Carl Grimes Run On The Walking Dead Comes To An End Twitter Sheds Walker Tears

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We knew it was coming after last season’s mid-season finale of The Walking Dead but no one said we would be ready for what we were about to witness during the mid-season premiere.  The Walking Dead fans had to say goodbye to another OG cast member of the hit AMC show, Carl Grimes and it was a hard pill for Twitter to swallow. 


‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Lets Not Follow The Plan

Episode 6, of The Walking Dead, titled “The King, the widow and Rick” breaks this season’s trend action-filled episodes and dials it back. Tonight’s episode opens up with each of the camps communicating with one another via letters filling each other on how the war with The Saviors is going.

We learn that according to Rick the plan is working and that its main goal was to successfully cut off The Sanctuary’s supply route. That does seem to be the case based on the events that took place on last weeks episode where the workers decided to voice their frustrations.  The reaction to Rick’s word doesn’t invoke a spirit of togetherness as members of the team decide to handle things their own way.

King Ezekiel is still on down and out after witnessing his men getting slaughtered and his pet tiger getting ripped to shreds by walkers.

The Walking Dead Recap
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Carol does her best to get the king’s mojo back but it’s not working, Carol is a woman of few words and about action and leaves the king to sulk.

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The Walking Dead Recap: Trailer Confessions With Father Gabriel

Episode 5, “The Big Scary U” is the second best episode of the season of The Walking Dead.

This episode opens up with an unusually long opening monologue that was completely dedicated to flashbacks.  We get some clarity as to what happened between Negan, his generals and Gregory before Rick and the crew showed up starting trouble. Basically, it was just Gregory doing his best to talk his way out of Negan bashing his head in with Lucille before the meeting was interrupted.

The Walking Dead Big Scary U Recap
Simon – Photo: Gene Page/AMC

An interesting exchange takes place between Simon and Negan after Simon says he believes Gregory and introduces a plan. Negan wasn’t feeling the idea and made sure Simon remembered who was in charge.

Now let’s get into the meat of this interesting episode, shall we?

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The Walking Dead Recap: Ezekiel Is Tragically Brought Back To Reality

Tonite’s episode of The Walking Dead was arguably the best and most rough one of the season. The spotlight was primarily fixed on King Ezekiel after last weeks cliffhanger.  Episode  4 titled ‘Some Guy’ keeps season 8’s action going plus manages to evoke some emotion out of us.

Episode 4 opens up with King Ezekiel getting into full character as he normally does every day while ruling The Kingdom. We zap back to the tragic events that took place at the end of last weeks episode and we learn that all of the king’s men have been cut down by a few Saviors utilizing a heavy machine gun.

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap
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It also looked bleak for our favorite fake king but he managed to survive by being shielded by his loyal subjects who died, unfortunately. Ezekiel, suffers a pretty bad leg injury in the process and is slowed down tremendously. To make matters even worse his loyal subjects quickly turn and become un-loyal undead looking to feast on his brains.

It’s not looking good for Ezekiel and he is greatly outnumbered by the dead, things do look up when one of his subjects managed to survive the ambush.

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap
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The reunion is short-lived though, lower grunt savior named Gunther who looks like Jeffery Dahmer kills Ezekiel’s savior. He takes Ezekiel hostage and aims to bring him back to Negan as a wonderful trophy. We also find out the Carol, of course, is still alive, you didn’t think she was going to go out like that right?

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap

Carol manages to make it inside The Savior stronghold and sees them packing up the weapons that gunned her crew down. Oh and those weapons happen to be the same weapons that both Daryl and Rick were searching for but didn’t find during their mission.  Carol being the bad ass she is these weapons can’t leave this place cause if they do it spells certain doom for Rick and co.

Hiding in the ceiling, Carol gets the drop on some of The Saviors taking them out in a hail of gunfire. She doesn’t kill all of them some manage to make it outside. A standoff ensues between Carol and the remaining Saviors, bullets are flying but no one is getting shot. Eventually, they start talking and try to negotiate, The Saviors insist they will be leaving with the guns and Carol is not here for that idea.

