[Recap] Love & Hip Hop, Season 2, Episode 7…

We’ll revisit this later. But we’re so happy for them!

You again?

We first meet up with ex-Dash sales associate turned video girl turned baby mother of a Terror Squad associate Erica Mena, and severe tourette syndrome hand expresser Yandy. I don’t defend hoes, I believe hoes don’t have names, HOWEVER Kimbella’s character was attacked, her motherhood was shamed, and her relationship was made to be a joke. I don’t support glass throwing while wearing blue eyeshadow, but Erica and her romper from MONY had to be dealt with!

“What has she done to you?” Yandy asks, at that point  Erica says “It was just right there, time and place…She didn’t do anything to me.” Later she explains that women like Kimbella “depreciate the value of whatever the hell it is.”

“Whatever the hell it is” being the video girl/naked photo industry. Isn’t being a part of that world, by nature, depreciating your value?

Well, Yandy puts Erica in her place, and let’s her know in a nutshell that she won’t be her manager. She then tries to pass her off to Rich Dollaz, which is a hurtful thing to do. Yandy, why are you and your jazz hands so toxic?

I love that Chrissy and Mama Jones’ relationship has turned a turn for the better! It is so refreshing to see Chrissy and Mama Jones eating lunch, and actually having a conversation! Although their scampi lunch turns into a shade throwing Yandy fest, that doesn’t matter! They’re getting along!  Chrissy tells Mama Jones about the daughter-in-law book she received from Yandy and Mama Jones agrees that that crosses a line. “Yandy I’m still going to love…but there’s going to have be to distance for right now,” Mama confesses, and she meets with Yandy to tell her that she needs to separate the personal from the professional.


Mama Jones and her kool-aid red bang are giving you Anna Wintour meets 112th Street and YOU WILL GET INTO IT!  She is Overall Mother of The House Of Taft Projects and you all will get into her effect! The next issue Chrissy and Mama discuss is Jimmy. IF ANYONE knows how Jimmy feels about Chrissy, it’s his own mother. “You think I don’t know that he loves you?” Mama asks Chrissy, which is hilarious because Jimmy’s love for Chrissy is the reason for all of their family drama. But seriously, can we just take a moment to look at how well these women are getting along? The cheetah is like, I can’t even look at you guys, I might cry.

Teairra and Kimbella meet up to discuss the fight.  Teairra is not thrilled that it ended in violence, but who is she to talk?  She’s from Detroit, the world capital of illiteracy, murder, wig glue and ratchetness. She’s also worried that maybe she has Kimbella pegged as a nice girl when really she’s not. Teairra, this is the most press you’ve had in years! Don’t go around judging people! When you had that fake AMEX black card in your “Sponsor” video, we didn’t call you names and post gifs of you on Tumblr and create fake Twitter battles of you vs Rihanna and say rude things in patois.
 Kimbella defends herself saying “I needed to find a way to just shut her all the way down, period.” Teairra brings up the fact that it’s the second fight Kim’s been in [technically, it’s the first fight she was in, because the fight she had with Chrissy wasn’t a fight. she just got flailed.]
Kim again justifies it, saying “What I said to Emily was a real situation. What this bitch is saying has nothing to do with nothing because it’s not true.” Teairra’s not really having it, and tells Kim “You can’t defend your actions yesterday. Point blank.”
I feel bad for Kimbella.  During her conversation with Teairra, she loses it, because the root of the issue with Erica was the barbs she directed at Kim’s family and her man. You can tell she’s feeling some pressure and she explains that ever since the Chrissy fight, it’s been building. Seriously, I wanted to not like her, but now I just want to hug her, moisturize her scalp, bath her in some bath salts and tell her it’s going to be okay. Also, during the course of this conversation she gets in a hilarious insult toward Erica, calling her “f—ing, seventy pounds with two air balloons on her chest.”When Chrissy hears about the whole Erica-Kim fight, her reaction is PRICELESS!I kinda felt bad, but I kinda felt like it was karma,” she says. And Chrissy’s relationship with Jimmy is coming around karmically this week too. She once again brings up her dissatisfaction with the state of their relationship while having a chill morning in bed, but it turns into a tense conversation when she gives him a piece of her mind. “I just need you to be more present. More emotionally available to me,” she tells him. Jeez, you’d think after his talk with Uncle Ralph that Jimmy wouldn’t be quite so clueless.Where is Uncle Ralph? I love her aunt and uncle.And Jim is blindsided when she tells him that “she needs time away from him to figure out what they’re doing”

Jimmy needs a minute himself after this talk, so he leaves to bed to think/sleep elsewhere/poop/be alone/whatever. When Chrissy has a day out with Emily and Olivia she tells them that her feeling is “I’m engaged, he’s not. That’s what it feels like,” and her plan is to move on without him if he doesn’t get his act together. And at least temporarily, they all plan to take a minute, and they plan a girls weekend in Miami. [side-eye]

Kimbella and Yandy haven’t yet met up to talk about the fight and when they do, Kim finally expresses her disgust at Yandy for bringing this other woman into their circle, only to have her talk trash about Kim’s life. Kim says that what set her off and caused her to throw the glass was when Erica mentioned that Juelz was probably sleeping with another woman. It hit close to home because Kim grew up in a dysfunctional home where her dad had children with other women and her mother didn’t stand up for herself. [it shouldn’t take glass throwing and running from the cops to display such humble moments]  And Yandy confesses that she’s got her own demons, including a drug-addicted father which damages her for other relationships with men.[Does that explain why her hands move faster than Martin Luther King’s did in Alabama?] It’s therapy over on the round bed, but both women are trying hard to work on their problems and they’re closer after this bonding sesh. How close are they??

