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On The Gram: Top 12 Memes From Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion Part 1


As the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood season comes to an end, we got to relive some of the memorable moments during the reunion with the cast members. Rich updated the viewers on his relationship with his now ex-girlfriend Moniece. Miss Nikki Baby still was jumping in people business when it came to Lil Fizz, Rich and Moniece. Teairra Mari gave her two cents on everyone’s situation; and Brandi was even more extra than she was during the season. The good folks on Instagram shared their thoughts on the LHHH Reunion part 1 with some memes. Check out the 12 hilarious memes after the jump.

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FLY Girl Dominique


Sneak Peek: Brandi Maxiell & Tami Roman Face Off On #BBWLA Reunion…

Screen shot 2015-10-09 at 3.13.43 PM

In a sneak peek clip from the Basketball Wives LA reunion, Brandi Maxiel‘s continuing her Pop Off campaign by verbally scrapping with BBW OG, Tami Roman after the her now infamous dismissal from the show’s EP, Shaunie Oneil on the season finale.


In this clip Brandi calls Tami “thirsty” for joining the LA cast and says Tami will join any reality show that will pay. #Truuueeeeee

Tami then attempts to check Brandi stating that Shaunie asked her to join the show and admonishes Brandi to find some checks just in case her husband doesn’t get a new team.


Peep the drama unfold below.

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Basketball Wives LA

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The Fly-List: 5 Things We Expect To See At the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Reunion….


It’s that time of YEAR!!!!!!!


Reunion Time!

With the first season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood ending, we are ready to see how the reunion turns out since we were left with a huge cliffhanger during the season finale episode. Here are five things we expect to see on the reunion show…

FLY Events Last Night in NYC

Last Night In ATL: JD Hosts Private Dinner for So So Def Family

Cake by Jaxon Pastries
Cake by Jaxon Pastries

Last night, Jermaine Dupri kicked off the So So Def 20th Anniversary Weekend by treating his So So Def roster to an intimate dinner at a top secret location in Atlanta.


[Video] Love & Hip Hop; Atlanta Reunion

In case you missed it, step into the reunion for VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. As was expected it was a mixture of cheap dresses, expensive shoes and foul language.

None fouler than K. Michelle’s mouth, who ran all up and down Karlie Red’s street and stopped right in front of Rasheeda’s condo.


She did warn you didn’t she?


Step into the reunion …

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta | The Reunion Part 1

Your thoughts?

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[The Word] Bobby Brown Returns to the Stage in Whitney’s Hometown ..

Bobby Brown felt all the love and support imaginable Sunday night in Newark, NJ, the same town where his ex-wife Whitney Houston was laid to rest less than 24 hours earlier. Celebrating their “Road To The 30th” anniversary, Brown and the R&B group that jump started his career, New Edition took center stage at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and it was quite clear that everyone was more than happy to see Mr. Brown back in his natural comfort zone.

Rusty from taking a few nights off to console his daughter through their recent family tragedy, Brown joked about missing a few dance steps saying, “I just can’t leave the stage!”

As the group performed a near 2 hour long list of 1980’s and 1990’s chart toppers, backed by a live band, the reunited original “boy-band” soaked in adulation from faithful fans, some who traveled over 100 miles to see their favorite group. One fan, Halimah, of Philadelphia, PA says being at the show fulfilled her childhood fantasy and brought her “back to a place of innocence.” Before concluding the evening’s show the group took time to express their appreciation for fans support and prayers after the final song of the night, appropriately titled, “Home Again”. While greeting fans individually and posing for photos, group member, Michael Bivins asked for continued prayer on behalf of the group.

Back at full strength, New Edition seemed poised to solidify their place in music history, and if the words of Bobby Brown prove to be true, “this is only the beginning.” Special Thanks to The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) for putting together a great show!

Charles Wilmore [Photo Credit as well]

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[Recap] Love & Hip Hop: REUNION

The Love and Hip Hop “reunion” was not a reunion, as you can tell. Yes, we were robbed of throwing platanos and Coco Rico soda at Erica! Yes, Chrissy’s hair was laid like Harlem Housewife 1930’s. YES we want to give Yandy speech therapy classes!  Yes, we still don’t believe Kimbella!

The special was more of a behind-the-scenes look at the most intense moments of the season, and to be honest, I loved getting a look at the deleted scenes and various commentaries from the full cast! Producer, Host, Shaunie O’ Neal’s competition    Mona Scott Young pointed out, a reunion wasn’t possible because there were certain castmembers who refused to film with one another, but this format was obviously less volatile and infinitely more informative.

