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Fly Interviews: Eric Bellinger: “I Would Do A Collaboration Album With Beyonce” [Video]


Singer/Songwriter Eric Bellinger recently stopped by SFPL TV to discuss new music, his inspiration behind providing consistent catalogs of music, the stigma behind “Songwriter vs. Artist”, being an independent artist rather than signed, new tour and so much more.

In case you didn’t know, Eric has worked a number of talents across the board like: Usher, Rihanna, Beyonce, Drake, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Trey Songz, The Game, Tyrese, Teyana Taylor and so many more. Literally, it would take an entire month to name everyone who he’s worked it. Eric is currently signed to independent label 300 Entertainment (distributed by Atlantic Records) founded by Lyor Cohen, Roger Gold, Kevin Liles and Todd Moscowitz.

The 300 sector includes signees like: Fetty Wap, Migos, Young Thug and more.

Eric spoke about being approached by the G.O.O.D Music(s) & the Cash Money(s):

I respect it, but the same attention that [everybody] is giving Lil Wayne and [everybody] is giving Kanye, [I] need that.

Bellinger was also asked, “if he were to do a collab album who would it be with?”

I would have to call on Beyonce. Just to be all the way real, I think with the passion, with the sincerity, with the vocal inflections, the stylistics of her runs, sonically, everything — I think what she’s doing is the BEST.

Recently, teaming up with Toronto’s own Tory Lanez, the two premiered their new collab effort entitled “Don’t Look Down” produced by Samm Busy, Habib, August Grant, & A|C. Check out the visual BTS clip here to see how the pairing came about as they hit the studio.

Peep the full SFPL TV interview below:

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Cuffing Season II is out now.

Get more of Eric’s FULL music catalog HERE.

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Part 2: Monica Says: “I Genuinely Love People, I Don’t Think That’s Something You Can Buy or Teach” [SFPL TV]


In Part 2 of our interview with Monica, the singer talks about her kids being in the music business, maintaining a genuine persona, having a strong family influence growing up which shaped her attitude and more. The Code Red singer dropped a lot of jewels during her visit in NYC that we had to break it up for all to take in the good word from the beloved soul singer.


On her kids being apart of the music industry:

I would absolutely allow any of my children to be apart of the music business. I feel like everything i’ve gone through and everything i’ve learned has been with reason. And if it’s with reason then there’s a greater purpose. If the purpose is to help my children to understand this industry and to go about it right, then i’m all for it. And if they absolutely have no interest in this industry, i’m all for that too.

About staying humble and genuine in the industry:

As human beings, it’s a lot to take in when you become successful, and status changes, your monetary, everything is changing! Everything is just changing! And for me, I was fortunate that I didn’t have to go through those changes because I stayed so deeply rooted and where i’m from — it had a lot to do with my family as well.

I genuinely love people — I don’t think that’s something you can buy or teach. No matter how much training somebody might get, if you really don’t like people, and you really don’t like interacting, then this isn’t the business for you. Because people say that [it’s just about the music] but who are you selling the music to? So, you can’t separate the two.

Check out the full interview below:

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Code Red available on iTunes HERE.


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Fly Interview: Cash Money’s Jacquees Talks Dab, ‘Lost At Sea’ Joint Mixtape with Birdman, Chris Brown & more


Cash Money Records and Birdman‘s protege, Jacquees stopped by the SFPL TV studio to give us a quick introduction and his plans to take over the music industry with his own personal sound, musicality and style.

Singing since the age of 12 and now 21 years old, Jacquees musical influences ranges from the likes of: Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Hot Boys, Jodeci, Usher, Bobby Brown and more.

Jacquees has a total of 5 mixtapes that he dropped independently, which eventually landed him on the Billboard charts during the release of his 4th mixtape. He eventually got signed to the Cash Money conglomerate once debuting his 5th mixtape project.

On working consistently in the studio with his idol, Chris Brown:

We had a lot of fun, just working on records, writing records, hanging out — just doing what we do. That’s my homie, my big brother. We got a lot of stuff on the way. That was like one of the biggest moments of my career.