Well, fellow SFPL assistant Lauren and I are both light-skinned. You don’t see us running down Flatbush Ave putting up flyers for our skin bleaching party at Cafe Omar do you?

That moment between Yandy and Kim have me feeling like:

Well, I guess they’re pretty close.

Yandy continues this ploy of passing off Erica onto Rich, and she takes him over to meet Erica so he can get a look at his potential new client, and while she looks pretty at her photo shoot.

They ask her to sing and she says “I’m no Christina Aguilera” and for once, she’s right about something. She sounds like a mixture between Ugandan tribal dancers and Rachel Crow when she found out she got eliminated from X-Factor.

When Kimberly Ann Parker was in Freestyle Unity, she sounded better than Erica, and that was a fictional TV music group!

You will give Kim her life. YOU WILL.

Rich says “She’s not goooooood, but she’s not bad, I’m intrigued, let’s see where this takes me ”

Are you serious Rich? Last week you were all “December I Remember” and now you’re about this butter pecan Puerto Rican life? I guess..

Now that Yandy and her eyebrows of destruction have caused Rich Dollaz and his endless supply of Polo Shirts to divert his attention from Olivia, she needs to figure out what her next career move is.

Juelz’ living space is looking like the Destiny’s Child video for “Say My Name” and I can’t deal.

It seems like Jim and Chrissy want to build a wall against them and Yandy. This hurts Yandy, because since day one she’s stated “All I care about is a check, and the rule clearly states “no convo, no check”. When Yandy tells Juelz this when she visits him at his apartment, she tells him that it feels like they’re forcing her to walk away from their business. His question to her then is “Do youwant to walk away?”
At first she has no answer.

But after thinking through the hardships and stress she’s gone through with Jim and Chrissy, she decides it’s game over. “I’m done. I’m tired. I quit.”

It’s still gloomy for Chrissy too, despite the fact that she’s in Miami with her girls When I say Miami, I mean that they took the A train and rented out a room at the Mercer Hotel. . “I get to Miami and the weather is exactly how I’m feeling,” she says “gray, gloomy, raining…it f—ing sucked.” Fortunately during dinner, Tearra is there to point out to Chrissy just how lucky she is to have Jim in her life. “You’re fortunate to have someone who you can watch his balls grow wrinkly. You can grow old with him.”

Teairra loves talking about balls doesn’t she? However,  when the conversation turns away from balls, Chrissy gets emotional, saying that Jimmy has been calling her every five minutes and she doesn’t understand why he’s jeopardizing their relationship by not taking the next step.

He can just take the A train and go see you guys. You guys really aren’t in Miami.

“His communication skills suck…balls,” Chrissy says, bringing the whole conversation back around. And then it swung in a whole different direction when Jimmy himself walked in. Immediately, Chrissy wonders what beef Jimmy has with her that would make him fly all the way to Miami to address it.

But it was no beef at all. Jimmy pulls out an engagement ring, shocking Chrissy (and I’m not sure you all were shocked too, but man, I was definitely an emotional basket case at this point.)

“The fact that my Jimmy knew that it was time to do the right thing was priceless,” Chrissy says. What’s that they say? Today is the first day of the rest of your life and also the day to start watching those balls get wrinkly. Something like that.


I love this moment.





[RECAP] Love & Hip Hop; Season 2, Episode 6


Turquoise implants! Loca Latinas! Yandy and her jazz hands! Teairra and her side eyes! This is the only time we’ve ever rooted for Kimbella, but.. we’ll revisit this issue in a minute!

Vampire Life enthusiast Jim Jones loves black cars; however he lost a bet to his brother Juelz Santana and he has to buy a white car. They take a trip to the Audi dealership and are led to the secret back room where they keep the GOOD cars to test out the best of the best.

GOOD CARS? Audi dealership? I’ll take the J train, any day!

“There’s a foreign [I love Chrissy and her unusual word choices, don’t you?] car in my driveway. What is it doing here?” Chrissy asks when she sees the white monster approach on her driveway.


“If a car is at the top of your to-do list, it’s time for me to be realistic with where Jimmy’s head is,” Chrissy says. Chrissy, that man may NEVER marry you. You guys are already playing house. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

“It’s my car, it’s my money, I copped that. It’s my castle, ya heard?” Jim tells us (would he ever say that to Chrissy’s face, I wonder?) after Chrissy tells him to get that thing out of her driveway. He actually lied to her and said that it was Juelz’ car and Chrissy and her mole detected that it was a lie.

“I’ve loved him forever and it’s time to grow up,” Chrissy says, and once again, it’s clear she is tired of babysitting this man.

Chrissy meets up with Emily and what feels like full-time cast member Teairra Mari and first shows off her new ‘do, which she calls the Dora The Explorer,

This must be Dora The Explorer, The TRUE TO THE GAME VERSION!

Last week, Chrissy and Kimbella met up at some location, and Chrissy says Kimbella showed up in flats which is always code for “fightin’ mode” but that she ended up seeing that Kimbella didn’t want to fight, she just wanted peace, and Chrissy was okay with that.