We zap back to Ezekiel and Gunther who has completely run out of patience with the injured Ezekiel. He decides he’s just going to decapitate the king and put his head on a spike. Things aren’t looking good for Ezekiel until his boy Jerry makes one hell of an appearance.

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap
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Jerry comes out of nowhere and saves his king by chopping poor Gunther in half with his trusty ax.

Ezekiel has a fighting chance again with Jerry by his side the two team up to take on the gang of walkers. Jerry is trying to open the gate up that is unfortunately chained up. He tries to break the chain with his ax but in the process manages to break it.

They are both in trouble but are still fending off walkers left and right. Meanwhile, Carol is still engaged in that standoff but she notices that Ezekiel and Jerry need her help. She has a choice, now if she helps Ezekiel and Jerry she will also let The Saviors get away with the guns.

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap
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The old Carol would have gone after The Saviors but she decides to go save Ezekiel and Jerry. Knowing of the consequences of her actions Ezekiel asks Carol why did she let them get away with the guns? Right there we hear a motorcycle engine and Carol tells Ezekiel they, in fact, didn’t get away with the guns. Daryl and Rick are on the job once again.

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap
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In an amazing chase scene, Daryl and Rick chase down the two saviors and manage to take them both out and getting their hands on those guns. Jerry and Carol are doing their best to help Ezekiel who is pretty much one legged at this point. They make it to this river full of toxic waste and of course walkers, Ezekiel knows that he is nothing but dead weight and tells Jerry and Carol to leave him and he will hold off the walkers the best he can.

Jerry insists on staying with his king, Ezekiel turns to him and yells at Jerry that he is no longer his king. Things again look bleak for Ezekiel and it looks like we are about to lose him until his trusty pet/sidekick tiger Shiva jumps in and saves them.

Now here’s where things get pretty rough in this episode. Shiva made the ultimate sacrifice for the friend that once saved her from certain death. Of course, Ezekiel didn’t handle Shiva’s death very well.

The Walking Dead Some Guy
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Shiva’s sacrifice gave the trio just enough time they needed to get away from the toxic walkers and make it back to The Kingdom. Ezekiel is visibly no longer the proud king he was and limps to his quarters a broken man and the episode ends.

Shiva was the hero we didn’t deserve, the internet, of course, paid the ninja tiger her proper respects. Hit the gallery to see all well wishes for our favorite CGI tiger.

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Lucious Mama Still Crazy, Cookie Bosses Up, Becky Levels Up & More On Tonight’s Episode of Empire

Lucious is struggling with regaining his memory as well as being one-legged Joe. That’s not his only worry though cause his crazy mama is still around. We found out she is still certifiably nuts when she tries to drown her son like in the flashbacks featuring Kelly Rowland as his younger crazy mama. Luckily for Lucious, his up to no good nurse Claudia comes back in time to save him from his mama.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Cookie doesn’t trust Claudia and decides to permanently move into Lucious’ mansion and won’t leave until she fixes her man. Claudia takes Lucious to one of his old stomping grounds in Philly a diner after a round of memory flashcards. The owner recognizes Lucious and reminisces when Lucious used to visit with a composer named Eddie Barker (Forest Whitaker). Claudia immediately tells the owner to stop and go away but Lucious is intrigued and speaks with the owner behind Claudia’s back to find out where he can find Eddie.

Lucious slips out of the diner without Claudia knowing and heads to Eddie’s location to speak with him. Eddie, of course, is happy to see him but has no idea Lucious doesn’t really remember him. It’s when Eddie brings up a story from Lucious’ troubled past that triggers Lucious memory and he has an episode. Eddie decides to stop by Lucious’ house, he hops on the piano and sings a song and Cookie joins in on the meeting. Lucious thanks Eddie for stopping by and leaves. Eddie and Cookie have a conversation and it’s at that moment he points out the Lucious doesn’t even remember him. Cookie tries to deny it at first but she eventually comes clean and begs Eddie to keep it a secret between them and he agrees. Eddie gives Cookie advice and tells her to lean on Empire and it’s artists and the music after she reveals to him that Empire isn’t looking too good financially.

