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#SXSW: Seen On The Scene: Mary J. Blige, Danielle Brooks & DJ Mel Debarge at Samsung’s ‘Supper Club Series’ [Photos]

Mary J. Blige and Chef Paul Qui
Mary J. Blige and Chef Paul Qui

Samsung continued their Supper Club Series with an intimate performance by singer/songwriter Mary J. Blige. Upon arrival, attendees were welcomed with a cocktail hour to the beats of DJ Mel (DeBarge), followed by a specialty curated sit-down dinner menu by Chef Paul Qui. Taking a break from the busy festival, guests enjoyed dinner amongst the backdrop of a candle-lit tables, fresh flowers and a rooftop view of downtown Austin.


Blige serenaded the audience with favorites such as “Real Love”, “ No More Drama“ and “I’m Going Down.“ At the end of her set, excited attendees chanted “Mary, Mary, Mary!” and succeeded in keeping the singer on stage for an encore which included a version of U2’s “One Love.” Even the onlookers from the street hoped to catch some of Mary’s tunes were seen singing and dancing along. Following the performance, popular electronic rock duo Phanotogram took to the turntables and got the crowd dancing into the night.


Actress Danielle Brooks from Orange Is the New Black stopped by to visit Mary and congratulate her on an amazing performance, but Mary was noticeably equally as excited to be meeting an actress from one of her favorite shows.

Throughout the evening, guests were able to interact with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 devices, which displayed the specialty menus on the tables.



[Photos provided by Getty/Samsung]


SFPL & GIANT’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Cameras


With most smartphones constantly improving their cameras, you would think buying an actual camera is almost an after-thought, but that hasn’t been the case. If anything it seems like camera phones are making everyone into budding photographers and camera companies are constantly updating their designs to stay ahead of the smartphone makers and make them easier to use. Here are our list of some options to snap up.


Nikon 1 AW1 – $800

One of the reasons why cameras still can’t be replaced by smartphones with cameras is durability. Nikon has combined equal parts of toughness and sexiness and given us the Michelle Rodriguez of cameras, the Nikon 1 AW1. The AW1 is waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof and comes with in a silver silicone frame making it the perfect companion anywhere you plan on shooting. The camera itself can shoot up to 60 frames per second in fixed focus and extras like GPS and an electronic compass will make sure your trips end happily.


Samsung Galaxy NX – $1700

As Smartphones camera enthusiasts look to step up to real cameras the move might be a little daunting. But, the guys at Samsung have got you covered. The Galaxy NX gives you a real camera experience but with the familiarity of an Android smartphone interface. The camera comes with tutorials to help you get acclimated with settings, frame rates, and other photo jargon. The Android interface lets you download apps that let you post your images directly to Facebook, Instagram or any other app.  The NX can also use any of the NX series interchangeable lenses


Sony QX100 – $500

The camera on everyone’s list is Sony’s Cyber-shot QX series. The Lens contains all of the camera parts and connects to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet to act as the display. The camera takes great pics and videos as it utilizes much of the same imaging tech as the Cyber Shot RX 100.


Canon 5D Mark III – $3000

When it’s not broke don’t fix it, just tweak it a bit and that’s exactly what Canon has done with the Mark III of their uber-popular 5D brand.  22 megapixel full frame sensor, dual SD slots, Built in HDR, multiple exposure modes, and it shoots video and static pictures brilliantly making it the DSLR of choice for most professionals. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing with it, you at least can look the part.


Canon Elph 330 HS – $149

Appropriately named, the Elph is compact in size but big in performance. Canon’s Elph pulls double duty as a great portable camera that can take both great quality pictures and videos. With a price tag just under $200, you can get the camera and still afford to make some memories to take pictures of. It’s also small enough to not make you look like a tourist when you are snapping away.

By: Ian Freeman


SFPL & GIANT’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 Tablets



Tablet usage has grown substantially over the past years and Apple’s dominance is no longer a rubber stamp with devices from Microsoft, Samsung and others challenging for market share. Here are some of our choices to pick up.



iPad Air – $499

Still one of the sexiest on the market and now weighing a mere pound, the Apple guys have packed a lot into the iPad Air. Two antennas for better Wi-Fi, thinner frame, a faster 64-bit processor, a battery that will let you work for 10 hours easily and a few other tune-ups make it a worthy successor to the previous iPads.

Stand Mode Yoga Tablet

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 – $289

The first thing you notice about Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet is the new design that resembles a rolled up magazine. This little addition gives it a natural and familiar grip for easy handling. It houses the new battery that lasts about 12 hours. It also serves as the linchpin for the 3 modes of the Yoga (handheld, standing and the new typing mode). And in the $300 range, it’s a good choice for tablet seekers on a budget.


Microsoft Surface Pro 2 – $899

As more units running Windows 8 roll off the assembly line, the Microsoft Hybrid Surface Pro 2 (big brother to the RT) is the one to get. The new version touts a new jazzed up processor, a 2 stage kickstand giving a user more flexibility, crisper display, better keyboard response and 75 percent more battery life. It’s still a bit large and heavy to be a true tablet, but in versatility, and getting work done, no one does it better.




Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) – $550

Samsung’s predecessor to its first Note tablet has added some bells and whistles that make it a real head turner and feel more like the high-end device it is. The new Galaxy Note 10.1 integrates many of the Galaxy 4s updates and better S-Pen optimization with the new Air Command interface. Add to it a 10.1 display wrapped in a faux leather rear casing that gives it that luxurious feel that was missing from the predecessor.


Nexus 7 - hero - press site

Google Nexus 7 – $230

For the price and size, it’s hard to find a better option that the Nexus 7. Lighting quick processor speed that has apps and webpages opening virtually instantaneously, a display that rivals larger, high-end tablets and options like restricted profiles and wireless charging are just a few of the things that makes the Nexus 7 one of the best bargains on the Android system.


Fly Tech Review: Samsung Galaxy Studio Lands In Soho

Just in time for the shopping season, Samsung brings its ‘Galaxy Studio’ to SoHo giving attendees a one of a kind immersion in the Galaxy experience.

Entertainment Last Night in NYC

[Last NIGHT in NYC][Video] T.I., Victor Cruz, J-Hud & More Attend KANYE WEST X Samsung Galaxy Notes II …

Last Night in NYC, Kayne West hit the stage during the Samsung Galaxy Notes II launch at Skylight at Moynihan Station.

Entertainment Last Night in NYC

[Last Night in NYC] Ledisi performs at the Samsung Experience …

Ledisi gave an amazing performance Last Night in NYC at the Samsung Experience store. She performed a plethora her known hits as well as new cuts from her forthcoming album “Pieces of Me,”.


Comedian and TV personality Chuck Nice hosted the Event,  and other notables included; BET Exec Stephen Hill and Founder and CEO of Digiwaxx Media (who produced the event), Corey “CL” Llewellyn just to name a few. Check out the soul songstress as she performs the title track of her upcoming album.

Job Well Done Ledisi!

-Stay Fly!

[Video via SingersRoom]


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We knew this was going to happen…smh. It’s quite obvious that most products are taking after the iPad, iPhone, etc. Check out the article via CNN Tech after the jump!