“Honestly, I want to like Kimbella but she’s giving me this little slutty vibe and I’m uncomfortable with it,” Emily says. “She got her man, she got her magazine, she got everything from being that slutty being, maybe that’s not really even who she is.”

Emily, you’re not necessarily known for styling, so stop being a prude.

Emily, have a seat please.



Chrissy wants to be involved every step of the way, and a lot of the designs that we caught glimpses at looked pretty decent!


Chrissy wants to have an actual stake in this business, and not feel like she’s repaying Jimmy for same favor. Jim tells her she’s just his partner “by default” and in usual Chrissy fashion, she does not appreciate those words. Would you?

Un-Dandy Yandy  meets up with former video girl slash model slash aspiring singer Erica [aren’t all of these chicks aspiring to be something? EXCEPT for Melyssa Ford, who had a game plan from day one] who’s ready to let go of her video past and start being legit at…something else. Right away, Erica is like, please do not compare me to Kimbella, I’m up here and she’s down here.

“Bitches like that depreciate us,” she says, referring to the video girl hustle. She’s mad at whatever Kimbella represents. How can you be mad at a long blonde ponytail and a magazine cover? Poor Kimbella hasn’t even shown up in this episode yet and she’s getting a beatdown.

Last week, Emily told Olivia and Chrissy that she just can’t resist that old Fab charm and that she’s dating him again (in spite of all his cheating, in spite of Kimbella The Slutty Being admitting to sleeping with him, in spite of it all), so this week, Olivia and her undeveloped ideas strike up a conversation with Teairra to address her concerns about this situation.

“That’s crazy, you just giving him everything for free!” Olivia says. Emily is happy, but Olivia points out “What she wants is not what’s best for her.” Olivia’s basically begging Teairra to have a talk with Emily to make this point. Olivia, focus on your career, and not with what Emily is trying to accomplish with Fabolous. She has a child with him, and we can’t fault her for trying to make her family work.


Finally, we get a little personal backstory on Chrissy’s family and we’re getting emotional just re-telling it. Chrissy says her parents are “no longer with her” and she’s been without them for a long time, but she has Aunt Cookie and Uncle Ralph to watch over her instead. “My Aunt Cookie is the epitome of class because she is just loving,” Chrissy says through tears. And Uncle Ralph is her father figure and the man who would give her away if she ever does get married.

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this couple. They’ve been married for 30 years, and you can see the love between them. It’s that mature, uninsecure love that a lot of people aspire to have, to want to feel. Love this moment.

Chrissy has a heart to heart with Cookie about the state of her relationship and ultimately tells her aunt “I don’t want to be married to someone who doesn’t want to be married to me,” and Cookie tells her that Jim is just scared.

“Somebody needs to school this young man on how much I love him and how hard I love him,” Chrissy!! It’s hard not to like her! So, it’s decided that Uncle Ralph should have a man to man conversation with Jimmy. Jimmy’s reaction to that? “I don’t do that.” But reluctantly he agrees.

Jim pours Uncle Ralph a rum and coke, which looks like 95% rum, and 5% coke.

They talk about their women and swap stories about how their relationships started and both men speak with so much affection for their ladies.It is such an empowering moment seeing black men talk. No bragging,  Turns out, Aunt Cookie proposed to Uncle Ralph too! OBVIOUSLY that is where Chrissy gets that determination. The conversation leads Jimmy to another conclusion, too. “I guess she’s figuring the money that I just dropped for the car might have been the money I should have spent for the ring.”

Uh, you think? SMH at you Jimmy.

Rich Dollaz is fresh off his professional [some think intimate] break up with Olivia. He and Yandy decide to have a manager discussion and Yandy suggests that he cool his temper.

Rich is frustrated, still, because Olivia is not getting any record deals. “There’s no reason why she’s not the biggest star in the world,” [I hope he’s not suggesting that he’s better than Queen Creole, mother to the child, of The Throne] he says, but Yandy thinks it’s because she’s closed off and doesn’t really share herself. In a conversation with her cousin Jackie, Olivia admits that her mother (and all the bad communication and negative reinforcement she got from her) is the reason she’s closed off, but Olivia thinks maybe if she writes a song about these feelings, that might be the thing to show her mother how hurt she is.

But, maybe no one is checking for Olivia, because all they know is she’s been out for 10 years, in 3 year gaps and very little else?

The people need a REASON to emotionally invest. GIVE them one!

It is a touching moment, we admit.


We end this episode with Kimbella [and her virgin hair] and Teairra having a heart to heart about Kimbella being misunderstood. I don’t think Kimbella is a bad person, but it’s hard to root for her. WHERE IS SOMAYA? There can only be one Latina in this show!

Kimbella’s next confrontation is with Erica, Yandy’s new buddy. Yandy, you always do this! You bring a new girl into the mix and all hell breaks loose! Come ON, girl! Yandy is doing this on purpose, I’m convinced. She likes drama, she likes being involved, and she likes to leave. TYPICAL INSTIGATOR!

On paper, Kimbella and Erica, they’re the same girl,” Yandy says. “I would think they should get along.” Famous last words. Right off the bat, Erica starts a beef with Kim, telling her that she’s seen Kim around but they don’t hang out because they’re on two different levels.

