Shay, instead he blames her for not having any emotions and abandoning him.

And she makes a good point that he did get drunk the night before, he has asthma attacks all the time and she still has to go to work to support their daughter.

She questions him about why he’s come back off and on for 10 years if she’s so emotionless like he claims. Scrappy storms off. We’re guessing that wasn’t a good time to tell her about his new girlfriend best friend Shay.

Mimi drops off Stevie’s boxes. Literally. “I’ve been on some reckless sh–,”Stevie admits. “But it doesn’t take away from the fact I still love you.” Mimi accuses Stevie of spending more time with Joseline than he does his own daughter. Of course he says it’s all business.

“You do way more than just work with her. You manage her, you manage her f—in’ pussy, her a— and everything under the f—in’ sun,” she said.


That’s a whole lot of managing. It doesn’t take long for Stevie’s natural charm to come out and he tries to kiss Mimi. Mimi has a moment of vulnerability, but quickly pulls it together. She leaves and on her way she rolls over his clothes.

Erica meets up with Rasheeda and K.Michelle to talk about her breakup with Scrappy. Poor Erica. She doesn’t even realize there’s another woman. When K.Michelle asks her if she thinks that’s what it is, she says no. The women blame Momma Dee for babying him too much.

“Teach him how to look at your butt and say goodbye,” K.Michelle advises.

K.Michelle and Mimi meet up with Karlie to address her messiness. Mimi can’t get her calm thoughts out because K.Michelle is too fired up. “Why would I be jealous? You old as s—,” K.Michelle declares. “You’re a 40 year old aspiring singer without a Wikipedia page.”

This isn’t going to end too well. K.Michelle shakes the table knocking the drinks on the floor. “Oooooh, this b— is shaking the table,” K.Michelle taunts her. When Karlie tells Mimi she has her on tape having sex with guys in the industry, K.Michelle throws her utensils at Karlie’s face. K.Michelle is escorted out before things get more ugly than they already are. Karlie’s is enraged with tears and yells, “I need to beat this b— a— right now.”

You wasn’t gonna do shit Karlith. Have a seat. _

Mimi tries to explain why K.Michelle has a problem with her. Karlie doesn’t want to hear it. “Once you put your hands on me, I will be at your house,” she yells. “You gotta arrest me today. Trust me, trust me you gotta arrest me today.”

No one gets arrested, thankfully. That doesn’t mean the next time these two see each other there won’t be drama. Mimi vs. Joseline, Erica vs. Joseline, Karlie Redd vs. K.Michelle.

Can’t everyone just get along?

Not in the fast life of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Stay tuned to see if the women and men keep their promises of settling scores and staying broken up.

-Stay Fly!

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[SFPL Exclusive Interview] The OMG Girls Talk; Personal Style, Being Teen Role Models & What’s Coming Next …

As I walked into the conference room there was an aura of positive energy that I felt, and after all the introductions were made and I was sitting face to face with Miss Star, Miss, Baby-doll, and Miss Beauty I knew why. These were the infamous OMG Girls and they definitely had a message that was worth hearing. On the surface any one would think they were the average pop culture teenage girls with the pink hair, big earrings, and versatile style. But after delving deeper into the minds of these eccentric young ladies I realized that there was a budding maturity that would definitely cause them to go far. Considering their outfits, my first order of business was to hear from each of them what their personal style was. Star let me know hands down that her idol is the beautiful and renown Rihanna. She appreciated the fact that she could mix the boyish and girlish look into one and make it something that she can call her own. Baby-doll, a fan of Selena Gomez stated that she was over the whole mathcy matchy phase and that the ability to put different colors together allowed her to be a Barbie doll in her own right. Beauty stated that her style was her own and she didn’t necessarily look to anyone for fashion guidance but rather went with what she thought was cute for her. “I’m a fan of sweats and simple stuff”,  other than having their fashion styles in the limelight there are other things that these girls have to take into consideration. The ladies have a huge fan base of teenage girls and are inadvertently put in the position of role models whether they want to or not, So I asked them, how does it feel to know that they are role models for their fans and how do they go about being these role models? The answers that I got were very impressive and ranged from it being a good feeling to know that people are looking up to them and taking on the responsibility to be a spokes person for their generation was a task that they took very seriously.