Jacquees also mentioned that he and Birdman also has a joint mixtape on the way titled Lost At Sea, which is due out at the top of the year. He also admitted to leaking two records in support of the joint project: “B.E.D.” & “Bounce“.

Recently, Jacquees was granted access to be apart of the BET Music Matters roster where he got a chance to perform in New York at the legendary hotspot SOB’s for the established music series.

Check out the full interview below:

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Fly Interviews: Monica On Chris Brown: “I think he’s a tremendous talent”, Singer Talks ‘Code Red’, Remaking ‘The Boy Is Mine’ & more on SFPL TV


The Code Red Queen herself, Monica stopped by SFPL TV just a few days before her album dropped to spend some quality time with the Fly Team!

The “Just Right For Me” veteran singer talked about family, why she took some time off, her brand new album, restoring R&B music and it’s origins, Brandy, Aaliyah, Chris Brown, working with Rico Love & more.

Monica spoke on the consistent subject of “Emerging Artists Allegedly Stealing R&B From It’s Origins”:

I don’t feel like anyone can take something that’s mine. That’s just something i’ve always felt. And whomever is successful in R&B music, I wish them the absolute best — because at the end of the day, whatever is meant for us is going to be — and that’s just the way that I feel, that’s a personal choice for me to feel like any place that my feet should be firmly planted, he’ll [GOD] put them there. And I mean, he’s done that for me time and time again. From 1994 all the way to 2015, from 12 years old to 35. So, I don’t feel like anything can be taken from us as far as R&B music is concerned.

On Chris Brown:

You know, i’ve always loved Chris Brown. I think he is a tremendous talent. Whatever else he experiences comes with the territory because this is a lot. And you know, I always say: To whom much is given, much is required. But when you young it takes time to settle into exactly what’s required of you, and I think he will do a lot of that with time. Because there’s not another artist that’s able to sing so many different types of music, dance in so many different styles and ways, and everything is not choreographed with him. Like, i’ve seen him when he’s not just on stage; when music drops it’s just like it’s in his soul, it’s in his bones, it’s something that he was born to do. So, I love Chris.

Monica talked about Jazmine Sullivan and Fantasia as her favorites artists, along the lines of Chris.

On “Which Two Artists Should Remake ‘The Boy Is Mine”:

That record, it really changed both of our lives. And I say, “No One” from my perspective because this record was put together by Rodney Jerkins and Brandy, and if it’s somebody that the two of them believe in — that they feel like really could do the record — then I would cosign that idea immediately. Because they know it’s origin and they know everything they were thinking when they called me and said: “hey, we think this would be a great idea.” That was Brandy and my first time really even being in the same room, and meeting and you know at 16 & 17, it just was a special moment. The only record that both of us have Grammy’s for — like we really did a lot when it came to that record, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable even trying to pick a person to do that song without the two of them, Rodney & Brandy.

Take a look at the full interview below:

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‘Code Red’ available now on iTunes HERE.

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Fly Interview: Keke Wyatt Talks Family, Giving Birth To 7 Children, New Music, Reality TV & more on SFPL TV


Keke Wyatt should sign up to be a comedian! Not only can she sing her face off, but the veteran artist also has a funny bone that was made for comedy. Sitting in our studio, as she covers a few topics at hand, Keke literally had the entire room laughing hysterically throughout the entire interview, and we loved every bit of it!


Back to the interview portion, Wyatt talks about family, giving birth to 7 children…YES, 7 children! She also spoke on her new single “Sexy Song”, which is from her forthcoming album due in 2016 (title TBA), taking a break from Reality TV (R&B Divas: ATL), advise for women pregnant for the first time and more.

Check out the interview below:

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“Sexy Song” is available on iTunes HERE.

In case you missed it, check out the Lyric Video to Keke’s new single:

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Fly Interview: Cool Amerika Says “Bow Wow Had The Meaning of ‘DAB’ Wrong, It Comes From Your Style, Your Swag”


New up & coming duo, Cool Amerika stopped by the SFPL Studio to talk about their new music & videos, T.I., OutKast, Bow Wow, the REAL meaning of the dance craze — #DAB, internet beef: Erykah vs. Iggy Azalea and much more.