Have you ever heard of Erica? Don’t be upset, Dorothy Zbornak and Blanche Deveraux haven’t either.

“You’re here and I’m here,” she repeats as if it’s a mantra she desperately needs to believe. I didn’t think anyone could ever make Kimbella into a sympathetic character, but Erica’s doing a great job.

Teairra takes the words right out of our mouths [and minds] “There has to be history there, it was just too intense,”  “Where would this come from?” Erica’s claws are still out, and she does her best to discredit Kim’s modeling as soft-core porn, and then says Kim hit the jackpot by finding a man with some money to knock her up. Yandy is mortified that she’s brought this woman to the situation. “I’m in shock right now,” she says.

Yandy, you’re always IN something. Whether it’s drama, instigating, or in denial, it’s always negative. Missy Elliott hangs out with you?

Doubt it.

Erica talks about how she walked in Miami Fashion Week? Not a bad accomplishment, but most people didn’t know Miami HAD a fashion week. Next time, try going to The South Carolina Fashion Week, and tell us how that goes.

Your character is tainted.

“If this b—h does not shut the f— up, I’m gonna have to shut her the f— up,” Kim says. And with that…

But before we begin: Erica was a salesgirl at the Dash “boutique” in Miami.

What level are you on Erica? Sounds like the minimum wage level to us.

She’s the first girl on the left, and she looks very basic. Again, these video girls are working for free, and are unable to have anything to show for it! Her baby’s father is Raul from the rap group “Terror Squad”. Is she jealous that Kimbella’s man has more $$$ than her latin lover?

Hate is not pretty.


Yandy is eating all of this up! Her hands are doing an interpretative dance as she rejoices the fight that is going on right now!

Teairra and her “I can’t be bothered face” I’m getting my life right now!

“I’m completely mortified and disgusted with Erica,” Yandy says when it’s all over. Uh, I think we all are? But Erica’s not finished, she calls the cops on Kimbella, so Kim, Yandy and Teairra, perhaps not using the best judgment, flee before the cops arrive. (Best quote as Yandy is running from the sirens: “I feel like I’m with Jim right now!”) But Erica, she’s got her eye (her good eye, at least) on them…

Kimbella won the arugement/fight. Who ever starts yelling loses. Erica lost her temper, and her vision. Loca Latina also called the cops after she provoked Kimbella? I think Chrissy wants to fight her now.






[Recap] Love & Hip Hop ,Season 2, Episode 5

Balls. Vampire Raves. Fashion Shows. Physicotic Video Shoots. This episode has EVERYTHING!

Again, Emily and Teairra are out shopping, and as usual, they leave without buying anything. I don’t know anyone that would want a bedazzled gravy spoon as a bathtub.

Kimbella, Olivia and Yandy are out on a dinner date. That doesn’t sound right. Where is Olivia’s loyalties to Chrissy? That looks real suspect. Yandy demonstrates her “stripper getting the fire out of her hair” and it’s very spot on. Kimbella is still pressed that she won’t get an apology from Chrissy. They’re still telling Chrissy to  keep pushing for an apology. [Do they not know who Chrissy Lampkin is?]

When Chrissy, Jim and Mama Jones have dinner, the 3 seem very relaxed. Their talk must have broken down some walls! Chrissy tells Jim to “stop staring at my bun” but in Chrissy’s next confessional, it appears that she chopped it all off.


At brunch, Mama Jones asks them if they’d like to star in the video she plans to film for “Psychotic.” Chrissy says that Jim and his mom would make rap history as the first mother and son to be in a video together!  Chrissy, is not annoyed or upset, she actually seems pretty entertained by Mama’s request, but she’s not sold!!!  Chrissy as Mama Jones’ video girl though?  She shows up to the video shoot which involved Mama Jones sailing down a banister, and tells her that she is politely declining the offer, and Mama Jones understands, saying its no biggie, “I roll by myself. I was born by myself, I’m gonna die by myself.”


Poor, poor Jeris. He thought he was going on a date and according to Emily, “THIS IS NOT A DATE”. I don’t think Teairra had good intentions when she set   to have gotten lost in translation when Emily and Teairra go on their bowling double date, because I totally though Teairra made it clear that she wanted Emily to go out and play the field now that she’s single, but when Emily shows up and meets Jeris, her “date” (“date” is always in quotes, sorry Jeris)

She actually tells him “I was hoping you were married, or gay so it wouldn’t be ” a date”

But look at that flirty face. That’s a date face. Definitely.

This scene seems scripted. Olivia and Rich walk to a bridge in the middle of a meadow to have a talk with Olivia’s two puppies. Don’t people normally have conversations in coffee shops? While shopping? Over dinner? Rich, has another blunt conversation with her over the state of her career and basically drops himself as her manager. He’s done everything that he could to jumpstart her to that next level and nothing has happened. It’s warm and saddening to see Rich display such emotion. The only person who believed in her just backed down.

This is when you see what people are made of.

Yandy’s patience as Jim’s manager is also wearing thin! Jim asks her to coordinate a “vampire rave slash video shoot” in the span of two days. Yandy needs to somehow coordinate the space, the rental car Jim plans to drive into the space, the video shoot, and pay for it all with one giant wad of cash because The Bank Of Vampire Life does not print checks on short notice.

BUT- Yandy says that her clients include Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes. If Missy or Busta  needed video treatments and stylists etc.. to be done in two days you would have it done! Why is she complaining?