Now, what about the Lyon cubs? Jamal lands a contract with a movie to make a new title track. He also is planning to release an album full of love songs as well.  Andre finds a buyer for Empire X Stream, and almost caps off his night with some bathroom sex with a woman he meets at the bar but he can’t get it up.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Hakeem the wild child is back at Empire trying to come up with another hit record. Becky, the interim A&R at Empire because Hakeem’s baby mama is currently in jail wants him to drop another pop smash like “Drip Drop”.

Hakeem, of course, wants to put out a pure hip-hop track and points out that when Anika was head of A&R she would let him do anything. Well she’s not, Becky convinces Hakeem to take her advice by telling him if he drops another pop hit it will allow him to do whatever he wants. Hakeem agrees and when Becky leaves he reveals he will make the pop track but he still gotta the personal one out of the way.

Now we mentioned Anika, she is currently locked up for the murder of Tariq which she didn’t commit. At her hearing which didn’t go too well, she tells Hakeem to “tell Cookie I remember January 7, 2017!” as she is being taken away.  Cookie and Thirsty visit her and jail, Cookie knows that is the date that Bunky died. Anika tells Cookie she wants out of jail. The meeting pays off cause Thirsty comes through in the clutch with a doctored tape that makes it seem like Tariq was stalking and threatening her.

Speaking of Tariq, Cookie catches Lucious mama going through her drawers looking for a gun to kill Lucious with. It’s during this interaction that Lucious mama reveals that she was the one that killed Tariq. After the revelation, Cookie decides mama has to go away and they have her crazy ass recommitted to the mental institution.

Now back at Empire, remember that track that Jamal was working on? Well, he plays it for the producer of the movie. The producer is digging it but wants Jamal to make some significant changes to the track which would make it a completely different record altogether. A&R Becky insists that Jamal makes the changes but Jamal doesn’t want to and reminds her shes only interim A&R.  Jamal makes the changes but still does what he wants and not what the producer wants and Becky is not feeling it. Jamal finds Becky in the conference room with Tory and the movie producer playing his song but there is a huge difference. Jamal is no longer on the record.

Jamal is furious and tells Becky “Pull this s— again, and you won’t have a job at my label”. Too bad he doesn’t know that Cookie has different plans for Becky. Becky tells Cookie before an important press conference what happened between her and her son and instead of siding with Jamal she sides with Becky. She tells Becky “I need strong people around me,” and tells Porsha to take the interim title off Becky’s title and raise her salary 30 percent.

Power Season 2, Episode 9

With that out of the way, Cookie reveals at the press conference that Empire will release 20 new albums for the label’s 20th anniversary. Not the news Andre wanted to hear because he is the one who has to come up with the money.  Furious at the news he snaps on Cookie but she shuts that down quickly and tells Andre he better find the money quickly. Not to mention he already has heat on him from the NYPD who is questioning him about Giuliana. He also is shocked to see that woman whom he almost had sex with is one of the detectives paying him a visit.

Anika is now a free woman and her first stop on her I am out the bing tour is Hakeem’s house. He opens the door and the first thing she sees is Tiana holding Bella. Definitely, something she doesn’t want to see at all. Claudia was not too happy about Lucious sneaking away from her and decides she has had enough. She tells Lucious that she is leaving but he begs her to stay and insists that she needs her. She hears his cries and consoles him and tells him that she is not leaving.

We think this was her plan all along to get Lucious back in line. Things are starting to get very interesting in the Empire and we can’t wait to see next weeks episode. Of course, Empire fans had the best commentary during the show, hit the gallery below to see hilarious tweets.



On The Gram: The Internet Welcomes Back Empire With Memes

Empire is back for its fourth season and things pick up immediately after last season’s explosive cliffhanger. Lucious (Terrence Howard) saved Cookie (Taraji P.Henson)  from the car bomb planted by their own son Andre (Trai Byers) and Shyne (XZibit).

Cookie narrowly escaped without a scratch but we found out this season Lucious no longer remembers he’s an evil guy and walks with a noticeable limp because he is now missing a leg.