Unbeknownst to many, the name of their group, which obtains the acronym, OMG (which the masses have grown to know as Oh My GodOMG Girls stands for “Officially Miss Guided”. They are all about staying on their grind and promoting girl power, which is a message that they would like the world to know. My next order of business was to ask about their hit single (which if you haven’t heard, you need to fix ASAP) Gucci This (Gucci That) and the meaning behind the song. Honestly, the title may lead one to believe that the ladies are obsessed with material things, so what about their fans who can’t afford the high-end designers?


I was quickly informed that everybody likes to have nice things but the driving message behind it is that such things do not and will not come easy. One has to work hard for the things that they want and the only person that you should depend on to do it for you, IS you. While Gucci and Louie might not be attainable to the masses, these girls were sure to let me know that Gucci and Louis Vuitton are not the only things that are worth working hard for, its whatever you like whether it be H&M, Forever 21, or TJ Maxx because those are all places that they shop.


As is the name of this blog I had to ask them what their definition of fly is. Beauty said that being FLY means being yourself, Star stated that your FLY in whatever makes you feel good, and Baby-Doll said that FLY means to Forever Live Young and at the same damn time to Forever Love You.

I love them.

The OMG Girls are currently pushing their new single “Where The Boys At?” as well as working on their new video.

Stay tuned, as I am pretty sure that we can expect a lot of good things from them. Peep their new single “Where The Boys At?” Below …

-Stay Fly

[Interview By Rae Holliday, Verbage By Fly Guy, Trone Joeseph]

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[Last Night in NYC] Kemba Walker’s (of The Charlotte Bobcats) 22nd Birthday Celebration

Last Night, Team SFPL was on board to help celebrate the 22nd birthday of Charlotte Bobcats Point Guard, and 2012 All Star Weekend Participant, Kemba Walker.

The Circle LLC, Entrée Lifestyle and Pretentious PR presented the private press and celebrity dinner at Casa La Femme and celebrated after the dinner at New York’s exclusive Greenhouse night club.

Kemba (center) was joined by his friends, family, esteemed members of the press, including; Dorvell Carter, Kevin Shaw, Donnell Beverly and Durand Scott, all pictured above.

Held at the Egyptian themed Casa La Femme, afforded guests received the opportunity to interact with the 2012 All Star Weekend Participant on a more intimate and personal level.

Notables included Devon Johnson (Bleu Magazine), Kevin Shaw (The Circle LLC) & Bridget Kelly (Roc Nation’s own) just to name a few.

We chatted him up for a bit, he was cool and personable.

The belly dancing was a complete moment tho…

Especially when Kemba join in!

Kudos to the event planners, we had a great evening!

-Stay Fly!

Entertainment Last Night in NYC

[Last NIGHT in NYC] Pynk Mag X Ciroc X Dia Simms

 Team SFPL were on deck last night for the Pynk Magazine X Ciroc Dinner honoring the Executive Vice President of Blue Flame, Dia Simms.

The Dinner was held at Philippe  Chow, as attendees enjoyed a 3-course meal and complimentary cocktails via Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka.

Associate Publisher, Mecca More and Creative Director, Gabriel Williams were on deck to toast Dia, as apart of Pynk Magazine‘s ‘Watch Her Back’ series.

The evening was festive and vibrant.

Attendees included Claire Sulmers of The Fahsion Bomb Daily, seated next to Gabriel.

Author, Demetria Lucas was on deck as well, seated with Rae, and a host of other bloggers, editors and tastemakers.

-Stay Fly!

Entertainment Last Night in NYC

[Last NIGHT in NYC] AKOO x Maino x Summer Collection 2012 …

Last Night, Team SFPL headed to the AKOO NY Showroom for their first Tastemaker event of the season.


The private event featured Atlantic Records Recording Artist Maino and served as a preview of the AKOO Summer Collection. Hip Hop Wired’s Senior Editor, Kazeem Famuyide was the evenings host and guest included tastemakers, lifestyle & fashion bloggers, and stylists who all gathered while sipping delicious cocktails provided by CIROC.

The Summer collection was full of gems include clean plaids, printed tees, fresh polos and great shorts.