Yandy manages to pull the whole thing off (mostly) and says proudly “In forty eight hours I got the job done! How bout that? In your face! How wack was that, Chrissy?”

Yandy, since we have mixed feelings for you, come on and get your life. While we still see it for you.


Although there were a few bumps in the plan, after everything was said and done, Jim tells Chrissy that the night was a success (We’ll just forget that Jim’s Aston Martin broke down and had to be left in Brooklyn), Chrissy is still a Yandy doubter. And her relationship with Yandy will only go south.

Chrissy and Kim meet up once again because once again, Kim wants an apology from Chrissy. So earlier in the episode, Yandy and Olivia were like “Yes, you should keep pushing Chrissy for an apology!” but during the “Let’s put Target furniture together at Emily’s” scene, the look on Olivia’s face, at least, was like “Psh, Kimbella is going to KEEP asking for an apology? That’s insane!”

As usual with this show, the scenes were filmed out of order

Regardless, Kimbella has been persuaded [by Yandy and Olivia] to push Chrissy and it’s just not going to go the way she wants it to. She then confronts Chrissy at another random location. The closest thing to an apology she’ll ever get is when Chrissy says “Mayyybe I could have chosen a different way to deal with the situation…I am not sorry.” They agree to respect each other for the sake of their men and just move on. But as Chrissy said “When you violate someone that way I violated her, there is no saying sorry”

Yandy, her edges and her hand movements also feel entitled to an apology from Chrissy. Not gonna happen! Chrissy insulted Yandy’s professionalism and was still pissed about the “checks, checks, checks” situation, but her other issue is that Yandy started getting personal and exacerbating Chrissy’s rough relationship with Nancy. Yandy explains that she never meant for that to hurt Chrissy’s feelings, but since everything Chrissy has said about Yandy was meant to hurt her feelings, Yandy wants an apology.


You’re waiting for an apology?” Chrissy asks Yandy. “Nah.” Chrissy owes no one an apology on this show! “You and Kim must be sippin’ from the same stupid juice, ’cause it’s not happening!”

In other world news, Emily Bustamante is a woman on the go. She’s putting her relationship issues on the back burner [or so she thinks] and she is busy helping designer Samantha Black style her Fashion Week show.

[Actually, founder of SFPL Rae Holliday and fellow publicist extraordinaire Mecca Moore put the fashion show together! So if you see him on these NYC streets, tell him what you think!]

She’s invited all the girls [except Somaya, who we haven’t seen all episode long]  to come see the show, and she’s also invited Fab. Not only does Fab show up in the front row, but he also sends her flowers backstage. The show goes off well, and after it ends, Emily tells them what’s really been going down.

Despite her independence apartment and her independence party and the big stink about being on her own now…she and Fab are actually dating again. Taking it slow, going on dates, blah, blah, blah. No one quite understands it especially given the fact that they all know that Kimbella screwed around with him (see, it IS a good thing she told the whole group about that!). But Emily assures them it’s just a trial situation and she’s waiting for him to mature.

“I’m not going back until I get a ring,” she says.

Would you?





[Recap] Love & Hip Hop, Season 3, Episode 4


Chrissy Lampkin is the epitome of 125th Street elegance, and YOU WILL DEAL! She sits casually in her garage, wearing sweatpants, drinking champagne with a strawberry garnish, as she tells her man Jim Jones, the YOU work FOR me!

Chrissy lets Jim know about the dinner she had with Yandy [well, not actually dinner, because that would require you to eat. BUT- Yandy, her jazz hands, her edges, AND her contacts got a happy hour drink, and Chrissy let neighboring patrons know that GOD doesn’t have the power to talk to Yandy.]

Kimbella and Emily meet up for the eighth time, to talk about “the disrespect that Emily threw at the party that was thrown in her honor”. They’ve probably met up more times than Kimbella and Fab did. Emily, gather your thongs and blue contacts and move on!

Emily speaks her piece and moves on. Her door is open with her keys in hand, because she has things to do! She then warns Kimbella that “rappers like Fabolous are not unique, rappers who cheat are a dime a dozen and Karma is a bitch”

“Let’s move forward,” Kimbella insists. “And then hopefully…we can work out being friends.” Oh, but I don’t think so, K. Emily does not want to be your friend. Not today, anyway. “Truth be told, I still don’t want to be her friend. I have friends. I have enough of them. And none of them screwed my ex man.” Emily is not amused!


Olivia is driving Mr.Dollaz around town as he’s the only person willing to hire her these days. They’re feeling the pressure points from the struggle because they’re having problems securing a record deal for Olivia. “I’m not going to stop because we can’t get a major label” That scares Rich because he’s not financially prepared to foot the ball for her indie deal.

Kimbella, being desperate for a friend, realizing Somaya’s desperation to be noticed, invites her for a gym workout session. Somaya has been in Kimbella’s situation before, and there’s still a gray area between her and the other women. Kimbella wants to use Somaya to get to Emily, so that she can throw a party for Emily, since she ruined her Emancipation of Emily party.

When Somaya brings it up to Emily, she’s reluctant, but she gets accused of being a no-fun granny panty by Teairra Mari who’s back for another week, and Emily says “I’m going to this party ’cause I am not a granny panty! I can have fun. And I wear thongs, okay?”