When asked about Bow Wow’s YouTube video about his version of what the DAB really means:

I get what he’s saying but he had it wrong. DAB came from how you dress, how you put it on, but it has to be in you — not on you. You be in mirror checking yourself out like….Wooooo (hence “I look fresh”) [insert DAB]!


With a new album and mixtape on the way in 2016, the fellas advise us of features from the likes of; Wayne Wonder, B.o.B, recently being released from jail — rapper & 1/3 of MigosOffset and more. On their wish list, fingers are crossed to work with Tory Lanez, Bryson Tiller, RJ & Choice, Nicki Minaj.


Peep the FULL interview below:

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Make sure you download Cool Amerika’s latest mixtape No Taxes 2 at

The fellas also appeared on B.o.B.’s NASA project, which dropped 11/23 on

Follow Them: | |

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Fly Interview: A$AP Ferg On SFPL TV, Says He Once Got Fired From Ben & Jerry’s; Talks Working with Missy Elliot, Madonna & more



Fly Friend of SFPL, Rapper A$AP Ferg graced the SFPL TV studio with his presence to talk about his new forthcoming album Always Strive and Prosper, once working for Ben & Jerry’s, his new Trap Lord x Adi-ease collaboration with Adidas, meeting Missy Elliot through Timbaland for the very first time and now having her apart of his new project, working with Madonna and much more. 

About being fired from Ben & Jerry’s:

My boy Benson was the manager at the time. I don’t know if the boss knew at the time, but I didn’t sign no application or nothing. I just walked in one day, put a ice cream shirt on and got to work — start to scooping [he laughs]. I was probably giving people extra scoops and they didn’t even know — I started figuring it out later what to do, but I didn’t take no training or nothing. I got paid and everything, but it wasn’t the place for me because I felt like i’m going to use this as a stepping stone — this is only for right now, but I wasn’t really taking the job serious.

Ferg says being fired made him realize that he will never let anyone be in charge of his destiny, nor allow it in anyone else’s hands again. So, he thanked his boss for firing him at the time and for the irony of it, he did an entire photoshoot right inside of the B&J location where he was once fired.


Ferg’s visit was on the same day as A$AP Yams official birthday. Ferg wished Yams a very happy b-day during his interview in honor of his dear friend:

Peep the FULL interview below:

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Be sure to catch A$AP Ferg on the When It’s Dark Out Tour with G-Eazy at the top of the year.


Get more of A$AP Ferg at

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Fly Interview: Deitrick Haddon says; “Kanye West On A Gospel Record Would Be Bananas! Get Drake On A Hook…Sheesh.”


Recently, Gospel Artist Deitrick Haddon stopped by SFPL TV to drop some knowledge and gave an exclusive LIVE performance of his hit track “Under Control.”

During the interview, Deitrick spoke on the state of gospel music, Kanye West and Drake wanting to do a gospel track but possibly being pushed away, why gospel artists aren’t crossing over due to lack of artistry, and so much more. Everyone should definitely pay close attention to this interview, as Haddon laid the true on the line.

What Deitrick says about the Gospel genre/Artists when asked; “why the music seems to be very stagnant, and going unnoticed in recent times?”:

I believe we have to be more creative. I think we need to bring the art back to gospel music. An artist to express themselves; on stage, the lights, what are you rocking, what are you wearing, what’s your presentation — we’ve kinda fell off from presentation — we put on our suits & ties and we’re just like…”C’mon and lift you hands” [in his Preacher voice]…and that’s it, [he shrugs]. Honestly, we get on Sunday morning. EVERY Sunday morning. So, i’m not going to buy a ticket to your concert when I get that for free on Sunday. But if you express yourself as an artist, people are attracted to your art, and they will come see that because they can’t see that on Sunday. But, it takes bold talent to come out and say; “I’m an artist, that’s who I am. And i’m doing it for Gospel music, doing it for God, but i’m doing it the way I see it, and the way I hear it.” So we gotta get back to that. And that’s my mission now, i’m saying: “Hey y’all, let’s not allow this tradition to smother our creativity.”

