‘When The Bough Breaks’ Star Jaz Sinclair Covers Rolling Out Magazine

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az Sinclair is a newcomer to Hollywood, but the young 22-year-old Dallas native is looking to become a household name and she looks to be the right track. The young starlet looks to wow movie-goers this weekend when the thriller When The Bough Breaks hits theaters.

In the movie Sinclair plays a surrogate named Anna who has been hired by a young married couple John Taylor (Morris Chestnut) and Lara (Regina Hall). Everything seems perfect till Anna becomes dangerously obsessed with John and now he must protect his family from her. In her cover story with Rolling Out Magazine, Sinclair spoke on a multitude of topics.

Jaz on how she landed the role of Anna:

It was a multi-step process. I went in for the audition and they had me do four scenes from the story so they could feel if I could play both: the innocent Anna and the intense Anna.

I went to a couple meetings, sent in an audition tape while I was filming Paper Towns, met the director and he told me later that during our meeting that he didn’t think I would get the role because he thought I was too sweet. Then we had a conversation about Anna and something in my eyes changed that kind of scared him and that’s when he knew I could do it.

How she knew the role was perfect for her:

It’s strange. If I had looked at it on paper without putting it on its feet, I never would have thought “me” for this role. For so many reasons, I just would not have thought this would be my role. When I was auditioning, it just came through me. And something just clicked. I understood her. She made sense to me. And I cared about her. I read the script and the same thing happened. It was like the script was speaking to me and I just knew I was supposed to play this role.

Jaz on working with Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall:

It was great. He is great. He is such a gentleman and a kind person, and an amazing actor. He made me feel so safe and comfortable. There were some tense parts in the film and potentially uncomfortable scenes if you don’t trust your co-star. I felt so respected and inspired by him.

And then Regina [Hall] is such a talented actress. Watching her work and the variety and the layers that she brings for every scene, she was able to do so many versions and they were all so beautiful.

To read the rest of the interview head to over to Rolling Out right now, and be sure to head to the theaters September 9th to see Jaz in When The Bough Breaks and see how #ItAllWentWrong.

SOURCE: Rolling Out | Photo: Dallas Logan For Rolling Out


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On What She’s Learned About Herself Throughout Her Career

Well, I know that I’m enough, and that I have something to offer the world. I guess now that I’ve grown up and gotten a little older, I know what I want, and I know what I want in a mate and I’m able to say it.  I’m not one to beat around the bush anymore. There was a time when I was so concerned about hurting people’s feelings, but it’s not that way anymore. While I still care about people’s feelings, I understand the importance of being able to express exactly what I want, and exactly how I’m feeling.

Being that the industry is so crazy, some of the things that I do to just chill out and reflect. I’m kind of a loner… I love to be at home, where I can just shut everything out and either read or meditate. Sometimes, I just can’t be connected every minute and every second of the day, so I just turn off all of the electronics, and just focus on removing myself from the stress and the busyness of the world.
On Her Dating Life

(smiles) I’m currently single.[…]My perfect date is just a guy that takes control and plans everything. I have to plan so much in my own life, so I wouldn’t want the responsibility of planning something fun. So I’m down for mostly anything, but a nice dinner or bowling would be great. I just like something fun that I don’t have to plan.


-Stay Fly!


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ON JUMPING THE BROOM: “I just saw a really good script that I fell in love with. Once the great script was in place, I was committed to doing this movie and making it the best that it could be.”

ON MARRIAGE: “When I got married, I was all in love, but then came life intruding in, and sometimes it’s difficult … I would look at my husband and ask, ‘did we do it too quickly?’ … But my husband was strong in his resolve. He kept reminding me that people go through this, and that we were going to be ok.”

ON HOW SHE KNEW HER HUSBAND WAS ‘THE ONE’: “I just looked at him and knew that he was a kind person whose core burned pure. Now he makes mistakes and so do I, but I always try to do the right thing and I feel like I’ve found someone who tries to as well.”

“And I honestly believe that he sees me and is interested in me, and not just what I do. Because I’m not always acting. Sometimes I have to let me guard down and be vulnerable. He sees that and still accepts me.”



JUMPING THE BROOM is in theaters May 6. Visit for more information.

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