Olivia has a meeting with Wayne Williams at Sony Music. This is a big meeting, one that could change her career from here on out, but, it proves to be frustrating with he tells her “December was not a hit.” Simply put, no one knows who you are.

1065 spins- 105.1

767 spins- HOT 97.

I was shocked, because those two stations play the same 6 songs OVER AND OVER, I guess Olivia’s wasn’t on the list.

The news hurts Olivia to hear, but Wayne isn’t totally without interest, he asks her what else she’s working on, and she gives him an impromptu performance of a song called “Sinking Deep” that she’s been working on. Wayne hears potential, but he also sees a project, and Olivia is discouraged that he’s not wowed by the heart she’s put into this. “How many times do I have to go through this bullsh—?” she asks.

Olivia goes to Yandy for a pep talk, because she is another woman, who’s in the music industry, and Yandy tells Olivia to show people who she really is.

Sadly, Olivia has trouble opening up because her mom was not the best communicator either. Olivia explains that her mom would leave notes under Olivia’s door rather than actually speak to her. Yandy’s like, um, hello, this is what I’m talking about, show the world your vulnerable side!

Then, we see what feels like a Jim Jones commercial for Chevrolet.

And then we resume regular programming to see that Jim drove over to Nancy’s house to explain that he hates being in the middle of her rotten relationship with Chrissy, which is made even more rotten by the fact that she, a grown woman, a mom, released a diss track aimed at Chrissy.

This has to be the most mature conversation that we’ve seen on this show. Jim and his mom are actually seeing what happens when someone that is cared for deeply is disrespected, publicly.

“You apologizing to me is one thing, you apologizing to Chrissy and trying to get that whole situation together is another…Everybody that comes around you seems to love you so much, but you and her can’t get along. Tht s— baffles the s— out of me,”

Black love is beautiful. Mature black love is even more precious. Nancy Jones and Chrissy are actually having a civilized conversation. They’re laughing, hugging! It’s a totally different environment! But, they joined forces a bit too late in the game. Nancy misspelled “psychotic” and Chrissy pointed it out to her.. 10,000 shirts later.

“The hustle has gone awry,” Chrissy laughs, but it’s Mama Jones who laughs last when she explains that she has actually turned phsychotic into a word meaning “The mental feeling you get before you turn psychotic.” Voila. The hustle has returned.


Jim sets up a nice romantic evening date for him and Chrissy! I guess he’s romantic when he wants to be. Although he calls his bluff when she realizes the pillows didn’t come from Pottery Barn but from Home Goods, they still make up and laugh. It’s lovely.

“My love for Chrissy is unconditional. I don’t know how much more it can grow. I’m about to blow up it’s grown so much.” Blush!

The girls end their week by attending Kimbella’s party for Emily. As Somaya and Emily are watching Olivia test the stripper Thunder’s skin [to make sure that they meet or exceed the qualifications to be a stripper] they didn’t notice that Kimbella was getting burned.

Her hair, that is.


Teairra Mari, who is ALWAYS the voice of reason, assures Kimbella: “Good thing it was you real hair, if it was a weave it would have been like KABOOM.”

Kimbella is determined/and feeling ambitious to get an apology from Chrissy, but Chrissy’s sticking to her guns, she doesn’t think Kimbella deserves her apologies. “You didn’t set the stage for mutual respect. There was a better way to deliver that information,” Chrissy says. She seems set in her ways and as much as Kim wants to put it past them (heck, she’s even made progress with Emily since the beginning of this episode, so that’s big), Chrissy is not feeling it.

“When you violate somebody the way I violated her, there’s no moving forward”



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[Recap] Love & Hip Hop, Season 2, Episode 1


It was good just a season ago! In the beginning of the new season of “Love And Hip Hop” we were caught up with the lives of Chrissy, Olivia,Emily, Somaya, and were introduced to Yandy and Kimbella. [more on her later]

Somaya and Maurice [well, Maurice] has a liquor line that he’s trying to brand through Somaya’s investor, and the investor isn’t happy because there isn’t any music being produced! $550,000 dollars put up and no music?


On the other hand, Rich Dollaz is trying to push Olivia to the next level, but Olivia is being a bit stubborn and feels that she’s worth more, but the material that is being put out isn’t meeting their expectations. He says simply “I’m looking to make money, instead of spending it”

Let em know Rich!

Emily makes the ultimate decision of her life when she decides to leave Fabolous, and get her own apartment. Emily lets her daughter know that she’s going to move on with herself and start a new life. [But the small details as to why are left unknown] There’s no debate that Emily is still a bit vulnerable, but I think she’s listening to Chrissy’s advice about being empowered!

Jim and Chrissy are in the jeweler’s shop. No, they’re not adding a ring to their collection, but they’re replacing Jim’s ring because “he lost it” Chrissy is furious, and she’s giving Jimmy some time to think about their futures together, or else she’s leaving. I actually want to believe her! She didn’t leave the store with a ring of her own, but she did leave with a “painkiller” which is codeword for leaving a store with a much deserved gift for putting with up ______

BUT- If she thought that not getting proposed to was a slap in the face, she has no idea what would happen to her a couple of days later. Mama Nancy Jones, is back and she is tired of the disrespect that she feels she receives from Chrissy. Both of these women are crazy from him, and while that is understood, they’re possessive over him, and they want him all to themselves. What’s a better way to let someone know how you feel about them? YOU RECORD A SONG, AND UPLOAD THE VIDEO TO WORLDSTARHIPHOP

Chrissy gets a call from Olivia [or Liv as she calls her these days] letting her know to check out WSHH and call her back in a few.

