Seth Rogen & Snoop Dogg Have The Most Hilarious Weed Conversation on GGN [Video]

The high-larious duo are back at it again as we gear up for this Friday’s release of NEIGHBORS 2: SORORITY RISING. Seth Rogen stopped by Snoop Dogg’s GGN to talk everything from ‘NEIGHBORS’ to award shows to edibles – and it’s only fitting he does so with a jay ready to smoke behind his ear.

We wanted to share their latest interview on GGN as these two unapologetic marijuana maniacs mull over Seth’s upcoming film, favorite sativa strands and more.

Check it out above.

NEIGHBORS 2: SORORITY RISING opens everywhere on Friday, May 20th.


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#Happy420: Five Celebs We Wouldn’t Mind Sharing A Joint With


Today is the unofficial holiday of weed enthusiast all across the world, if you didn’t know that by now, you must live in a cave. Today tokers all over the world celebrate the magical plant by doing what they do best … smoke it. Today in honor of the unofficial smokers holiday we figured we would select five celebs we wouldn’t mind rolling up with (if we did that).

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Blank Stare: James Franco and Seth Rogen Are Really Going To Be #NakedandAfraid

seth and jamesJames Franco gave a small but very visual hint that both him and his pal Seth Rogen were going to be on Discovery Channel’s hit show Naked and Afraid. Fans just thought it was  a joke , just like the two jokesters  hilarious take on  Kanye West’s visual “Bound 2” featuring his bootylicious wife Kim Kardashian. Today we learned today that both James and Seth will star in their own episode of  Naked and Afraid.