We got a chance to chuck it up with Maino, look out for our 5 Questions for Maino post coming up!

Maino was pretty candid and SOOOO Brooklyn, lol.

DJ Zeke had the party rocking and Kaz did a great job hosting, for more of the Akoo Summer Collection, Peep The Collection Here.

-Stay Fly!



[Recap] Styled By June, Season 1, Episode 2

June Ambrose has styled your favorite artists, and now she’s on TV showing how the creative process unfolds!

Grab your purple doobie and styling gel, Class is in session!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Juneiverse!

This week, she has a dinner date with her newest client, self proclaimed “Baddest B!tch” Trina, who wants to revamp her sexy look for a more crossover appeal.

*side eye*

She has a meeting with her team [Eli, Rachel, and @TukieB] as they discuss how they’re going to revamp Trina’s look without compromising her integrity.

And we’ve all seen Trina’s integrity on many occasions!

As they boomkack for their lives, [in Louboutin heels] us viewers come to the realization, that if Trina’s crossover appeal doesn’t work out, she always has a back-up career as


Don’t be mad! Do your thang Katrina Laverne!

Trina then makes an unexpected visit to June’s office and her face goes from happy camper


a side eye surly stank face! She’s not feeling these high-fashion looks at all.

Shearling jackets are banned at Boys and Girls High School, and they’re surely banned from Trina’s closet! Numerous wildlife animals died making those garments, and we will have no part of it!

What will Rasheeda think  of her now?

These next images are not for the faint of heart. If you are a stylist, or fashionista these images may induce rage, strained race relations or the need to whisper your favorite psalm to yourself.

I know stylists who will declare #WAR if something like this were to ever happen!

Their sense of urgency is commondable!

Tukie’s is moving faster than Precious when she stole that chicken!

Trina is obviously worried about June’s styling choices, [we trust June though] but if she wants to make a successful crossover move, she needs to allow herself to be guided, and not put up a fight at every corner.

After a semi-convincing pep talk from June, Trina allows her hair to be styled from the gentleman with the Indian remy ponytail down the middle.

And we have to admit, the hair looks GOOD!


Shit gets real in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,

When June questions why one of the garments are dirty, her assistants start getting nervous…

With the exception of Rachel, who dirtied the clothes and is now nowhere to be found.

The way her stylists told her the truth was shady, they should have been upfront about the issue at hand.

However, we were still on the fence about this look. I guess we too were used to Trina looking like the head stripper at Scores. After a closer look though, we definitely appreciate where June took it.

She has a sit down with stay away Rachel, who was not present at the photo shoot, and lets her know how she let her team down [and got $500,000 worth of clothes dirty]

Trina hits up an event, that will showcase her new music and new look. Needless to say, the people waiting outside are very impressed.

Job well done!

On stage, Trina goes from nervous beginner


Trina looks amazing, and it feels good to see that June has her best interest at heart! She felt that Trina was worth an over the top edgy look, and she made sure that she delivered!

Are you?



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[Fly Give-A-Ways] ECKO X SFPL “Turn N’ Burn” Hoodie Giveaway

Everyone loves a good hoodie. And the good folks over at ECKO have teamed up with SFPL to give away not one, but TWO of their newest offering, The “Turn N Burn” Hoodie.

Some days you don’t want to be bothered with putting together a great outfit. Then there are the other days when you want to show off your best fashion pieces. The Marc Ecko Cut & Sew “Turn N Burn” hoodie, allows you to do both at once. Large logo on top right chest made with high density gel ink. Banded bottom hem and cuff. Exposed metal zipper, Kangaroo pockets with extended overlock stitching. Ribbed binding on edge of hood. 65% Cotton/35% Polyester

Here are the rules; (1) Simply follow @TheSFPL on Twitter and (2) RETWEET THIS.

Yuup, It’s that simple. The Winner will be randomly picked on Febryaury 27th at 5pm!

Good Luck and Stay Fly!

Want to grab this hoodie for yourself minus the wait? Click Here

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SFPL Interviews Teyana Taylor…

SFPL had recently had the opportunity to talk with the multi-talented Teyana Taylor. The Harlem native, discussed her up-coming EP The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor, who inspires her musically, and her favorite must have items. Peep the interview after the jump!