Wise words from Deitrick!

Check out the FULL interview and a LIVE performance of his song “Under Control” below:

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“Under Control” is from Deitrick’s latest album Masterpiece available now.

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V. Bozeman on Grace Jones: “She’s Paved The Way For Me; If There Wasn’t A Grace Jones, It Wouldn’t Be A V. Bozeman”, Singer Talks with SFPL TV [Video]


Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Actress/Philanthropist and star of EMPIRE, V. Bozeman paid a visit to the Fly Offices of SFPL TV, during her short-stay in the Big Apple! Born and raised in South Central, California, the established artist talked about her recurring role on the FOX hit series, new single “Smile”, working with Timbaland, tribute performances in honor of the late John Lennon, and living music veteran and actor Harry Belafonte, forthcoming 2016 album Music Is My Boyfriend and more.


V talks about EMPIRE: 

The experience has been nothing but amazing. So many doors have opened, i’ve developed so many new relationships with people from Terrance, Taraji, Jussie and Yazz. I just think it’s a big family and everybody is so grateful to be there and just be apart of a special series.

About being compared to the legendary Grace Jones, all while still forming her own lane:

She paved the way for me. If there was no Grace Jones, it wouldn’t be a V. Bozeman, and I honor her to the upmost — I give her so much respect. She’s broken so many barriers and that’s kind like what i’m about, I vibe on my own vibration.

In case you didn’t know, V. Bozeman first made her way onto the scene when singer/musician Timothy Bloom premiered his 2011 single/video ‘Til The End of Time’, which featured Bozeman and her powerful vocals, as the visual went viral capturing the duo in a D’ Angelo‘esque type vibe, barring a little skin; all while delivering a soulful love song. Two years later, V debuted her new single/visual “Race Jones”, where she delivered a powerful message about accepting the color of her skin, that she’s in.

Since then, V’s wings continued to spread as she moved on to work the likes of Cee-lo Green, Rihanna and now hit-maker Timbaland under the label Mosley Music Group.

Watch the FULL interview below:

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Kirk Franklin on Kendrick Lamar: “I Love Great Artistry and I Think He’s A Great Artist”, Kirk Says On SFPL TV [Video]


Kirk Franklin recently stopped by SFPL TV, Pre-album release day, to talk about his new project, religion, social media, Drake, Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar and more. Getting mounds of flack from the album title, Kirk continues to beat the odds and the naysayers, as his album hit the top of the charts landing No. 1 on Billboard’s Current Gospel Chart and Billboard’s Top Christian/Gospel Albums Chart. The album also entered No. 10 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums Chart. The new project marks Franklin’s eleventh consecutive No.1 debut.


About the title Losing My Religion, Kirk says:

With the new album, when I say ‘Losing My Religion’, i’m saying: that just like Marriage cannot guarantee Intimacy, Rules does not guarantee Relationship. And that Rules without Relationship leads to Rebellion. And I believe that’s why so many people leave church, or leave christianity or just any type of system of belief; because you keep stacking the rules on them. I believe that it’s a time to stop trying and start trusting.

Kirk also mentioned to that he’s currently listening to the likes of: Taylor Swift [he mentions jokingly as his guilty pleasure and says: Yo, Taylor! Don’t sleep on her! She’s dope!], Drake, Kendrick Lamar, U2, Mumford & Sons and more.

Kirk candidly talks about Kendrick Lamar:

I just rock with what feels good. I mess with what I feel is genuine and just very honest music, because that’s what I wanna be; a very genuine and honest artist. Everyone I listen to is not the purpose of me wanting to work with them, it’s just I try to make sure i’m expounding and expanding what it is that is culturally relevant, and I love great artistry; and I think he’s a great artist. Of course, i’m not able to cosign all of the lyrical content but that’s not my job to.

Check out the FULL interview below:

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‘Losing My Religion’ is available now on all music streaming platforms.