You can always count on Lee Daniels to take it there on this show. The Lyon cubs are thrown for a loop when they meet the new Lucious who is even more accepting of Jamal’s (Jussie Smollet) sexuality. We also meet Lucious’ new friend/nurse Claudia (Demi Moore) whom we can tell already is planning something devious that has Cookie’s bullshit sensors going off.

Hakeem (Bryshere Gray)  is also being blackmailed by Diana Dubois (Phylicia Rashad), she is on mission to make Cookie pay. Her plan is to make all of Cookie’s children suffer, she even has her gay son seducing poor Jamal who can never seem to catch a break in his love life.

Andre is learning that dealing with Shyne is becoming more than he bargained for.  We also had a brief cameo from Corlatta (Queen Latiffah) from Daniel’s other hit show Star. She pays Lucious a visit but due to his amnesia he doesn’t even remember her.

But the question is how long will nice Lucious be around? Will we have to endure him all season long? As you can imagine peg leg Lucious and his amnesia was the talk of the gram. Hit the gallery below to see the hilarious memes that followed tonight’s season 4 premiere.



‘Things Are Going To Get Worse’: Power Season 4, Episode 402 POWERful Moments Recap!

Power’s second episode in its fourth season picks up with Ghost licking his wounds after enduring a vicious beating at the hands of two prison guards.

Ghost is in extremely bad shape physically and mentally and who could blame him. With things going bad for him on the inside, it’s just as bad for his family and his friends on the outside. Lets hop into the POWERful moments from tonight’s episode of Power shall we?

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Rasheeda Mulls Divorce, Karlie Confronts Joc and Tommy, Melissa Smashed Both Mimi and Ariane.

Tongiht’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta picks up with Scrappy and his messy hair linking up with Rasheeda.She has been relatively quiet since finding out Kirk cheated on her and possibly is the father of Jasmine’s child. The two link up to talk about each others disastrous relationships.

Scrappy reveals to Rasheeda that the wedding is off but he loses it when she reveals that she is considering getting a divorce. Scrappy feels if Kirk and Rasheeda can’t make,there is no chance for him as well. As if Kirk and Rasheeda are everyone’s relationship goals.

Anyway for some reason Scrappy feels the need he has to help salvage Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage. He also links up with Kirk to try to convince the habitual cheater to save his marriage.

Kirk and his classless self decides to the blame Rasheeda for their marriage falling apart and him having to cheat. He claims the lack of intimacy is the real culprit which pushed him into arms of a stripper.

Basically Kirk is still a waste of time and Rasheeda deserves better. Scrappy tries to convince Kirk to take a paternity test to see if the child is his or not. Kirk denies the baby belongs to him but doesn’t want to take a paternity test to clear his name and save his marriage.

The perplexing behavior of telling the loud mouth of Atlanta, Karlie Redd all of their business continues in this episode. Not one but two people confront Karlie Redd to “spill the tea” and you know Karlie was all ears. First to gossip to Karlie was Joc’s baby mama of all people. She tells Karlie that she lied to Joc about dating his former friend Rod. She also hints at Joc possibly messing with Tommy to Karlie who boasted about her relationship with Joc going pretty well. So much for that!

After Joc’s baby mama spilled the beans on him it was Jessica Dimepiece’s turn to spill the tea. She already confirms to Karlie what she already knew about Joc and Tommy. She also tells Tommy about the big fight at Tommy’s wine tasting and how she tried to be friends with Karlie”s nemesis Joseline. Karlie wasn’t here for that news but now she is dead set on getting revenge on Joc and Tommy.

Karlie uses the opportunity to exact her revenge on her boo Joc at his comedy show. Karlie shows up with Melissa and Jessica and is not in a good mood. She immediately sets things off with Tommy and Lovely Mimi. Just observe the ratchetness below:

Now the biggest mess of the night belongs to Melissa, Joseline, Stevie, Ariane and Mimi. Joeseline is dead set on denying custody and visitation rights to Stevie after their battle in court. She reveals to Melissa her plan to move to Miami but Melissa tells her she just can’t up and take the baby away from Stevie. Mimi was on a complete warpath tonight, she also links up with Stevie to talk about Joseline.