[Recap] Love & Hip Hop, Season 2, Episode 1


It was good just a season ago! In the beginning of the new season of “Love And Hip Hop” we were caught up with the lives of Chrissy, Olivia,Emily, Somaya, and were introduced to Yandy and Kimbella. [more on her later]

Somaya and Maurice [well, Maurice] has a liquor line that he’s trying to brand through Somaya’s investor, and the investor isn’t happy because there isn’t any music being produced! $550,000 dollars put up and no music?


On the other hand, Rich Dollaz is trying to push Olivia to the next level, but Olivia is being a bit stubborn and feels that she’s worth more, but the material that is being put out isn’t meeting their expectations. He says simply “I’m looking to make money, instead of spending it”

Let em know Rich!

Emily makes the ultimate decision of her life when she decides to leave Fabolous, and get her own apartment. Emily lets her daughter know that she’s going to move on with herself and start a new life. [But the small details as to why are left unknown] There’s no debate that Emily is still a bit vulnerable, but I think she’s listening to Chrissy’s advice about being empowered!

Jim and Chrissy are in the jeweler’s shop. No, they’re not adding a ring to their collection, but they’re replacing Jim’s ring because “he lost it” Chrissy is furious, and she’s giving Jimmy some time to think about their futures together, or else she’s leaving. I actually want to believe her! She didn’t leave the store with a ring of her own, but she did leave with a “painkiller” which is codeword for leaving a store with a much deserved gift for putting with up ______

BUT- If she thought that not getting proposed to was a slap in the face, she has no idea what would happen to her a couple of days later. Mama Nancy Jones, is back and she is tired of the disrespect that she feels she receives from Chrissy. Both of these women are crazy from him, and while that is understood, they’re possessive over him, and they want him all to themselves. What’s a better way to let someone know how you feel about them? YOU RECORD A SONG, AND UPLOAD THE VIDEO TO WORLDSTARHIPHOP

Chrissy gets a call from Olivia [or Liv as she calls her these days] letting her know to check out WSHH and call her back in a few.

I believe that this is the FIRST TIME EVER that Jimmy has started to see Chrissy’s point of view, instead of just arguing with her or staying on his mothers side. “It don’t make me feel right and I know it definitely don’t make you feel good,” Jim tells Chrissy . Chrissy doesn’t appear to be pissed off- she looks upset! And rightfully so.

This is such a weird connection. Juelz and Jimmy refer to themselves as brothers. Juelz and Kimbella have been together for two years, Chrissy and Jimmy have been together for sex years, and they haven’t met each other at all. And Yandy is Jim’s manager and she knows both of the two women.

Something doesn’t add up.

Kimbella’s first impression is very cheeky, isn’t it?

Now Emily has a party to celebrate her independence, she rented out a suite and invited Yandy, Kimbella, Somaya, Olivia and Chrissy over.

Kimbella chooses this moment, out of all the moments in the world to tell Emily that she used to “date” Fab over three years ago. Now, to all you industry folks, we know what “date” means. It’s a step above Taco Bell, but a step below Turkey Burgers and Hot Chocolate [really ho?] with lots of sex in between!

.This is the point in the show when shit gets real… real quick.

Somaya notices the tension, and La Jefa begins to go to the other side of the room, because she does not want to end up as a casualty on this battlefield. All of their body languages are expressing different emotions. Yandy is neutral, Olivia is cautious, Emily is hurt, and Chrissy is PISSED

Kimbella starts saying stuff like “I’m a real bitch” and our good friend Freshalina over at Crunk N Disorderly gives us different definitions of this term.

Got it? Good.

No one messes with Chrissy – or her friends, and a lot of people can identify with her loyalty! Isn’t it ironic that Kimbella’s Louboutins match Chrissy’s dress?

Everyone was hype when we saw Chrissy beat the shi_ out of Kimbella. We felt like dancing!

Hey Kimbella?

“Maybe her intentions were good, but her outcome was tasteless, heartless and tacky,”

Kimbella, you may think you “still look pretty” but the rest of us [Beyonce included] think you’re still a

Peep the Episode if you haven’t ….

-Stay Fly!





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