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Pour Her Some Milk: Amanda Nunes Gives Ronda Rousey The Hands At UFC 207, The Internet Reacts Accordingly

Damn 2016 took another life and that would be Ronda Rousey’s career :-(. What was being built as the comeback of one of UFC’s most popular athletes turned out to be a huge dub.

Image (2) Laurence-Fishburne.gif for post 110261Yeah, I know, I know, we saw a very focused and ripped Ronda Rousey ready to redeem herself after suffering a crushing loss to Holly Holm which had her contemplating suicide. Can’t front I was one of those people who thought Ronda was gonna hop up in the octagon and handle business like she used to you. Boy was I wrong like a lot of people, this is what happened instead:

Ronda didn’t even make it out of the first round let alone put a scratch on Amanda Nunes. Not to mention Nunes immediate reaction after beating Rousey was scathing enough telling the crowd “FORGET ABOUT RONDA ROUSEY”.

Nunes who didn’t really break a sweat got on her phone immediately and posted a meme on her Instagram account to add insult to injury.

On top of the that you know the internet wastes no time in conjuring up memes and hilarious tweets to rub it in even more.


Absolutely brutal, now honestly I hope Ronda has a strong support system around her to help her cope with this devastating defeat. Besides lets give Ronda the credit she deserves she pretty much put the UFC’s women’s division on the map and also was the sports BIGGEST star before Connor McGregor burst on the scene. BUT these memes and tweets were just too clever to ignore, sorry Ronda. Hit the gallery below to even more hilarious reactions to her quick defeat:

PHOTO: Twitter

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Watch: Holly Holm on Ronda Rousey “I Admire Her For Being A Dominant Champion, Alot Of Us Would’nt Be Here Without Her” [Video]


New UFC Champ Holly Holm sat down yesterday with Larry King on the Emmy nominated series “Larry King Now” for a special interview, her first long-form conversation since shocking the world (and Ronda Rousey) in last weekend’s UFC 193 fight.

In the interview, the newly minted UFC Bantamweight Champion responded to TIME Magazine labeling former UFC Champ Ronda Rousey ‘a new kind of hero’ despite her shocking loss to Holm, rumors that UFC 193 was predetermined, and gets candid about what a day of training is like in preparation for a UFC fight. Plus, who her toughest opponent ever was? HINT: It’s not Ronda.

Take a look below:

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Photo Credit: Larry King Now 


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Today, a full trailer has been released to showcase what’s in store from the highlighted film. Check out cameos from likes of; Pharrell, T.I., Jessica Alba, Liam Neeson, Ronda Rousey, Tom Brady, Andrew Dice Clay, Warren Buffet, David Spade, Kelsey Grammar and so many more.