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[THE WORD] Strippers Be #WINNING in ATL & Chris Rock goes ‘Kanye’ on the Tea Party …

*Ahem* Is this thing on?

Well it was Glorious Day at Hoe Adventure & Water World Theme Parks…


Soooooo… *Allegedly* Rapper Fabolous, actor Kevin Hart and Kenny Burns opened the flood gates of Heaven, by ushering down singles in the amount of $28,000 at club Diamonds in Atlanta recently.


Word on the street … Or shall I say word on the beat … is that those hoes professional dancers were pop, lockin’, droppin, and wobblin’ on multiple handstands, while doing the dougie upside down as snippets of Teairra Mari’s platinum selling first album played softly in the background, as Fabolous offered up all of Emily B’s shoe money to the grateful prostitutes club employees. Gotta keep it in the family.

*Cake Cake Cake Cake*

Ohh, Excuse me.

It looked like a scene out of the Playa’s Club right before Diamond got punched in the face …

Kevin Hart excused himself from the festivities for just a moment in time to take a pose on the balcony, there’s always time for Instagram kids. 

I’m just so sad I wasn’t there, cause if you KNOW me, I’d have been …


In Other news, Chris Rock, a known non believer of the Tea Party was ambushed by them recently. In this video, in which they try to make HIM look crazy, they clearly set him up, and when he goes a little Kanye, they make him look like a deranged animal.


Take a look for yourself.

This is like a bad mud slinging political video, LOL!

And that’s today’s Word, Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!