Kimbella is trying to give us “black girl lost”, but yet we feel she was going for a B-More Careful kind of vibe. and we don’t see it for her.. yet again.

Juelz Santana should have been a cast member, but I don’t think we would’ve liked seeing numerous episodes of them at the Audi dealership, living fast and dying young.  Anywho, Juelz Santana, was supposed to have a much larger role on the show, but filming with Kimbella was “awkward” and he got cold feet about appearing. “He appeared with Jim, he appeared with Yandy, but we just couldn’t get him to appear on the show with you,” Mona tells Kim. Kim confirms that she and Juelz are committed to raising their kids together but as of right now, they are no longer together because he can’t “keep his d— in his pants.”

And you didn’t know this before you DM’ed him?


Chrissy, we love this hairdo!!!!!!


Yassss hunty!!! Her skin is giving us Queen Helene Mud Masque meets unbothered mole!

Kimbella And Emily Disagree On Whether Or Not Kimbella Knew Emily Existed!!!


Really tho? These two women have dropped to new lows.

Everyone’s first impression of Kimbella was pretty much the same, Emily included. We didn’t vibe with her, or those Applebee’s velvet blue shoes. Kimbella tried to reassure us all though, that she didn’t even know Emily existed (let alone that Emily was pregnant), but Emily brings to light some new information, telling us “I met her years ago at a party in Atlanta.” Atlanta is the basis of all things  ratchet and deep fried so it’s not hard for us to believe. This is their back and forth:

Kimbella “I never met her at a party in Atlanta.”
Emily: “You say you don’t know, even though I know you know, and I know you knew.”
Kimbella: “She’s LYING. She never met me. She knows that.”
Emily: “She knew who I was. When she told me she didn’t know who I was, that part was a little shocking.”

Chrissy isn’t happy with Mona Scott Young, her husky Phyllis Hyman voice, or her hair color for that matter.  She refused to sit down with Mona, and held the interview with Stefan. We’re glad because knowing Chrissy’s aggressive 2 train to 135th street behavior, she would’ve done

this to Mona, and she wouldn’t have been able to attend The Midnight Barbecue in Harlem.

Chrissy even goes into a greater detail, saying that she wasn’t able to enjoy her engagement because the very next day, she was forced to film with Yandy and things escalated from there, and at that point during filming, Chrissy walked off. “I didn’t quit the show, I just had to quit that situation,” she says.

Discussing the fight with Yandy, Stefan says “That’s what you sign up for on a reality TV show,”  Chrissy responds: “And that’s why I may not be doing a season three.”

If Chrissy doesn’t do Love and Hip Hop, we can’t tell if we’ll be watching or not.

Chrissy’s rant was everything! ASK EVERYONE!

“First of all..I mean, b*tch, if I wasn’t the personality I was, there would be no avenue for you to be on, b*tch you on my show,” she says. “So if we want to talk about paychecks and who’s doing what, b*tch, you are on my show. I am so good at what I’ve done, I’ve made an avenue for you, b*tch, bow down.”


Did anyone peep how Yandy lied about being Hawaiian?  She said she was from Hawaii , We did some investigation and the island of “aikawetata” does not exist.

Yandy we’ve had enough of you and your jazz hands entourage.

MAMA JONES RAISED THE BAR FOR ALL THE RAPPER MOMS!! SHE’S COMING FOR YOUR TWO TONE WIG JANICE COMBS!!! Her hair was giving very much “love shoulda brought you home” YASSS!!!

“If she ever put my name in her mouth again, bad day for her,” Mama Jones said when Olivia came up in conversation. Among the things that Mama Jones is upset about, Olivia called her “Nancy” which is a no-no unless you’re her close friend or closer to her age, Mama Jones had an issue with Olivia’s raspy-voiced impression of her, and then there was their Twitter beef.

“I just don’t like her, I’m sorry,” Mama Jones told Mona. “I would never want to speak to anybody’s mother like that, but at that point, she way crossed the line,” Olivia defends.


Cowardly Lion  Somaya was interviewed as well!!!