I believe that this is the FIRST TIME EVER that Jimmy has started to see Chrissy’s point of view, instead of just arguing with her or staying on his mothers side. “It don’t make me feel right and I know it definitely don’t make you feel good,” Jim tells Chrissy . Chrissy doesn’t appear to be pissed off- she looks upset! And rightfully so.

This is such a weird connection. Juelz and Jimmy refer to themselves as brothers. Juelz and Kimbella have been together for two years, Chrissy and Jimmy have been together for sex years, and they haven’t met each other at all. And Yandy is Jim’s manager and she knows both of the two women.

Something doesn’t add up.

Kimbella’s first impression is very cheeky, isn’t it?

Now Emily has a party to celebrate her independence, she rented out a suite and invited Yandy, Kimbella, Somaya, Olivia and Chrissy over.

Kimbella chooses this moment, out of all the moments in the world to tell Emily that she used to “date” Fab over three years ago. Now, to all you industry folks, we know what “date” means. It’s a step above Taco Bell, but a step below Turkey Burgers and Hot Chocolate [really ho?] with lots of sex in between!

.This is the point in the show when shit gets real… real quick.

Somaya notices the tension, and La Jefa begins to go to the other side of the room, because she does not want to end up as a casualty on this battlefield. All of their body languages are expressing different emotions. Yandy is neutral, Olivia is cautious, Emily is hurt, and Chrissy is PISSED

Kimbella starts saying stuff like “I’m a real bitch” and our good friend Freshalina over at Crunk N Disorderly gives us different definitions of this term.

Got it? Good.

No one messes with Chrissy – or her friends, and a lot of people can identify with her loyalty! Isn’t it ironic that Kimbella’s Louboutins match Chrissy’s dress?

Everyone was hype when we saw Chrissy beat the shi_ out of Kimbella. We felt like dancing!

Hey Kimbella?

“Maybe her intentions were good, but her outcome was tasteless, heartless and tacky,”

Kimbella, you may think you “still look pretty” but the rest of us [Beyonce included] think you’re still a

Peep the Episode if you haven’t ….

-Stay Fly!





Throughout this season of Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump has chosen to fire the person who would most benefit the show in the ratings. At the same time, he’s mulling over a run for president, and has fallen under criticism by some for his insistence on verifying President Barack Obama’s citizenship.

The teams were tasked with creating advertising for Trump Towers. The men’s team was extremely handicapped working with just three people. They had much more peace and serenity without Gary Busey, but as they did such a horrible job on this task, it raised the question if they were only bonded before in their frustration over Gary. In this task, they took the campaign in a direction they were specifically asked not to, made spelling errors on the advertisement, and also failed to put a phone number or website on it. Really though?

The ladies team made even more errors. They had no clear direction, as they went literal instead of conceptual, and also only concentrated on one small area. They also made errors in their pictures on the advertisement, with a towel being clearly visible on Hope Dworaczyk in the bubble bath, and a corked champagne bottle being visible while she was holding a glass of champagne.

Yet what the executives had an even larger problem with was the direction of the advertising pitch. They found it too simple. Project Manager Star Jones pulled out words and had the rest of her team rifle them off instead of explaining the focus of their ad campaign. It was compared to an ad for a sleazy club. (The kind where low-budget porn and Newports are sold)

Everything was of course Star’s decision, but the direction of the photo shoot was NeNe Leakes’ responsibility. She and LaToya Jackson had to repair their relationship before they could continue on. NeNe was insulted that LaToya had told Trump that she didn’t think NeNe liked her, but she needs to realize when you call out people in the manner NeNe has done so far this season, it’s bound to make people think you don’t like them. Throughout NeNe knew the pairing was a setup up by Star in case they lost so that she would have some easy fall guys.

LaToya showed some Jackson spunk and said there’s no way it could be her fault, as everything in every task down the line has always been Star’s responsibility on her insistence.

Star pulled both LaToya and NeNe into the boardroom with her to await Trump’s decision on who he was firing. There was a clearly defined case that Star should be fired. Everything she had done on this task was against what the executives wanted. LaToya simply did what she was told and didn’t make any errors. However, NeNe was still calling her the weakest link.

Despite mentioning that LaToya was praised in many of the tasks she worked on, and knowing she did nothing to lose this task, Trump chose to fire her.

If either of those statement were true, LaToya’s firing would make sense. However, while she isn’t everyone’s favorite on the team, it’s clear the person who can’t seem to get along with anybody is NeNe. If that was a reason for firing someone, Gary Busey should have been fired weeks ago instead of last week.

LaToya showed throughout the season that she was much stronger than anyone had ever anticipated. Her meek voice does not show her strength from within. She wouldn’t have survived in her male-dominated family and the public eye She seems to have picked that up from her mom, Katherine.

Trump definitely isn’t the only reality TV judge making decisions for the ratings, but he’s the only one considering a run for president. If you want to be taken seriously in that arena, you have to make a better showing with how you manage people. His questionable decisions, inappropriateness,

such as talking about Star’s weight loss

and asking these celebrities if he should run for president, are unprofessional and tacky.