She tells Stevie that she doesn’t want Joseline around her daughter and boy does she let him know how she really feels.

Mimi also has a problem with her “friend” Melissa tonight as well. She’s not to happy to learn from Ariane that Melissa is parading around with Joseline and confronts her about it. In the process she also learns from Melissa that her and Ariane used to sleep with each other and that Ariane was jealous.

But wait there’s more, Mimi goes and confronts Ariane about not telling her about sleeping with Melissa.

Ariane reveals that it happened a long time ago and that she had no reason to tell Mimi about it and we honestly agree. Mimi tells Ariane that Melissa said she was jealous of her and Mimi and that puts the battery in Arianes back to confront Mimi.

Ariane links up with Melissa and it’s there we learn that not only has Melissa been sleeping with Ariane but she also had a thing with Mimi.

What an absolute mess, peep the hilarious reactions to tonight’s episode in the gallery below:




LHHATL Recap: Stevie Is The Father, Tommie Is A “Functioning Alcoholic”, Waka Wants To Come Home To Tammy & More!

The drama continues on the mess that is Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta! Tonight’s episode starts off with Sierra “spilling the tea” to Karlie Redd of all people about what happened at Joseline’s video shoot.Of all the people to confide in she confides in Karlie ?

Sierra tells Karlie all the details about her husband Shooter messing around with her former employee Moriah. Karlie of course is a sucker for some gossip and drama that doesn’t involve her and she ate all of it up.

Moriah and Sierra tried to have a civil conversation about what took place between them on last weeks episode. Now if you are a veteran viewer of Love and Hip Hop, you know exactly how that meeting went down. Observe below:

Tommie is trying to change her life and shed her bad girl image and decides she wants to sell her own brand of wine. She invites her former or still Mother-in-Law Karen to break the news about her new business endeavor. Karen is a bit skeptical of the business venture being that she feels Tommie is an alcoholic and will get drunk off her own supply.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Tommie is not is here for the doubt and does her best to convince Karen that she doesn’t have a problem and that she is nothing more than a functioning alcoholic. Tommie explains to Karen that she uses her love for wine as a coping mechanism. Ummmmmm that sounds like an alcoholic if you ask us.

Meek Mill Shouts Out Drake During Concert

Annnnyyywaaayyy Waka is on a mission to return home to his family. Waka uses his alone time with his daughter Charlie as an opportunity to put the battery in her back to get Tammy to take him back. I mean how can Tammy say no to her daughter making a pitch to get the family back together right?

Charlie brings up her outing with her dad and insists that her mom gives her dad Waka another chance. Tammy was like:

The seed has still been planted by Charlie and looks like Waka’s plan is in motion. Another couple going through it still is Stevie J and Joseline.

Stevie J walks out of court in dramatic Love & Hip Hop fashion revealing that he asked for full custody of the baby. Of course that didn’t sit well with Joseline and she is now on a mission to make sure Stevie J isn’t nowhere near her child but is still cutting checks. We also finally learn the paternity Joseline’s baby and guess what Stevie:

Learning that Bonnie is 100% his changes Stevie’s view on the situation, BUT he knows he messed up with Joseline once again. Getting her on back on good terms will be a lot of work now that Joseline wants nothing to do with Stevie AGAIN.

We jump back to Tommie, she is having a wine tasting event for new Chardonnay. Things are looking pretty good for Tommie as the event starts off great. But like Joc said on tonight’s episode:

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Thing’s go left quickly when Jessica Dime brings up Joesline at the event and that doesn’t sit well with Tommie. Joseline had Tommie arrested and Tommie right now just hearing her name is a triggering word for her. Before Tommie gets involved, Tammy interrupts to change the coversation and Dime isn’t not here for it.

Jessica immediately lets Tammy knows how she feels about her interrupting her story and the two start to snap at each other. Words lead to things getting physical and they quickly try to get at each other necks but security makes sure that doesn’t happen.

Once that fracas calms down another one quickly ensues between “new friends” Jessica and Tommie. Jessica crossed the line bringing up Joseline and with some wine her system already Tommie decided to kick her out for messing up her event.