We all know Somaya’s role was greaty reduced this season. Mona accused Somaya of only talking about her tequila and her shoes, saying “You didn’t give me anything real to work with.” Somaya shot back, saying that “The reality of this show is that a lot of it isn’t real.” When Mona defended the fact that there were other, more compelling stories going on with other castmembers, Somaya told her “I’m not mad, b*tch, you acting like I’m mad! I don’t give a f—!” Mona wasn’t thrilled to be called a b*tch, but Somaya kept going in, telling her “You are a b*tch to us, yes you are, don’t even act like you’re not a diva, girl.” “We’re going to agree to disagree on that, ” Mona said, but despite the tension, in the end it’s all good. Hugs!


Erica Mena was interviewed but no one cares …




[When Bad Style Happens To Good People] Shaunie Oneal channels an Uno Card…


You Know, people seek inspiration from different places. Some more unique than others. So when I saw Shaunie Oneal dressed for the Season 3 Reunion special dressed like a Wild Uno Card, I tried to accept the vision.

Maybe this was her favorite game growing up?

Maybe she wanted to represent loosing this game all her life, and now, she was the winner!

Truth be told I actually like the dress, I think it’s bold and daring. I’m not convinced that it was the right dress for Shaunie, but I’ll have you know I’m headed to Target to get some Uno Cards in a few. How’s that for inspiration? *Body Rolls*

According to VH1

Shaunie’s stylist, Mr. Bradshaw, told us the story behind her bold, color-block dress. “So a little bit about the dress—the designer is Nicci Hou,” he told me. “She’s out of Atlanta. Her legal last name is Houston. We met in Atlanta and she wanted to make something for Shaunie for the BET Awards and it didn’t work out because of timing issues. However, I told her I wanted her to make a custom dress for the reunion and I was thinking of color-blocking because I’m obsessed with color blocking right now so we came up with the design and Shaunie approved it, she loved it. We just wanted to do something new for spring and it’s so great because it stands out on the stage, it’s so different.”

And Different it was, and stand out it did, so in actuality, Shaunie Won.


Your Thoughts?

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[Video] Basketball Wives Season 3 Reunion (Sneak Peek) …


Here’s a sneak peak at the explosive reunion of Season 3 of VH1’s Basketball Wives. It seems like it was just yesterday when I first heard of the premiere of Season 1. I was not remotely interested, and now? I’m addicted. From the looks of it, seems like Royce is gonna be loud and pointless as always. Since she was only on the last five minutes of two episodes she’s gotta shine sometime, right? Ungh. I hope this is her last season. Looks like the Tami vs. Meeka will expand, and I’m excited to see what my favorites Jennifer & Evelyn have to say. I don’t know how they became my favorites, but they are. Ohhh and somebody let Suzie have a seat on the stage. I’m assuming they’ll need her help to take down the set when the show is done taping, like the true bis girl that she is.

Make Sure to follow me on Twitter for my live commentary at 8pm. Trust me, you’ll love it.



Check out the trailer ….



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[The Scoop] The Love & Hip Hop Reunion …



Last Night the reunion to VH1’s Reality Show Love & Hip Hop was taped in NYC. SFPL Spies were on deck for the Festivities, and they tell us it was quite the heated affair.

Here’s Some of the scoop …

Let’s Start with Emily B. Insiders say she couldn’t get a word in last night because R&B Songstress Olivia cursed her all the way out. Apparently Olivia was heated at both Emily and Chrissy for insiting she was a liar in the Darrelle Revis Debacle. After seeing the final cut, and edits, Olivia was not amused with her depiction, and some of the slick comments Emily said that she had to knowledge of.


Emily held up and manged not to walk off.

I’m sure her face looked just like this. Oh Yeah, Fabolous was NOT Present.

Next Up Somaya Reece, who pictured here with Olivia’s manager Rich Dollaz during much happier times. Last Night, it was the total opposite as Rich Cursed Somaya all the way out (till it hurt) and then walked off after his verbal destruction of the premature rapper. Insiders say she held her own, but she was no real match for the verbal assault Rich Unleashed.

Sorry Somaya :-/

In True Mama Jones Style, She Let Chrissy have it for a good 5-10 Minutes. Still bitter over the engagement, and her non- knowledge there of it, she went off, on Chrissy (and Jimmy) and walked off. Grand Opening. Grand Closing.


All of the cast including Jim Jones and his new haircut were present, with the exception of Mashnda, who clearly had other things to do. The Drama Outweighed a few of the important issues , and some important follow up questions were kinda over looked. I wont give too much more, but just know it’s gonna be explosive.

Tune in to vh1 Monday Evening at 8pm for the festivities.

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