“THE GAME” Season 4, Episode 6 RECAP …

Malik is not enjoying group therapy (as if we expected he would?), while he continues to deny that he has any sort of problem whatsoever. “Were you a jackass before the drugs?” one of his fellow patients inquires, but he brushes it off. Later that night, he tries to hit on Jenna, a supermodel also in residence (who is strikingly beautiful). He tells her, “I don’t really have a problem. I’m just doing this little Tiger Woods stunt for the good PR.” I knew it! Malik just wants to attempt that he’s making a change, but as soon as he gets home, the first thing he’s going to do is tell that stripper named “Lasagna” to drop it like its hot!

Jenna (in very little words) tells Malik to BEAT IT! and seconds later, his doctor shows up, saying that he’s not sure Malik is serious about getting better, despite having tested positive for opiates when he was admitted. Malik doesn’t know what an opiate is, but he did take Vicodin before heading into rehab. The doctor explains that there are opiates in Vicodin. This gives Malik that reason he’s looking for to make a bust out of rehab.

Malk’s transition in “the real world,” is very shaky. We see the return of that fake Rick Ross lookin bodyguard (who gets on my nerves) he’s immediately back to his old ways: drinking, and pill-popping at a club. Jason and Derwin pick a bad moment to show up and try to talk to him. Malik wants to hear none of it, and literally starts getting physically aggressive with the both of them. He eventually takes one swing at Derwin and then drops to the floor. Malik has gone downhill. Which is surprising, because we’ve never seen him with any substance other than alcohol.

While Malik is passed out in the bathroom, Jason and Derwin debate on what to do with. Jason thinks he’s in a coma before he comes to and tries to attack Derwin (again). Derwin explodes! He tells him that he had a choice to make between Malik and his career, and he chose his career. Last week, we were upset when we didn’t see Derwin present at the press conference. But- if you’ve never been confronted in that situation, you’ll never know what you’ll do. Jason stpes in between them before they come to blows again, and tells Malik that he needs to go back to rehab. Malik’s very mature response is to lock himself in a bathroom stall. “You don’t care about anything these days,” Jason says, reminding him that they’re all still friends. “You need some real help.” Malik does have friends. A true friend doesn’t want to see their friend go down a self destructive path. They either back off, or they try to intervene and help. It’s a good thing Malik has good friends.

Melanie is hosting another Saber Sunbeam meeting. It’s interrupted by Tasha getting a message from none other than Rick Fox (I was so happy to hear Rick Fox was going to be in the picture)  and she’s pretending that it means nothing to her. Rick wants to take Tasha to dinner, but the girls advise her not to mess up her relationship with Dante. She doesn’t listen (Tasha never listens) saying she wants to show Rick what he’s missing. If that’s not enough, Kelly (plus camera crew) arrives to see what’s going on. She immediately starts giving her two cents, and arguing with Tasha just because. Jason is no longer with the team isn’t stopping Kelly from getting her piece of the action.

The Sunbeams (and Kelly’s “friends”) enjoy the night at the club, and when Kelly calls, Melanie wants to invite her to join them but is stopped by her fellow Sunbeams, who claim that she’s no longer one of them. Kelly shows up anyway, and Mel is told to get rid of her but can’t go through with it. Instead, she tells her how FAB her shoes look.

The Sunbeams leave one by one, and Kelly makes a rude remark about Melanie’s hosting skills. Melanie is rubbed the wrong way, Melanie explodes at Kelly on camera, telling her that she’s “starting to look pathetic and everyone’s saying it” before accusing her of hanging on to not just  the Sunbeams, but also the Sabers, and Jason. Kelly (and her haircut) are *NOT* pleased! She makes a dramatic exit (another one) and leaves. But the camera man stays fixated on Melaine. I dont think the cameraman likes Kelly.

Tasha wasn’t kidding when she said she wanted to show Rick what he was missing. Tasha tells Dante she wants to hurry home to him, that doesn’t stop her from getting glammed and going out to dinner. She’s waiting for a bit, but is caught off guard when Dante arrives, telling her that Rick called the house when he had to cancel.

Faced with his anger, she  and tells him that her breakup with Rick was traumatic and that she needed closure. Dante doesn’t buy it for a second. (Although I think he wanted to believe her) “You underestimate the fact that I tolerate your nonsense,” he retorts, giving her back the key to her place before he walks out. Exactly what Melanie warned Tasha about has come true. Dante probably cared about Tasha. But for some reason I don’t think his feelings were truly genuine. I think he enjoyed having a slightly older woman cater to him, and trick on him. He’ll probably miss the moments, but he won’t care about Tasha.

This episode was pretty blah. The drama started around 19 minutes into the show, which sucks because with commercials, there’s only about 6 minutes left of more build-up. I’m glad Malik is going to get help but we all care about the Melanie/Derwin/Janay saga. Is DJ really his? Like, really? I’m a bit dissapointed I didn’t get to see Rick Fox because that would have been really interesting. It sucks that the sisterhood of Tasha, Melanie and Kelly has gone down the drain, but with some deep breaths and quality time I think they can make their friendship work.

True friends always make their way back to each other. Through anything.




Adjusting my Hip Hop style into ballroom is a challenge…

-Lil’ Kim

I’m impressed once again by Kim.

What was that stoic look she had on her face through the entire routine?

-Stay FLY!