Now you would think the drama is all over right? WELP NO, Jessica may have left the building but a new situation walks in the building in the form of Tommie’s mother. Tommie had a look like this on her face:


The last time these two were airspace things got very hectic. We can only imagine how things will go down on next weeks episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  In the meantime hit the gallery below to see the best internet reactions and memes to tonight’s episode:



LHHATL Recap: Moriah Takes Numerous L’s Tonight After Mimi Snitches On Her To Sierra!

Episode 6 was indeed the ratchet mess we hope it would be! Tonight’s episode opens up with Joseline and Jessica Dimepiece. Joseline is currently on a mission to make amends with ladies now and is looking to recruit them for  her music video for her “women empowerment anthem” “Baby Daddy”.

Joseline is looking to bury the hatchet with Jessica, the two manage to hash out their differences and let bygones be bygones. Joseline gets Jessica to participate in her new music video and it looks like they are on the road to becoming besties again.

Speaking of baby daddy, Stevie is now at a crossroads now that him and Joseline are being “civil” again.Realizing that a new edition to the Jordan family is on the way he realizes it’s time to upgrade his living space. He links up with his two daughters, Sade and Savannah to reveal that he purchased a bigger space and they were excited to hear the news. He also revealed to them that Bonnie Bella might be staying there as well so that means Joseline will be there too. His daughters when they heard that news were like:

Stevie manages to convince them things will be different this time around with Joseline. Still on the Jordan family front,Savannah and Sade ask him what’s going on between him and his son Dorian. Stevie reveals they haven’t been seeing eye to eye after Dorian dissed him and stole some studio equipment from him.

Stevie of course wants an apology from his son and decides to meet up with him to hash things out between them. Dorian reveals to his father that his actions were just him basically lashing out his father due to his negligence. Stevie understands his son Dorian’s pain and misses his grandson. The two hug it out and makeup for lost time over a game of pool.

Joc on the other hand doesn’t have as much success as Stevie on the baby daddy front. After meeting with Rod and finding out the fake pimp might be dating his baby mama Sina, Joc wastes no time in paying her a visit to see if there is any truth to it. The conversation starts off smoothly with the two with Joc telling her about Kirk’s dilemma and how he also might be involved.

Things go left quickly though when Sina reveals that she is “kinda” dating Rod. Yes the same Rod who already has TWO GIRLFRIENDS.

Joc was not to pleased to hear that at all and tells Sina that Rod better not be anywhere near his twin daughters. Sina isn’t trying to hear it and doesn’t take Joc’s threats seriously at all.

We link back up with LHHATL’s new cast member Moriah and she has some HUGE ambitions. No longer working for her piggy bank’s wife she has dreams of opening her own club. The problem is she doesn’t have enough money so who does she call to solve that problem? If you guessed Shooter congratulations.

Basically extorting the man, Moriah tells Shooter that her silence will cost him the price of the down payment on her dream club. Scooter was basically like:

His trouble was only beginning there. Moriah still mad that her beneficiary decided to run her gums to the newest loud mouth on the block Mimi. She reveals to her that she is sleeping with Shooter and Mimi is blown away by the revelation. Moriah tells Mimi in good faith but did she really think that Mimi could keep such information a secret?

If you’re keeping count that’s two L’s already for Moriah and she is not even finished yet. We zap to Joseline’s video shoot for her song “Baby Daddy”. A moment that was supposed to be about unity between women quickly turns into a fight between Mimi and her former boss Sierra. In that moment Mimi spills the tea on Sierra’s husband Shooter rather quickly. Observe below:

Sierra wastes no time and makes a call to Shooter to come see her ASAP! Shooter arrives and is immediately confronted with the million dollar question about sleeping with Moriah and he was like:

Power Season 2, Episode ( Recap

Things get even complicated when Moriah’s lame ass shows up:

Laaaawwwdd we cannot wait till next week to see how all of these messy situations will unfold. Until then hit the gallery below and checkout the hilarious memes mainly about Moriah and have a laugh or two.